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Founded in 1939 by Joe Albertson in Boise Idaho it is the second largest grocery store in America with over 2200 stores and 250000 employees. As a growing company there is always a need for new personnel. You can check out all the available job opportunities through the Albertsons application link at the end of the page.

Albertsons feels responsible to care for the local community it operates in and the people it serves. To meet its obligation to society the company is involved in many projects and partners with organizations that facilitate food drives, youth development and health and nutrition in schools. Other than this they also believe in conserving the environment and practice sustainable business and are proponents of recycling in daily operations.

In addition to being a socially responsible company Albertsons takes good care of its employees too. The company offers employees an opportunity to grow by encouraging an environment of promoting from within and many of the top management executives started with the company at entry level positions. They offer retirement benefits and vacation pay too amongst many other benefits.

There are many locations and positions you can apply for. You can access the free application form for all of Albertsons careers and also send in a direct application through an online application. You can also download application form and send in a printable application form.

Albertsons Careers

As a leading company with an expanding employee base there are many opportunities for people at various levels with different interests and skills. The main areas in which you can send in applications for work are, retail positions, corporate positions, supply chain positions and pharmacy positions.

There are both part time and full time openings based on individual experience and knowledge for which you can apply online. Some of the positions currently available are Pharmacy Manager, Transportation Driver, Courtesy Clerk, Transportation Dispatcher, Director Training and Technology, Field Services Technician, Plant Supervisor, Office Assistant, Corporate Director Warehouse and Internal Auditor.

How old do you have to be to work at Albertsons?

You have to be at least 16 years old to be eligible for working at and putting in an Albertsons application for the available Albertsons jobs online. Some employment positions may require extended work hours and specific experience and qualification requirements, make sure to research requisites before putting in your application.

Albertsons jobs mean you have an opportunity to grow and excel in what you love doing. There are innumerable opportunities to advance your career as they truly believe in employee development at every level of the workforce. You can see how to apply for Albertsons online by clicking the application link at the end of the page.

Albertsons Job Descriptions

Pharmacy Manager – If you are someone with a passion for helping your customers in meeting their medical needs not by just filling in prescriptions but also building rapport with them and providing advice and offering assistance with picking out over the counter products, then this may be your opportunity to do just that. At Albertsons the pharmacy manager is responsible in building lasting relationships with customers. In this job you can earn about $130000 per year.

Office Assistant – As an office assistant your responsibilities would be the processing of company payrolls and communication with management when needed. If you are someone who can work as part of a team and yet be a self starter then this may be the right job for you. In this role which requires you to possess excellent communications skills along with customer service skills you can expect to earn about $26000 annually.

Internal Auditor – This is an experienced job position and requires an understanding of the industry in which the company operates. If you are someone who is well organized with excellent analytical and time management skills then this may be the right position for you. You can expect a  salary of about $50000 per year in this role.

Transportation Dispatcher – In this role you would be required to ensure all mail is delivered to the right store and also deal with all paperwork in relation to orders and deliveries. If you have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills then this may be the right job for you. In this role you can expect to earn about $27000 per year.

Albertsons Interview Questions

Preparing yourself before the big day with a set of sample interview questions will surely help you confidently tackle these same questions on the interview day for the Albertsons Jobs you have applied for. Below are a list of a few such questions to help prepare you.

Narrate an instance where you had to appease an irate customer? In the retail services industry there are many jobs where you have to deal directly with the customer and keeping them happy is of utmost importance. Be prepared to answer such a question with reference to past job experiences.

Where do you see yourself in three years? At Albertsons most of the employees are promoted from within and therefore candidates who share the company philosophy of career advancement would surely strike a positive note with the hiring manager. So be prepared to answer a question about your future career progression.

Are you flexible in your work schedule? With many jobs at the retail stores there is a requirement for the availability to work odd hours and weekends. It is of utmost importance that the candidates are able to commit to being able to work these shifts before the final decision to get an individual on board is taken. Therefore before you apply for jobs at Albertsons be sure that you are available to work any shift you are assigned to if you are offered a position.

How did you hear about us? For any organization marketing is a big part of its existence, for jobs it is important for the employer to know which means of advertising are most effective and are best at reaching the highest number of the targeted audience. So be sure to handle something like this on the interview day.

Is there anything you would like to ask us? Through this question the recruiter is trying to understand what is going on in the mind of the prospective employee with regard to the position applied for and the company in general. Be sure to ask questions that reflect your enthusiasm towards the position applied for and the ability to grow with the organization.

Advice For Application Process

If you are applying for an entry level position then be sure to highlight aspects of your past qualifications and character that align with requirements of the job. Be sure to proofread your printable application for Albertsons jobs to check for any errors and omissions.

Dress appropriately for the interview paying special attention not to appear too artificial or made up. Be your natural self with an air of self assurity, no one expects you to wear a three piece suit for an entry level store position but neatness and modesty surely make a difference and go a long way in making a statement about you as a person.

Give yourself sufficient time to find and arrive at the venue of the interview a little before the scheduled time so you can gather your thoughts and have some time to calm your nerves. Make sure you take with you all required paperwork and documents including your resume if needed.

During the interview maintain an upright and welcoming posture, maintain eye contact and speak clearly and confidently. Be sure to have a firm handshake and maintain a pleasant facial expression. Body language speaks volumes about your personality to someone who has only just met you. Try your best and leave the rest to fate.

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