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BrandsMart USA is one of the leading appliance and electronics companies at present. It is popular for selling known brands at an affordable price. It has 9 retail stores and an online store.

Robert Perlman founded the company in 1977 in Miami, Florida. It continues to flourish as a family-owned business headed by Perlman’s son, Michael. Its services are at par with huge retail sellers. It has around 75 authorized repair technicians. Their products also have a guaranteed 30-days warranty.

As a company promoting surfing, it also takes part in several environmental projects. It won the Environmental Product of the Year several times for its Recycler Short Series.

Working here entails a lot of benefits including insurance and paid leaves. Employees also receive discounts on selected merchandises. Additional benefits await long-time staff.

One thing that employees love about BrandsMart USA is that it provides them with enough experience. Working here enhances their skills in sales and marketing given the competitive environment among co-workers.

How old do you have to be to work at BrandsMart USA?

The minimum hiring age at this company starts at 18. Prior years of experience related to the post applied for are also an advantage.

BrandsMart USA Careers

Salespersons – assigned in a specific department on their branch. Their tasks include selling products and answering customer queries with the goal of increasing overall sales.

Appliance Field Technicians – assigned to check and ensure the quality of each product in the store. They also offer repair assistance.

Billing clerks – responsible in accepting payments from customers. In addition to that, they must perform check and balances for all sales at the end of the day.

Warehouse laborers – expected to check the quality of products before transferring them to retail stores. They may also be assigned to deliver the products from the warehouse to the store.

Other positions at the different departments of BrandsMart USA are accessible upon checking the careers section of its website. Some of these are greeter, inventory controller and inner circle staff.

BrandsMart USA Application

Interested applicants may go to the careers section of their website. A list of different posts divided by each branch is available. Also included are the hours and requirements.

Application online is not yet available, but you can download the application form and call the corresponding branch for your interview schedule and other inquiries.

Before applying, make sure that you are eligible for the job offer. Check if you have completed the required number of years of experience. You also need to make sure that you’re willing to be trained.

Since the resume is available online, fill in all the required information. Make sure that everything is complete and updated. In case you need assistance, call the human resource department.

The sales manager of the branch you applied in usually conducts the interview process. The questions focus on educational background and prior experience, so make sure to prepare for answers for potential questions related in these areas.

Facts About BrandsMart USA

Working at BrandsMart USA is either hectic or easy depending on the specific department where you’ll be assigned. Despite that, it is a good opportunity to hone your skills with your team.

The company started their partnership with nuVizz to improve customer experience in their online store. NuVizz will be responsible in delivering products faster without compromising quality.

As part of their growing company, they have acquired the record of having the largest product-per-store ratio. They also have in-house technicians to offer installations and repairs.

Recently, BrandsMart USA, with the help of Ygrene, completed the largest commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy project in Southeast America. This will lessen their energy consumption.

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