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Chevrolet is an automobile division of Generali Motors Company. It is colloquially known as Chevy and has been a popular automobile brand in the United States and the world.

Louis Chevrolet, a Swiss automotive engineer and race care driver co-founded the company together with William Little, William C. Durant, Dr. Edwin R. Campbell, James H. Whiting and R.S. McLaughlin. The company started in 1911.

Chevrolet has 396 facilities across the globe. The company has over 220,000 all over 100 countries. The company offers various vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, and more.

Chevrolet employees enjoy various benefits such as a comprehensive medical insurance plan, dental coverage, paid holidays, retirement plan, disability benefits, life insurance, tuition assistance and more.

Employees stay with Chevrolet because the company takes care of its best assets. The company allows its employees to enjoy competitive benefit packages and expose them to various career opportunities.

How old do you have to work at Chevrolet?

You must be of legal age or at least eighteen years old to work for Chevrolet. Students looking for internships are also welcome to apply.

Chevrolet Careers

Creative Designer. This job needs someone who will create original designs for the company. You need to be able to put your vision into a reality.

Project Engineer. You will be responsible for creating and executing the necessary technical solutions to support the different vehicle programs.

Software Test Analyst. As a Software Test Analyst, you will be responsible for developing the company’s sophisticated systems. You will test the solutions before they are used and implemented.

Manufacturing Engineer. This position requires you to assist in the designing and building of the equipment and tools used in manufacturing the vehicles. You will also help in recommending their improvement and upgrades.

You can be part of a team that helps build, design, and engineer some of the most advanced automobiles and vehicles in the world.

Chevrolet Application

When searching for a job at Chevrolet, you must first select your current location. Once done, search for the available jobs that you wish to apply for.

You need a LinkedIn account in order to apply. If you already have an account, simply update your profile so you can apply immediately. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, you can simply register and create one.

Since applying for a career at Chevrolet requires a LinkedIn profile, fill out all the details needed. This will let your recruiter know more about you easily.

Your LinkedIn profile will also serve as your resume. Therefore, you must include all information such as educational background and work experience that are related to the job you are applying for.

Learn more about the company and think about why you want to work for them. This will help you ace your interview with your recruiter.

Facts about Chevrolet

Chevrolet has achieved a global recognition in providing customers with some of the most innovative and reliable vehicles for daily use.

In 2015, the Colorado model was awarded the Truck of the Year because of its efficiency as well as ingenious technology. The Chevrolet Volt was awarded as the Green Car of the Year in 2016.

Chevrolet is active in giving back to the community, despite its global status and success. They help raise money for various charities through their Chevrolet Home Run Derby in 2013.

Some of the charities that Chevrolet continuously supports include the Boys & Girls Club of America, GM Foundation and more.

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