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Selling a wide array of products and situated in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Brookstone is a privately owned chain of retail stores located in the US. You can find them within city areas and shopping malls.

Pierre de Beaumont founded the company along with his wife, Mary, in 1965. Business begun in their farmhouse located in Berkshires, where the company got its name.

Currently owned by the Sailing Capital and Sanpower Corporation, Brookstone has over 300 retail branches. This retail chain manages to open new stores each year and hires employees constantly. 

They offer health care programs for vision, dental and medical coverage. The company gives discount prices on products and 401k retirement plans for their employees.

This company is a good place to start your career because of the benefits, work and life balance, and career advancement they offer. Employees work in harmony with management. The company also has a satisfying and upbeat work environment.

How old do you have to be to Work in Brookstone? 

Interested hopefuls for a position in the company must be 16 years old and over. Age requirements may vary depending on the job title.

Brookstone Careers

Assistant Store Sales Manager – assists the sales manager. He reviews job results, purchases inventory, and gathers information about quality, price and style of retail competition.

Stock Room Associate – handles receipts and organizes merchandise shipments. He is in charge of separating products, replenishing merchandise, and maintaining stockroom cleanliness.

Sales Associate – tends to customer purchase, handles the cash register, keeps the sales floor cleanly and organized, and engages with shoppers. The sales associate needs to have exceptional selling and communications skills. He also needs extensive knowledge about the company’s services and products.

Management – hires and identifies entry-level personnel. They are responsible for overseeing the sales floor, training company employees, supervising and directing work shifts.

Other positions available are district manager, store sales manager, loss prevention manager, sales associate, seasonal manager, seasonal assistant manager and product distributor coordinator. Some job titles will require applicants to have past experience within the retail industry.

Brookstone Application

Candidates interested in joining the retail company can apply through the official website. Some applications may require prospective employees to meet certain requirements listed online.

Both online and in-store form submissions are acceptable. When submitting the form in person, be sure to wear the proper professional attire.

When filing out the application form online or in paper, avoid providing false information. It is important for applicants to stress their willingness to work with different shifts on various days.

When writing the resume, applicants must include their skills and experiences. They must avoid complicated design elements and fonts. Review resume for possible errors before submitting it.

Being prepared for an interview means gathering information by research. Knowing more about the company and having extensive knowledge on retail business operations will give applicants an upper hand when answering questions.

Facts about Brookstone 

Once known as a catalog business, Brookstone blossomed into a retail store, serving people across the world. They ship unique, functional and innovative merchandise internationally.

This retailer company opened in the largest shopping center in Najing China in the year 2016. In addition, the company opened three more stores within the Funtalk Telecommunications location in Shanghai and Beijing.

This retail company is popular for meeting and delivering market demand in the ecommerce platform. Brookstone proves to be the top merchandise retail store in America.

The company collaborates with non-profit organizations and charity to promote breast cancer awareness, such as Breast Cancer Network for Strength, Charity for Women and Susan G. Komen for the Cure in 2008. They also collaborated with Save the Children, a children’s rights organization, which promises donations for each e-address provided by customers. 

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