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The business started as just a small telephone company in Oak Ridge, Louisiana, in 1968. Now the company serves people worldwide. Currently, it is the third-largest telecommunications company in the United States in term of lines served, behind only AT&T and Verizon. You can find the CenturyLink application link below.

With locations around the world, the company employs more than 47,000 people. In the United States, you can get internet and phone services, including long distance, in 36 states, including Washington, Missouri, Arizona, North Carolina and Wisconsin. The company is also growing its fiber internet service market. The fiber service is only offered in select areas in 17 states.

Employees really enjoy the fact that this company is dedicated to giving back to the communities it serves. The company focuses their volunteer efforts on education for students and other programs that support the youths in each community. Employees volunteer their time and have unique ways to earn money for the causes that they care about.

With the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation, employees who volunteer 40 or more hours in a six month period for a non-profit organization can earn a $500 grant for that particular organization. Each employee can earn up to two grants per year to support the causes that are truly important to them.

CenturyLink Careers

CenturyLink careers span from entry-level to corporate with a lot of job opportunities in between. Corporate employment opportunities with this company may be in a number of different fields, including marketing, accounting, finance and human resources. These CenturyLink careers may require employees who either live near or are willing to relocate near Monroe, Louisiana, where the company is headquartered.

Entry-level CenturyLink jobs may be either part- or full-time positions in careers like customer service. Managerial job opportunities include manager and assistant manager positions in a number of different departments. Entry-level positions are typically going to be sales representative jobs or customer service representative positions. These entry-level jobs may be both full- or part-time opportunities.

How old do you have to be to work at CenturyLink?

You must be at least 18 years old to start working CenturyLink jobs. The business is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so some employees will be asked to work night and weekend hours. Keep this in mind if you plan on applying.

The company offers a number of different benefits to its employees. Benefits may vary depending on where each individual works, but common benefits include healthcare insurance and 401(k) retirement plan options. Some locations even have on-site fitness centers. Incentive-based wellness programs are also a great benefit, and many locations offer cash rewards.

CenturyLink Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – Those with jobs as sales associates may have the opportunity to work either office jobs or out in the field. Those who work in the field should expect to travel daily and go on door-to-door sales trips. Sales associates who work at the office will take calls and help costumers understand the company’s services. Pay usually starts at $9 an hour.

Customer Service Representative – Customer service representatives will be responsible for quickly answering phone calls and resolving customer complaints. These associates will need to patient and kind to all customers who call in, regardless of how the customer is reacting. Pay generally starts around $9 per hour with increases based on time with the company.

Manager – The responsibilities of the managers include hiring and training new employees, supervising employees and making sure sales goals are met. Other duties may include creating work schedules and making sure all company policies are followed at all times. Mangers generally make a salary of about $50,000 per year.

Assistant Manager – Assistant managers will help with sales reports and call volume reports. Assistant managers will help both employees and other managers with daily operations, which may mean that they need to fill multiple roles in the office on any given day. Salary packages will depend on rank within the company.

CenturyLink Interview Questions

If you are asked to come in for an interview, you should show up prepared to answer common interview questions, such as these:

Why are you interested in working for this company? When you go in for an interview, you need to be excited about working for the company. You will need to have a few different reasons why you want to work with this business.

Where do you see yourself in five years? The interviewer won’t necessarily judge your answer based on its content. The most important part about your answer is just that you have one. Knowing where you want to go shows the interviewer that you have passion, drive and a good work ethic.

What is your biggest strength? Knowing what you are good at is key to finding a job that you will be successful in. You need to be able to share that information without sounding boastful or arrogant. Be sure that you share why that strength will help you in the position you want.

What is your biggest weakness? This question is very similar to the last one, but you will want to explain what your weakness is and how you will overcome it in the position you are applying for.

What kind of management style do you prefer? This is a great question for both managerial applicants and those who will be working under a manager. Some people like a lot of supervision, while others would rather do things on their own. Share your preference with the interviewer, so they can get the best person for the position.

Advice For Application Process

If you want to apply for jobs at CenturyLink, you have a couple different options for filling out a CenturyLink application. Since the company has no printable application form or a place to select download application form, you will need to go to a local branch to request a free application. Since there is no printable application for CenturyLink, many people find it easier to apply online.

To fill out a CenturyLink job application online, you just need to go to the company’s website. You will be able to browse open CenturyLink jobs online and read a job description for each position. The website will also walk you through how to apply for CenturyLink online. The online application is quick and easy to fill out.

Regardless of the type of application form you fill out, you will want to make sure that you fill out a direct application. You will also want to include a copy of your resume, which should outline your previous work experience. If you have industry experience, you will also want to make sure that it is highlighted on your resume.

Once the company reviews all the applications, you may be asked to come in for an interview for the career you applied for. If you are asked to come in, you will need to show up prepared. Do this by doing a little research on the company and preparing to answer a few common interview questions.

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