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Chanel is one of the world’s top fashion companies. It offers a wide variety of product line: Fashion & Accessories, Eyewear, Fragrance & Beauty, Fine Jewelry & Watches. This high fashion house specializes in elegant and luxurious designs modeled by high-profile personalities over the decades.

Chanel was founded by Gabrielle Chanel in 1909. She is also known as Coco Chanel. Today, the company is owned by Alan and Gerard Wertheimer, grandsons of Paul Wertheimer who was Coco’s business partner during the early years of the fashion house.

Currently, Chanel has over 310 store locations worldwide and still growing. Coco Chanel has won numerous international fashion awards and recognitions and has helped budding fashion artists by donating funds for their work.

With its headquarters in New York, and store presence in over 28 countries, employees of Chanel are provided with supportive work environment directed towards growth and passion. Employees take on different experiences, environments, and teams as they learn more about the brand and the business.

Aside from the prestige that comes with working at one of the most elegant fashion brands in the world, people like working at Chanel because of its longstanding commitment to high fashion while at the same time supporting new ideas and creations of young artists.

How old do you have to be to work at Chanel?

Chanel is always hiring new staff in different fields of fashion and business globally. There is no specific age bracket requirement for the positions as long as the applicant is 18 years old or above.

Careers at Chanel

The most common jobs in Chanel are: Brand Representative, Design Assistant, Store Manager, and Visual Merchandiser.

Chanel Brand Representatives get firsthand experiences in marketing the products and interacting with customers. They are considered as the front liners in the company. Being a high-class brand, Chanel representatives are equipped with training and confidence boost as they take on one of the most challenging but rewarding jobs at Chanel.

Design assistants work closely with fashion designers. From attending fashion shows to choosing fabrics, design assistants are expected to be there with the right attitude – hard-working, creative and always ready to learn.

Store Managers are exposed in both the fashion side and the business side of Chanel. They manage the flow of products, money, and people within the store. It can be a pretty challenging job as they have to make sure that everything is in place. However, this job is one of the best training grounds in learning the ropes of Chanel as a high fashion brand and as a successful business.

Visual Merchandisers at Chanel are expected to have a full grasp of the brand image as they create the artworks and the designs for presenting the products. This is strictly for the artsy type only. Now, this is challenging but rewarding once the taste and preferences of the bosses have been captured.


Chanel conducts its recruitment online. A page on their website has all the information that the applicants need.

If you are aiming for a hands-on fashion job, create a striking portfolio and submit along with your application. This will help the recruiters understand you interest and potentials better.

In filling up the application form, make sure to read and follow all the instructions first before proceeding to avoid mistakes. Always supply complete and updated information.

Keep your resume short and precise. Don’t give the recruiters a hard time looking at it. Make it easy to understand.

After submitting your application, make sure you always keep your phone with you as they call you in for interview at their office or maybe call you for a phone interview.

Things to know about Chanel

The work culture at Chanel is generally reflective of its fast-paced environment, hard-working, creative and highly-motivated teams.

Chanel has just held their Spring-Summer Ready-to-wear collection and a lot of the newly released designs used digital colors and fabric fasteners. They have also recently released a futuristic first-of-its-LED display bags.

Chanel introduced the LDB or little black dress in the 1920s. This design have since been timeless, classic yet popular and widely worn by women all over the world.

As the company makes sure that their products using valued stones and minerals do not create damages in the environment, Chanel has invested in preserving traditional savoir-faire craftsmanship. They have also been accredited by Responsible Jewelry Council.

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