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Carrows is a restaurant that brings the traditional American experience. It offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, with its signature pies and prime rib. With around 13 locations in the American southwest, a Carrows meal is a phone call (or an online order) away.

The founder, David Nancarrow, opened the first store in California during the 70s. It partnered with Coco’s Bakery Restaurant to access a greater market. The most recent takeover by Food Management Partners (Texas) in its operations ratified the success Carrows is known today.

The presence in California, Nevada and Arizona allows approximately 50 employees to sustain its operations. The original ownership under the Catalina Restaurant Group spurred its growth to 96 restaurants; but for economic reasons the downsizing was required to stay efficient.

Employment at Carrows offer benefits such as 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare coverage, meal discounts, flexible schedules, and paid vacation. Employees may also take advantage of the tuition reimbursement, extensive training, and performance bonuses.

Carrows employees vouch for the advancement opportunities the company offers. The challenges and learning experiences from the 5 Star Training Program afford them growth and development useful in taking leadership roles. The skills acquired also encourage better service to customers.

How old do you have to be to work at Carrows?

Carrows require its workers to be at least 18 years old. Jobs are offered for part-time or full-time, either at the restaurant or in the corporate headquarters. Tuition reimbursement and training encourages young professionals to pursue a career at Carrows.

Carrows Careers

Server: This is a career opportunity accessible to entry-level workers. Servers are constantly interacting with customers to take orders, explain the menu, serve the meals and beverages, and attend to any concern. It offers an added earning potential from tips.

Cook: This is a career opportunity available to workers with ability to prepare the menu, handle kitchen equipment, maintain safety and sanitation standards, and check food inventory. While experience in this role matters, it is open to entry-level workers.

Busser/Dishwasher: This is a role that has physical demands. It involves setting dining tables, cleaning dining wares and kitchen utensils, and performing hosting or waiting jobs as needed.

Host/Hostess: This is a career opportunity available to workers with interpersonal and customer service skills. Host or hostess is required to interact with customers, take reservations and respond to inquiries about the menu or services.

The company offers other employment opportunities in the restaurant such as Water/Waitress, Cook, Assistant Manager, Team Leaders, Area Managers and Training Managers. There are also available positions in the corporate departments including administration, finance, sales, HR and IT.

Carrows Application

The company has a page on its website exclusively for professionals seeking employment opportunities at Carrows. It lists down the available jobs in certain locations and provides contact details where applications can be sent.

Online and in store applications are both encouraged. While the online application is more convenient, faster feedback can be provided at the store. Applicants may be interviewed as soon as application forms are submitted in

The resume should be ready when filling the application form to easily access professional information that may be asked. The form should be accurate and complete. Keep it free from grammar or spelling errors and align the language with the company’s values.

Since the decision on whether to be considered for the job rests on the applicant’s qualifications, the resume should highlight relevant experiences, skills acquired and achievements made from previous roles. Reflect the company’s culture to show you can integrate easily once hired.

The restaurant is customer-centered so it’s important to exude an accommodating personality. All throughout the process, maintain good attitude and present yourself as if you are ready to fulfill the role right there and then. There’s no guarantee that the process would be quick, but if you follow up on your application by phone or email, it shows commitment and interest.

Things To Know About Carrows

Carrows would like to maintain a familial culture within its organization and when interacting with customers. Employees go through rigorous training to keep a high level of customer satisfaction as well as encourage commitment to the company’s values and tradition.

When Catalina Restaurant Group joined with Food Management Partners, employees didn’t welcome the news. A lawsuit had been filed against FMP for allegedly violating labor laws on providing notice for a massive downsizing. This case is still pending.

The company is known not only for serving traditional American meals, but also for its health advocacy. It offers a wide-ranging list of gluten-free meals from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Customers’ favorite sidings like vegetables, soups, salads and desserts are served gluten-free as well.

The company takes pride in its signature pies and uses this American tradition to help its community. Through “Pies For A Purpose”, every pie bought is donated to a food bank. They also give out free slice of pie to veterans and active duty military every Veterans Day.

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