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Ross department stores started in 1982 when six junior stores in San Francisco were converted into a Ross Dress For Less off price format. Shortly after in 1986 the company quickly expanded with total sales exceeding $534 million dollars with 121 stores in over 16 states.

The company’s values are actively engaged in areas such as supporting local communities, supporting associates, advocating for a more environmental friendly operational system, and conducting ethical business. For example, their efforts to maintain environmental friendly stores have reduced the use of electricity more than 30% since 1996.

Ross stores also works with the Boys and Girls Club of America. The company has a goal of building confidence in young children to boost their academic success and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The business sponsors an event called “power hour” which is an after school assistance program to help students achieve academic goals.

The company is also more than just a department store to shop for outfits. Ross also sells kitchen appliances, household items, and furniture. The store is well known for its potential to help customers save by having an average of 20-60% off a variety of items every day.

Ross Careers

The business has careers in multiple areas. Areas include supply chain management, corporate, planning, and retail management. Retail careers are the most common as those are the jobs that are working the stores during the day and keeping them operational.

Since Ross has been ranked one of the top Fortune 500 companies over the last ten years, having a career in the corporate sector at Ross department stores is rewarding as well as exciting. Some jobs include being an allocation manager, IT store systems manager, or a payroll lead.

How old do you have to be to work at Ross?

At the time of application you have to be at least be 18 years of age. Some jobs require that you are 21 years of age during the time of application. Look over the job description carefully either in a printable application for Ross, or a Ross job application online.

Ross department stores are typically open on weekdays 8:30am to 11:30pm. On weekends the department stores are open 9am to 11:30pm on Saturdays and 8:30am to 11pm on Sunday. Check your local listings for operational hours as they may vary depending on your location.

Ross Job Descriptions

Retail Associate – Employees work the floors to ensure customer needs are met daily. They are responsible for all merchandise presentation and the majority of customer interaction. Associates also work the cash register, and are responsible for all point of sale transactions. Individuals in this position generally make $9/hr.

Store Protection Specialist – Individuals in this position keep a constant presence throughout the store, especially at exits and entrances. They are responsible for preventing fraud and any kind of criminal activity. Must also responsibly engage in confronting any person/persons who may be attempting theft in order to ensure the safety of associates and customers. Specialists typically make $11/hr.

Merchandise Financial Analyst – Analysts are responsible for all the monitoring of monthly payroll forecasting by use of organizational charts. Must communicate weekly on all issues regarding budget or forecast variance changes. Also required to prepare month end summaries reporting capital expense budgets and invoices. Analyst make $35-$40k a year.

Night Stock Associate – These associates are responsible for some customer interaction by greeting them in a courteous manner. Associates are responsible for the arrangement and stocking of merchandise in the store. Employees keep the store and their workstation clean at all times. Individuals in this position make $9/hr.

Ross Interview Questions

What is your definition of humble? Try and explain what you think makes someone humble. Since it is a word that usually describes people, explain traits or behaviors one might possess that make them humble. In the workplace, being humble can do wonders as a work ethic because it will show that you are willing to behave in a way that is attributive to a positive workplace environment.

Explain a time when you had to abandon a project. Sometimes in the workplace it is difficult to achieve all the goals you would like to accomplish. Explain how unseen priorities can sometimes disrupt a long-term project. It could be a variety of reasons. Try and relate it to how abandoning a project can sometimes lead to getting more things done.

If there was a time when you reached your breaking point, how did you handle it? If you tend to have a short fuse, explain how you may have adjusted your behavior in the workplace. Sometimes staying calm in a situation even if you may be justified in feeling angry is best to keep the workplace functioning effectively.

How do you deal with upset customers? These questions are aimed at seeing how you may handle conflict resolution. Dealing with customers that are upset does not always have to be satisfying their needs. Most of the time when someone is upset it is important to understand why someone is upset. Just understanding how someone feels is sometimes enough to help a person to calm down.

Advice For Application Process

If you are wondering how to apply for Ross online you can find an attached link below that will take you to an application page. Once you reach the page there will be a number of Ross jobs you can apply for and Ross careers you can look into. Getting a printable application for Ross can also assist in finding a job but it is not necessary.

Make sure your resume is up to date. When applying for Ross jobs online sometimes it is not necessary to attach a resume to the application. Though, attaching a resume can mean the difference between landing a job and waiting forever for a call back. Going the extra mile to show that you are the right candidate for the job could also lead to potential benefits that you may not have been expecting.

All applications for Ross jobs are free applications. Going into the nearest department store and asking for an application can assist greatly before the interview process. Having met some people who you may be working with in the future before the interview can help with landing a job because it shows you are more willing to be engaged with coworkers.

Try dressing a little casually before the job interview if you are working at the retail level. Over dressing can sometimes come off as a little desperate to employers or it may make the interview awkward as the interviewer may be more underdressed than you. Additionally, ensure you wear clothes that are comfortable. Wearing clothes you feel comfortable in will not be distracting and will help your ability to think when being questioned.

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