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Charlotte Russe

To apply online for one of many job opportunities with glamour, the Charlotte Russe direct application link is below. With over 560 locations across the U.S. it is the place for employment in the fashion industry. The first store was named after a favorite childhood dessert of three brothers from Brooklyn, New York in 1975.

Charlotte Russe was picked up by an investment firm in 1996 with plans to grow into a national chain. Jenny Ming became the President and CEO after the company became private with Advent International in 2009. Now Charlotte Russe has many competitors including H&M, Deb Shops, Forever 21, and Rue 21.

There are several available Charlotte Russe careers. They sell fashionable clothing, footwear, and women’s accessories. There are many chances to encounter style and pizazz, while moving up on the career ladder. The company is also actively involved in the community engaged in cancer research and a campaign with St. Jude’s.

To apply for jobs at Charlotte Russe and an online application the website details information about both corporate and retail store positions. You can easily search for the one you want and the Charlotte Russe application. There are many career opportunities and benefits to working with the company. Their goal is to help you turn problems into possible prospects.

Charlotte Russe Careers

There are many locations for possible careers. There are a variety of positions at both the Corporate and Retail Store levels. Some of the corporate openings include those of analysts, coordinators, merchandisers, and managers. These positions are open at the corporate office locations of San Diego and San Francisco.

Retail Store jobs exist across the country if you’re a fashion enthusiast wanting to work in a great community. These positions include Store Manager, Assistant Manager, and Sales Associate. If interested, the company website has an easy search tool to find Charlotte Russe jobs online and the one you are looking for.

How old do you have to be to work at Charlotte Russe?

For an entry level position, you must be at least 16. For management and corporate positions you must have prior experience to apply. It is best to check first for the specific requirements of the job you would like.

Sales Associates start at minimum wage, but can increase up to $13.50/hour. They also provide opportunities to grow in your career, generous discounts, and paid training. Management and corporate positions offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefit packages. This is a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to flourish in the fashion industry.

The hours of operation vary by location, but are generally from 10:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Saturday and 11:00am to 7:00pm Sundays. Hours change for Holidays and Special Events. You can contact the Customer Service Department daily from 9:00am to midnight EST to confirm hours of operation when in doubt.

Charlotte Russe Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – This is an entry-level position for someone who loves fashion and wants to join in the mix of stylish pursuits. The job description includes helping the customer feel taken care of and to running all major activities of the store. Pay starts at minimum wage with chances for raise.

Key Holder – This position helps in supporting the day to day operations of the sales floor including coordinating and scheduling interviews and trainings, and managing inventories and daily promotions. The Key Holder plays a key role in meeting the needs of customer’s. The average hourly pay is about $12.

Store Manager- Responsibilities of a Store Manager include the oversight of all the processes, transactions, and activities of daily operations. She supervises all of the store staff and handles any issues that may arise, hiring and interviewing new staff, and conducting performance evaluations of employees.  The approximate salary is $44,000.

Marketing Manager- This is a corporate position for those with experience and a strong interest in sales and fashion. The main duties include developing effective marketing plans, incorporating research, and increasing lucrative outcomes of promotional campaigns. Other obligations include overseeing daily advertisements and sales execution. The common salary is $59,000.

Charlotte Russe Interview Questions

Here is a list of sample questions to help prepare you for one of the Charlotte Russe jobs available to you.

Have you ever worked in the industry? If not, what qualifies you to? The interviewer wants to hear your experience and interest in fashion. If applying for an entry-level position be sure to stress and sell your interest and how you feel it contributes to you being an outstanding candidate.

How would you sell me your least favorite piece of clothing? In this type of sales role your duty is to get customers to buy clothing. This is a question that may be asked to see your style in attempting to achieve this goal as well as your passion for fashion.

Why do you want to work for Charlotte Russe? A common question that could be asked to conclude whether you demonstrate the enthusiasm they are looking for in the position. Determining whether you have a good fit for the fashion business and their company is something they will want to do.

What are your career goals? Are you looking to move up or are you satisfied doing a basic job? With this question they are seeking to know if you will give the job your all and stick around to advance. Give it some good thought before going into the interview.

Those interested in management or corporate may be asked: “Do you have past experience in this type of role?” and “What can you offer in this position?” The interviewer wants to know how skilled and qualified you are for the position. Dig deep beforehand to be prepared and answer the best you can.

Advice For Application Process

The Charlotte Russe application and hiring process is informal and low-key. Those interested should come dressed up in professional fashion. Have a smile on your face and glitz in the way you carry yourself. The steps are fairly straight forward to becoming an employee. Conduct yourself well and express sincere desire in the job you want.

To find out how to apply for Charlotte Russe online go to the company website. The first step is to seek their applications to access a printable application for Charlotte Russe and download application form. Also to receive a free application you can get one from a local store.

Once you fill out a printable application form for Charlotte Russe and fine tune your resume you’ll be all set. Go to your local store and speak to the hiring manager. If she is not available it is best to wait until she is. Turn in your application when you are all dazzled up.

You may be asked to be part of a group interview where the hiring manager will explain the store, ask a few basic questions, and answer any. After that if you haven’t heard back, check in with her a week later, letting her know you are still very interested.

For those interested in higher level positions, the process will be more in-depth. Dress up more formally in business casual, but be sure to add a tad of glitzy flavor. Plan ahead by researching the particular position you are interested in to walk in prepared and confident. Always ending an interview with saying thanks!

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