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British Airways is one of the largest international airlines. This British flag carrier serves over 200 destinations worldwide. It is based in Waterside, located close to the London Heathrow Airport.

On March 31, 1974, British Airways was established as an airline. It came about after the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) and the British European Airline (BEA) was dissolved.

The airline is one of the few that permanently travels to all six inhabited continents. It boasts of a fleet of almost 400 aircrafts that annually transport 62 million passengers.

Employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, including industry competitive wages, flexible work schedules, health and life insurance coverage and paid time off. In addition, employees also receive discounts on plane tickets and hotel accommodations.

People love working at the airline because of the dynamic work environment. It promotes a team-oriented workplace. It also supports and encourages employee development through continuous training programs.

How old do you have to be to work at British Airways?

The minimum age requirement for your application to get accepted and approved at the British Airways is 18.

British Airways Careers

Cabin Crew – responsible for ensuring that passengers are happy and safe during the flight. The cabin crew has extensive interaction with the passengers, so excellent customer service and communication skills is essential.

Customer Service Representative – welcomes passengers and assists in check-in and baggage drop. It requires an active passport and a basic understanding of the aviation industry’s safety and compliance standards.

Ground Operations Agent – responsible for freight handling and assisting passengers with baggage. The job entails some heavy lifting, so applicants must be physically able to do this task.

Food Safety Manager – maintains high standard of food quality, including foods served in flight and at the airport lounges. The position requires strong leadership skills and a degree in Food Science Technology or any related field.

The British Airways constantly needs skilled individuals to fill positions in different departments. Other available job opportunities include engineering and aviation positions.

British Airways Application

Only online applications are processed at British Airways. The career portal on the website allows you to search for available jobs and submit your application on ones you are interested in.

Job descriptions and qualifications are available, so you can determine which positions you would like to apply for. The locations of where these jobs will be based from are also listed.

Application forms vary based on the position. Some forms will require you to attach certification on necessary skills. This is crucial in assessing whether you are qualified for the job you are applying for.

It is advisable to observe honesty and integrity in both the application form and the resume you submit. Check your CV or resume to ensure that it is accurate and updated. This can prevent any delays or problems.

The interview process is a thorough one, so make sure to prepare for it. Rehearse by answering questions about your previous job experience and listed skills.

Facts about British Airways

The airline prides itself in providing exceptional service to its passengers. From booking tickets to leaving the plane, customers can expect to be treated like royalty.

It also takes customer service to the next level with its happiness blanket. Cabin crew members can now anticipate their passengers’ needs through the LED optic lights implanted in the wool blanket. These change colors based on the passengers’ mood.

The British flag carrier is known for its innovation, reliability and high standards in safety and security. From efficient ground operations to friendly in-flight crew members, every single detail is taken care of.

British Airways understands the importance of sustainability and giving back to the community. It regularly sponsors charities and organizations to support various causes. It also take steps to mitigate its environmental impact.

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