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Belk, Inc. is department store located in 16 states, serving fashionable, quality merchandise at a great value. Priding themselves on their southern hospitality and sensibility for the modern southern woman, they want to be the department store women think of first when shopping for their families. A Belk application link is located at the bottom.

At Belk, strong values are at their core. They place the highest importance on encouraging growth, community involvement, excellent customer care, and commitment to their associates. They want to be the best in the industry by being the best company to work for. Review the Belk application form online for more information.

The first Belk department store was opened in Monroe, North Carolina as a small bargain store in 1888. The founder, William Henry Belk, called it the New York Racket. The fourth store was opened in Charlotte in 1895 and later became their headquarters. William led Belk, Inc. until his death in 1952 at age 89.

Belk, Inc. is a privately operated company with 300 department stores with sales totaling $3.5 billion in the last fiscal year. They believe in helping everyone succeed and embrace diversity. The company even offers college students and graduates internship programs to do their part in insuring their associate’s success. If you want to learn more about Belk jobs, you can find a direct application link on their website.

Belk Careers

Whether you are interested in an in-store position or Belk careers at corporate, Belk is always hiring. Belk jobs at local stores offer a wide range of employment possibilities, including Seasonal Support, Sales Associate, Dock Lead, Fragrance Beauty Advisor and Loss Prevention Manager. They list all the openings and job descriptions at the Belk jobs online section of their website.

Corporate positions are located in Charlotte, North Carolina and will be career-level jobs that require applicants to have career-level skills, experience and education. Current openings include Facilities Coordinator, Assistant Buyer, and Sustainability Coordinator among others. Belk seeks individuals with longevity and who want to pursue a long future as part of their culture.

How old do you have to be to work at Belk?

Belk requires its applicants to be at least 18 years of age. You can review the job description and requirements for Belk careers, such as education, certifications and experience, by either using the download application form or the printable application for Belk online.

At Belk, those seeking employment can expect to receive a robust benefits program along with a competitive salary. The benefits offered include health, life, disability, home and auto insurance, as well as paid vacation, holidays, sick leave, and funeral leave. Also included are a merchandise discount, extensive training and development programs and management development programs.

For Charlotte, NC corporate headquarters the hours of operations are unclear, but are most likely Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday. Local locations are open every day, Monday thru Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.; and Sundays, 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Individual stores may vary so check online to be sure of your stores hours.

Belk Job Descriptions

Seasonal Sales Associate – The Seasonal Sales Associate is a temporary position during holidays that would average $9 per hour in pay. You will need to be able to work events, such as the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas. Must have excellent customer service, product knowledge and be friendly and energetic. No experience is required.

Sales Associate – The Sales Associate position averages $10 per hour in pay and reports to the Sales Team Manager. Responsible for maintaining the floor and stock, supporting other team members, maintaining professional appearance, provide excellent customer service while maintaining signage, re-tickets, inventory and more. Retail experience is preferred and there are no education requirements for the free application.

Cosmetics Beauty Advisor – The Cosmetics Beauty Advisor should expect to receive about $12 per hour. In this role you would report to the Management team and responsibilities include maintaining inventory, deliveries, signage, and markdowns and show an ability to work well with others and help other areas when the store sees an increase in traffic. Retail experience is preferred and there are no education requirements for application.

Associate Buyer – This is a corporate-level role that averages $81,000 annually in salary. This role will help make merchandise strategy decisions that take into account sales and margin targets. The Associate Buyer is responsible for the negotiation and purchase of merchandise. A Bachelor’s Degree is preferred with two to three years of retail experience including at least a year of buying. The role may also be required to travel.

Sustainability Coordinator – The Sustainability Coordinator salary will average about $46,000 annually. This role will need to provide support for Belk’s Sustainability goals in energy and water, waste and resources, products, and healthy living. The ideal candidate will be extremely self-motivated, enjoy educating others in sustainability and thrive under pressure. Applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainable Development or similar, LEED-AP certification, and GRI certification is preferred.

Belk Interview Questions

Once you apply online with a strong resume or application, start preparing for your interview using the following sample interview questions below.

Why do you think you’d succeed in this position? The interviewer wants to hear about your unique skill set, your personality and even what you hope to achieve in your role that will make you a success. A good answer may include your strong work ethic, your ability to learn quickly and adapt to a fast-paced environment and your desire to grow into a management position.

What don’t you like about sales? The interviewer is aware that every job has its difficult parts so a response that you love everything, isn’t realistic. But the answer should have some underlying positives, such as how you don’t like that you can’t make everyone happy all the time, despite all your best efforts.

Are you comfortable asking people to apply for credit cards? You will have to do this if you work in almost any area at Belk department store. The answer here will need to be “yes.” But don’t stop there. Give an example of how you would make sure to include all the great benefits of the Belk card when you talk with a customer about applications.

What makes a good salesperson? Don’t stop at stating the obvious, such as customer service and a friendly attitude. Include specifics like the ability to listen and assess each customer’s individual needs, patience, an extensive working knowledge of the products, a love for making each customer happy, and a firm grasp on company policies and promotional calendar.

Do you have any questions? If you don’t have any questions, the interviewer may feel like you aren’t that interested. If you only ask about pay they will think you are only in it for the money and miss the bigger picture. Consider asking about the training and development programs. Or ask the interviewer a personal question, such as what they like about working at Belk.

Advice For Application Process

Want to know more about how to apply for Belk online? Not all those who apply for jobs at Belk need to have retail experience so go the careers section of the Belk website to see what is available at the online or printable application form at the link below. Take a personal assessment of what job you are qualified for as you review the job opportunities currently open.

If you see something you are interested in, read all the details thoroughly and take plenty of time to complete the online application; or submit your resume along with a friendly, concise cover letter to the appropriate office. And, once you get a call for an interview, make sure you properly prepare with appropriate and tasteful attire, a fresh hair cut if necessary, and brush up on your interview skills.

As part of your preparation research the company, its history, marketing, and company culture so that you can show enthusiasm for the company. In this case, you may want to share excitement for the extensive training and development programs that Belk offers its most driven employees. The interviewer will like seeing someone who is excited about the workplace.

On the day of the interview, show up fifteen minutes early so you can calm any nerves. When you meet the interviewer, greet them by name and offer a firm handshake, make eye contact, and put away all electronics. When answering questions be concise and clear. Finally, when the interview is over, be gracious and show your appreciation for their time and consideration.

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