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Chipotle has rapidly grown to be known all over the United States.  With their delicious food and proper approach to food making, people have grown to love this amazing food chain.  They create food without GMO’s and greatly contribute to the local scene.  Their first restaurant first popped up in 1993 and now, more than 20 years later, they continue to spread awareness of the right way to cook food.

Chipotle has grown to become one of the few fast food restaurants that can deliver a meal cooked in the kitchen with farm raised and pasture fed cows and pigs.  They choose the best ingredients specifically from local farms and seasonally.  Ultimately, delivering great flavors and contributing to our environment and local markets.

They have cleaned up their food by not only getting rid of their GMO’s and using grass fed cows, but now their tortillas are even better.  They have remade their tortillas reverting back to the way people made them in the past with only a few ingredients and no preservatives.  Specializing in tacos and burritos, you can find this chain of restaurants in the U.S., UK, Germany, and France.

This restaurant has been very successfully racking a big $327K in 2013 in revenue.  It has over 1700 stores with more than 45,000 team members.  Chipotle jobs definitely are very enticing and very rewarding in nature.  For this restaurant, no franchises are available and is ran by the company itself.  The Chipotle jobs online show you how diverse and large the company has become.

Chipotle Careers

There are many open positions available all over the world.  The food industry always has many employment opportunities.  There is always a way to get promoted to the next level or apply directly to the corporate positions.  They have in mind that working for Chipotle is a career rather than just a paycheck.  Once you apply for jobs at Chipotle, you will see the different in culture and work environment.

The job opportunities available through the Chipotle job application online are pretty amazing.  You don’t need to have any experience to start working.  The level of growth is pretty outstanding.  You can start as a crew member, move up to kitchen manager, and make it all the way to general manager running your own store.  You can also grow from there into a district manager or what they call “restaurateur”.

How old do you have to be to work at Chipotle?

Like most jobs, Chipotle has a minimum starting age of 16.  This serves well if you want to grow into the food and hospitality careers and gain experience. Fill out the Chipotle application and just write your date of birth where indicated.

Not only do you get to grow within the company, you also get many benefits.  They offer their employees medical, vision, dental insurance, as well as a 401K and stock options where you may invest and gain with the company.  They provide you with tuition reimbursement, paid vacations, and even free uniforms.  Their careers website allows you to download application form and tell you how to apply for Chipotle online.

Business hours for Chipotle are from 11 am through 10 pm Monday through Sunday and closed for all major holidays.

Chipotle Job Descriptions

Below are a few positions available at each Chipotle restaurant and their individual job descriptions.

Crew Member- As a crew member, you will be handling food and serving the customers.  While behind the line, your responsibilities include keeping the work areas clean, adhere to food health guidelines, and learning to prepare and cook some of the food. Their yearly income is about $28k.

Kitchen Manager- At the next level of service, managers teach their teammates how to prepare the food, ingredients, appropriate food handling techniques, and leadership skills. Starting pay per year is about $33,000.

Service Manager- These managers handle the level of service given to the customers by reviewing all the health standards and assuring that all employees follow them.  There is customer service opportunities at the front of the house, front of the line, and throughout the restaurant. Starts at $36,000 annually.

Apprentice- The apprentices learn the ins and outs of running the restaurant and eventually get promoted to general manager.  They learn by doing and helping all the crew members achieve their full potential.  They must also supervise and assure that all members are following company policies.  Annual pay of $53,000.

General Manager- You will be running the restaurant at this point including the scheduling of employees, reconciliation of end of the day payments, opening and closing of the store, hiring, and ordering.  Salary for GMs starts at $67,000 per year.

District Manager aka “Restaurateur- At this level of management, you will be running multiple stores.  You will make sure that each store has the tools that they need to succeed and teach and train future leaders of the company. Each year, their salary is around $125,000.

Different locations will have different availabilities so check with your local stores as well prior to filling out the Chipotle application.  Chipotle careers are definitely worth doing some research.

Chipotle Interview Questions

There is a printable application for Chipotle on their official website that you can take with you if you want to the interview and the following questions are very likely to come up during the interview. It is a free application.

What do you know about our food? Since their food is organic and they take great pride in their ingredients and how it is made, it would be really good to tell them about it.  Their food is organic and has zero GMO’s.  They serve fresh ingredients and only grass fed cows.

Why should we hire you? There are many opportunities to grow within the company so it is always good to mention all your good values and skills.  If you are a newbie in the food industry, tell them what makes you a leader and any other areas of your life where you are very successful.

Why do you want to work at Chipotle? Being honest and telling them your career goals is definitely a great answer here.  You want to have some knowledge of the company’s values and share some if not all of them.  Also, any desire to grow within the company will also make a great impression.

How would your friends describe you? Having good qualities is required to succeed anywhere.  List some of the things you think your friends may say about you but being careful not to sound overly confident.  State some qualities such as leadership, creative, team player, and on time.

Have you ever worked at a restaurant before?  Although having experience is not required, they would like to know if you have any experience.  While it is preferred, it is definitely not required.  Working at a restaurant is like customer service only selling food and preparing the food.

Advice for Application Process

The link for the printable application form is provided below as well as an online application.  Applications are received and reviewed for interview within the same day or about 24 hours. You can apply online through the direct application link in their career website. Locations of interviews may vary depending on the position applying to.

Arrive at least 5 minutes early and bring a resume with you.  The preferred wardrobe is business casual.  You may wear khakis and a polo shirt or a nice knee length skirt with a pressed blouse.  Interviews normally take about 5 to 10 minutes and may result in an immediate job offer.  Answer all interview questions clearly and make sure to thank them for their time.

You may take a tour of the restaurant and get to see where all the action happens.  If you don’t have any restaurant experience, ask as many questions you may have like what are the hours of operation, what type of payments do they receive, are they open on holidays, what types of shifts are available.  The more you ask, the more you are prepared for your first day.

Not hearing back right away from them does not mean that you don’t have the job.  You may call or go to the store you applied to and ask for feedback.  They may ask you for a second interview.  Always be patience and ready to answer any questions they may ask you.  Working at Chipotle can be very rewarding and a wonderful job if you have never worked a restaurant.

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