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Considered as America’s oldest brand in men’s clothier business, Brooks Brothers is a privately owned company featuring men, women, and children’s clothing. Based in the United States, you can find it in Manhattan, New York.

Starting out as a family business, Henry Sands Brooks founded the Brooks Brothers Company in 1818. They were popular for introducing Ready-To-Wear suits for male clients.

It has over 200 stores within the United States and 70 other countries. These include India, Australia, Greece, Malaysia, France, Panama, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, and Peru, just to name a few.

Employees enjoy retirement plans and health insurance, such as vision, dental and medical coverage. In addition, the company offers performance bonuses while also helping employees in financial savings for the future.

The company gives benefits and proper compensation, advancement and job security for employees. Those are the specific reasons why people love to work in the company. Employee discounts, paid training and flexible working hours can also be expected.

How old do you have to be to Work in Brooks Brothers? 

To be part of the company, you must be 18 years old and above. Keep in mind that some job titles have different age requirements.

Brooks Brothers Careers

Sales Manager – establishes sales objectives and develops annual sales. They determine gross-profit plans and annual unit plans by creating strategies. Sales managers are responsible for adjusting the selling price of products found in their company.

Sales Representative – must be skilled in meeting the company sales goals and have exceptional communication and listening abilities. They work with company clients, creating solutions and finding sales leads using customer referrals and directories.

Assistant Store Manager – upholds the company’s policies and ensures the maximum productivity among employees. The assistant store manager is responsible for counting safe drawers, disciplining subordinates, helping disgruntled clients, and approving transactions.

Sales Associate – must have up-to-date knowledge of sales and product availability. They are responsible for stocking shelves, scanning items, handling cashier duties, swiping bankcards, and maintaining cleanliness within the store.

Other job titles are customer contact representatives, graphic design specialists, marketing specialist, assistant store manager, production associates, and merchandise managers. Some titles will require experience to be hired.

Brooks Brothers Application

Candidates who wish to apply for the company may find application forms through their official website. They should be willing to learn and must show enthusiasm when applying for the job.

Both online and in-store applications are acceptable. Interested applicants may submit their forms in person or fill out the form given online. Those who wish to give their application forms and resumes in-stores must wait for slower business hours before approaching the staff.

Before applying online, they need to have access to their email accounts, so they can use these in the online application system. After sending their form online, applicants will receive an email confirmation.

Candidates must be mindful of writing quality resumes. It should have complete contact information along with experience prior their application.

Before each interview, the candidate must be ready to answer questions from the company representative. It is best to conduct some research before the interview.

Facts about Brooks Brothers 

The company remains to be the biggest American clothing retail industry all throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada. They hire new employees continuously, whether for part-time or full-time positions.

Former owners Marks and Spencer announced their plans in selling Brooks Brothers to focus in the UK market in 2001. RBA bought the business and Claudio Del Vecchio currently owns the company.

Currently, the Brooks Brothers Company is a legendary establishment. This iconic brand offers innovation within the retail business and offers a sophisticated collection of clothing items across the world.

Alongside The Golden Fleece Foundation, Brooks Brothers firmly believe that having a social purpose is the hallmark of the company’s success. They collaborate with non-profit organizations involving children’s, men’s and women’s health, arts, and education.

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