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Boost Mobile is a wireless internet service used by two independent service providers in America under the name of Boost Worldwide Inc. headquartered in Irvine, California as a subsidiary of Sprint Corporation and in Australia as Boost Tel Pty Ltd. using the Telstra Network. The company was founded in 2000 by Peter Adderton in Australia and New Zealand. As a growing organization there is a continuous demand for new people. The complete list of employment opportunities can be seen at Boost Mobile application link at the end of the document.

The company believes in being a significant part of the local community it operates in and therefore is part of many activities and endeavors that support their belief system. They sponsor many sport activities and events. In addition to being a part of sporting activities they are also part of many fundraising events.

Not only does the company care for the community they also cater to the well being of their employees. The company offers in addition to competitive pay a whole array of benefits and perks to both part time and full time staff. These include but are not limited to discounts, performance pay, an opportunity to grow in their careers along with numerous training and development opportunities for work success.

You can see all Boost Mobile jobs online and also how to apply for Boost Mobile online through the company website. You can apply for jobs at Boost Mobile by submitting an online application or you can send in a direct application for which you will have to download application form.

Boost Mobile Careers

Boost Mobile Careers offer many opportunities for growth and career advancement. If you are interested in exploring job opportunities at Boost Mobile you can find them on the company website. There are various positions and locations for which you can apply for jobs, such as customer service, retail management, call centers, marketing, finance, sales and account management amongst many others.

There are many different part time and full time jobs currently available to which you can apply. Some of the Boost Mobile jobs currently available are as Sales Associate, Sales Representative, Sign Holder, Cell Phone Sales Reps, Customer Service Rep, Accountant and Lead Retail Consultant among st many others.

How old do you have to be to work at Boost Mobile?

You have to be at least 18 years old to apply for Boost mobile jobs. However certain positions may have specific skill and experience requirements, therefore before filling out your free application and sending in your direct application be sure to check all job requirements.

A Boost Mobile application means you are applying for a career and not just a job. Working at this organization helps in taking your career to the next level, with the company offering many opportunities for advancement at various levels and positions.

Boost Mobile Job Descriptions

Sign Holder – This is a part time role if you are available to work weekends. If you are someone who is lively and energetic, as this is a physically demanding job, then this may be the job for you. You can make $10 per hour in this role.

Sales Representative – This position requires you to be punctual and good at dealing with people. If you have past experience in the wireless industry and have your own transportation then this may just be the job for you to give your career the boost it needs. You can expect to make an average of about $9 per hour in this job.

Cell Phone Sales Rep – This job is for someone looking to start their career with Boost Mobile as there is no experience requirement to apply. If you enjoy working with people and are a motivated self starter then this may just be the job for you. In this position you can expect to earn about $26000 per year.

Sales Associate – This is an opportunity for you to join the company in an entry level position. In this job you would be dealing with customers directly and helping them with their purchases including offering sales advice where needed. If you are a person looking to start your career in a growing organization this may be the job for you. You can expect to earn about $9 per hour in this role.

Boost Mobile Interview Questions

The process of acing an interview is being prepared with a set of sample questions. Below is a list of questions that you are likely to be asked on the day of the interview.

How did you hear about this opening? It is important for organizations to know what source of job advertisements are most popular and therefore a question of this nature is asked from prospective candidates to assess the most effective means of posting job openings.

How can you add value to the company? In response to this question it is best to discuss what past experience, job responsibilities and qualifications you have and how these are most closely related to the position applied for.

Tell us about a situation where you dealt with an irate customer? Many of the jobs at Boost Mobile involve interacting with customers at various levels and in different situations. How the prospective candidate deals with customers especially ones who are upset is of utmost importance in determining overall success of the person on the job and in turn of the company.

Are you available to work shifts? Retail positions require flexibility in work schedules and so how you are able to accommodate shifts encompassing different timings and days of the week is of significance to the employer.

What are your salary expectations? Companies want to match if not exceed market competition in terms of monetary compensation to attract the most capable workers. And therefore before they decide on a final offer they need to know how much the prospective candidate expects to earn in the position.

Advice For Application Process

Right from the time you decide to apply for jobs at Boost Mobile to the point you download and submit your printable application for Boost Mobile or you apply online, be careful about filling out the printable application form so as not to make any mistakes or leave out any important information on your resume.

Review all details on your resume and applications to be sure that you are able to discuss or talk about everything including things you did a while back. So take some time to brush up on all the information on your application, even if it means reading up and learning things you may have long forgotten.

Start the hiring process right by arriving at the venue on time, dress in proper attire depending on the position applied for and the location of the interview. During the interview stay focused on the position and the interviewer’s questions.

Maintain a positive and open body posture during the interview, ask relevant questions if needed and be sure to acknowledge the interviewer. After the interview if you have applied for other positions then prepare for the upcoming interviews if not then focus on your current job or education. Regardless of the outcome be sure not to lose faith in yourself, and continue pursuing your dreams.

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