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The Asplundh Tree Expert Co. offers vegetation and tree pruning management services. The company also provides other services including utility line maintenance and construction, electrical system testing, and home energy management,among others.

Carl, Lester and Griffith Asplundh are the brothers behind the founding of The Asplundh Tree Expert Co. The company was founded in 1928 and has continued to grow ever since.

The company was able to grow into one of the most successful utilities services companies since it was founded. Currently, Asplundh employs more than 28,000 workers.

Employees enjoy medical, disability, dental and vision insurance aside from their monthly wages. The company also offers flexible working hours and performance bonuses.

Asplundh is one of the leading line clearing services companies today. Employees enjoy working for the company because of its competitive benefits, promising career opportunities and stability.

How Old Do You Have to Work at Asplundh?

If you are interested in working for Asplundh, you must be at least eighteen years old. Apprentice positions do not require any prior experience; however, work experience is required for other job positions.

Asplundh Careers

Groundperson – A groundperson is in charge of cutting stumps and logs of large trees. This job also requires someone who is knows how to operate hazardous equipment.

Trimmer – Trimmers climb on trees using a ladder in order to trim branches that get in the way of electrical lines. They are also responsible for sawing and trimming logs into smaller pieces.

Aerial Lift Operator – The Aerial Lift Operator is responsible for coordinating work with his or her co-workers. This job also needs someone who can implement safety practices and procedures.

Bucket Operator – The Bucket Operator is responsible for operating the bucket near energy or electrical lines. This job helps assists other professionals to get the job done.

Experience is required for most positions, as some of the jobs involved require technical skills. If you are qualified to be part of the Asplundh team, you can apply now.

Asplundh Application

The “Careers” button redirects you to the job search website of Asplundh. You can choose from the job list and apply for the specific position that you want.

Once you have found the job that you are qualified for, you must apply online. Register and create an account in order to complete the application process.

Your complete profile must include all the necessary data to show your qualifications. This will also act as your resume.

Your resume will be a guide and reference for the recruiter during your hiring process, which is why it must be concise and complete.

During the interview, be sure to study the company’s profile. It is also advisable to highlight why you are qualified for the job.

Facts About Asplundh

The Asplundh Tree Expert Co. is the best when it comes to tree pruning as well as line clearance services.

The company appeared in various publications including RE Magazine, Utility Arborist News, Electric Light & Power, T&D World Magazine and many more.

Asplundh is still continuously enhancing and developing their services in order to provide its clients with better ones. It is also active in supporting various charities and events.

One of the charities and organizations supported by Asplundh is the TREE Fund. The company is also a big help in assisting those in need during the Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

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