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The American Automobile Association, or AAA, was founded in 1902 in Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded in response to poor quality roads, with many different organization coming together to create the association. In 1904, the company merged with the American Motor League, which was the first American automobile organization. You can find the AAA application link below.

The founding organizations were the Automobile Club of America, the Chicago Automobile Club, the Automobile Club of New Jersey and a few others. In 1905, the associate created its first road maps. By 1920, the organization began a School Safety Patrol Program. The association also helped draft the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966.

Now, the company is headquartered in Heathrow, Florida. There are around 54 million members of AAA in the United States and Canada. There are now 69 individual clubs in North America. Consolidation has led to a fewer number of clubs over the past few years. Membership dues are what finance the services the local company provides and the national organization.

The company provides many services to its customers, including roadside service. Industry services that are provided by the business include, but are not limited to, towing, emergency car rentals and travel accident insurance. Customers may get help changing tires and gaining entry to their cars when they get locked out.

AAA Careers

AAA jobs range from entry-level to corporate. Corporate jobs include positions in legal, analysis, finance, accounting, marketing, information technology and compliance. These jobs are available at a number of different locations, which will make it easier for you to land a job near you. Corporate employment opportunities may require advanced training and work experience.

Job opportunities that are entry-level include sales agents, insurance sales agents, call center specialist, policy service specialist and branch specialists. These positions might require some previous work experience, but they will require much less experience than other positions within the company. If any of these positions are of interest to you, apply today.

How old do you have to be to work at AAA?

To start AAA careers, you must be at least 18 years old. Hours of operation vary, so be sure to check the hours of the position before you apply for jobs at AAA. Working at AAA means you should be open to working outside normal business hours.

While all companies offer benefits, employees who work AAA careers receive more than fair pay and many opportunities for advancement. Eligible associates may sign up for a 401(k) retirement plan and healthcare packages that include medical, dental and vision insurance. Employees may also get paid time off and vacation time. They may also get AAA Plus membership.

AAA Job Descriptions

Travel Agent – Travel agents’ responsibilities include promoting and selling company services. These employees also arrange reservations for club members. Running the travel websites is also a main task for these associates. This position may require three years of travel agent experience. Travel agents typically make between $8 and $13 an hour based on experience and tenure.

Sales Agent – Via phone, email and mail, these associates contact potential new members. These employees should be comfortable in a customer service role. Sales agents need to understand the services the company provides, so they can relay that information to customers. Sales agents generally make a salary that falls between $35,000 and $40,000 each year.

Branch Specialist – These associates often only work part-time. Branch specialists help provide club members with the services and products they need. These employees usually increase sales and membership upgrades. Branch specialists usually make between $25,000 and $35,000 each year. If this sounds like the job for you, fill out an online application today.

Driver Education Instructor – Driving instructors are part-time, but on-call. When needed, driving instructors teach new drivers how to operate a motor vehicle. Work may include in-class training and driving instruction. Driver education instructors must be willing to work evenings and weekends. These employees can expect to make between $9.75 and $12 per hour.

AAA Interview Questions

If you are asked to come in for an interview, be sure to prepare to answer questions, such as these:

Why did you fill out the AAA application? Before you applied, you probably thought of reasons that you wanted to work for the company. If you didn’t, think about it before you go in for the interview. Whatever your reasons, share them with the interviewer, so they can understand why people want to work for their company.

Is there anything that isn’t on your application or resume that we should know? This is where you should share things that are relevant to the career you want, but that didn’t have a place on your application.

What previous work experience do you have? Not all positions will require that you have previous experience, but some will. Either way, previous experience may help you get the job over other applicants.

Why do you think you would be a good fit for the company? You probably thought that you would thrive in whatever position you applied for, so tell the interviewer what skills you have that will help you out-perform others who have the same job.

Where do you see yourself in a few years? The hiring manager will want to see that you are driven. Even if you don’t necessarily see yourself in one of many careers with AAA, you will want to tell the interviewer about your goals for the next few years. This will show them that you have an end goal that you are trying to reach.

Advice For Application Process

If you wish to apply online for AAA jobs, you should go to the company website. Here, it will walk you through how to apply for AAA online. You can even browse open AAA jobs online and read a job description for each opening. Then you can fill out the AAA job application online.

If you would rather apply in-person, you should know that there is no printable application for AAA. Just as there is no printable application form for the company, there also isn’t a place to select download application form. This means that if you wish to apply in-person, you need to be near a local AAA center where you can request a free application.

You will need to fill out the application form as a direct application. You should also include a copy of your resume that outlines your previous work experience. When you are done, be patient; it will take a little time for the company to review all the applications. If you haven’t heard back within a month, you may call and inquire about the position.

If you do get called for an interview, you should do your best to impress the hiring manager with your knowledge of the company. You can do this by researching the company and preparing to answer common interview questions. Show up dressed in business casual attire, so you look professional.

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