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Anthropologie is a very well-known fashion store that caters to women looking for something eclectic and different.  A shopping experience here is a complex scene of everything and everything dealing with clothing, home furnishings, accessories, gifts and more.  You can find out more about the Anthropologie application online.

They began in 1992 in Wayne, Pennsylvania, and have since grown into a large company with over 185 stores in the U.S., Canada, and UK.  A baby of Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie helps sophisticated women find the perfect outfit while also helping a cause.  They have partnered with numerous organizations from ASPCA, Reader to Reader, The Girls Scouts, numerous museums of art, and more.

They design their stores with an artsy but rustic feel which allows customers to feel welcomed and loved.  You can find anything from scented candles to rustic leather chairs in front of a “fireplace.”  They want to create an environment that inspires people to just be happy and comfortable with themselves.  Also a part of ecommerce, they not only cater to women in person, now online as well.

Their creative store fronts and displays attract people all over the world to their stores.  Helping people realize their true potential is one of their most cherished mottos.  They host DIY workshops and even host pop up farmers markets.  Their idea is to be different while still helping others grow.  They have even created a blog where they share recipes, DIY ideas, lifestyle stories, and more.

Anthropologie Careers

If you are interested in any of the Anthropologie careers, then you must have a great passion for art, design, fashion, and all that is different but chic.  The Anthropologie jobs are defined by the department and structure of the store.  You will be in an environment full of fun and relaxation while still getting to work.  Each day that they go to work, they never feel like they’re at work.  They are a family and love it that way.

Job openings are available in many of their local stores located at shopping malls and shopping centers.  You may apply for Anthropologie online or see if you can download application form to be turned in at the store.  They are normally always hiring for seasonal positions both full time and part time as well as regular positions.  You may apply for a sales associate, personal stylist, manager in training, or store manager.

There are other job opportunities in their corporate departments should you not want to be in the retail side of things.  You may choose to apply online for marketing and public relations, designer, Information Technology, brand operations, or more.   There will be additional requirements for any of these non-entry level positions as well as certifications and levels of education.

There is an array of benefits that are included in each position.  Depending on type of employment, associates enjoy medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401k, disability plans, employee discounts, time off, gym membership discounts, and more.

How old you have to be to work at Anthropologie.

18 years old is the minimum age to work at Anthropoligie.The hours of operation will vary with each location.

Anthropologie Job Descriptions

Sales Associate- Serves each customer in a friendly manner demonstrating new trend knowledge and the ability to make suggestions regarding wardrobe and accessories.  Implements company policies while ensuring a good experience to encourage customers to return.  Their starting wage is around $8 t0 $12 per hour.

Store Manager- Opens and closes the stores promoting a positive environment to all customers and employees.  Hires and schedules the necessary staff while providing adequate training for success.  Ensures company policies are being followed while maintaining a good customer base.  Their annual salary starts at $48k.

Personal Stylist- Has plenty of knowledge in trends and has a good eye for making outfits happen to the request of the customers.  Provides friendly service while maintaining a professional relationship with clients.  They start at $13 per hour and can make up to $15 an hour.

Receiver- Ensures shipments are received and process in a timely manner.  Work closely and cooperates with management in order to keep and maintain low theft numbers. Implements important loss prevention procedures.  Their salary is between $12 and $15 per hour.

Manager in Training- Works together with management in order to ensure other members are adhering to company policies and promotes a good working environment.  Provides excellent customer service and assists customers when needed.  Maintains areas clean and restocked. Starting pay is $13 per hour.

Anthropologie Interview Questions

If you could live in any closet, what kind of closet would it be? This should be a fun question to answer that shouldn’t require too much thought if you love fashion.  Pick a famous celebrity you look up to for fashion advice and trends.

What is your favorite thing about Anthropologie? Reviewing the company is a must prior to attending the interview.  It is important to familiarize yourself with their products and the people they appeal to.  Pick one thing and discuss.  It could be their decoration or the artists the partner with.

Pick your most current favorite item in your closet? If you are passionate about something in your closet, chances are that you will be able to sell items as well.  Describe the item and tell them why you love it.

What age range do you think Anthropologie is made for? Their clothes are made to target women between the ages of 28 and 48 years old.  Knowing this or having an idea will help you sell more and seem more familiar with the company.

Choose the appropriate outfit for a mother going to her 10 year old’s birthday party. Select something conservative but casual.  Nothing too casual but nothing too conservative.  Explain why you chose the outfit.

Advice for Application Process

You must first research the job openings and see which store is hiring.  Then select the Anthropologie application you wish to submit.  There is an area where you can upload your resume as well.  Since Anthropologie jobs are very diverse, read each job description to ensure you have the proper experience.  Anthropologie careers will definitely take you where you want to go in the fashion industry.

The link to the career website can be found below.  It will tell you how to apply for Anthropologie jobs online.  The Anthropologie job application online is a direct application to the particular position you have chosen.  You may apply to other positions should you qualify. Please note that there isn’t a printable application for Anthropologie, therefore, you must apply online through the free application.

You may also apply for jobs at Anthropologie in person.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a printable application form or a link to download application form. The applications need to be properly filled out outlining previous relevant experience in order to be considered for an interview.  When you turn in your completed application, politely ask if they are available for an interview right away.

Interviews should be taken seriously but in a friendly manner since their work environment is that of fun and passion for the industry.  Demonstrate to them that you share the same values and sell yourself with your knowledge of the company and what it stands for.  Dress in business attire and appear confident yet humble.  Always thank them for their time and ask as many questions as possible.

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