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Circus Circus operates a park, hotel and restaurants in the country, but it’s more popular for the entertainment it offers its customers through its casinos.

The company was founded by Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin in 1968. It started as a pure casino establishment. Now, it is owned and managed by MGM Resorts International.

It has been the location for some novel stories and Hollywood movies due to its unique structure. One of which is a James Bond film, which featured the famous midway of their hotel.

Aside from the salary options, the benefit package offered by the casino to its employees includes retirement plans, insurance, and employee discounts.

It makes sure that its workers improve in their craft while passionately working in a lively environment. Because of this, the company provides its employees with trainings while paying them.

How old do you have to be to work at Circus Circus?

Job applicants are expected to be 18 years old or above, so they can work in Circus Circus.

Circus Circus Careers 

Bellperson: This person is in charge of greeting the customers and carrying their luggage. He also responds to the inquiries of customers.

Surveillance Technician: This person is responsible for maintaining the CCTV system of the company. The surveillance technician also ensures that the company operates in compliance with the regulations of the Gaming Control Board. 

Inventory Control Clerk:  This person is tasked to control the inventories and maintain the records of the operations of the warehouses.

Slot Machine Trainee: This person is responsible for setting up and controlling the games in the casino. The slot machine trainee makes sure that all the games operate in accordance with the company’s regulations.

Aside from the mentioned positions, the company also offers entry-level and professional job positions such as executive chef, casino accounting supervisor, front desk clerk, and maintenance technician.

Circus Circus Application

An applicant needs to create an account in the MGM Resorts International’s website to apply in the company. Fill out all the fields in the application form.

The company makes use of online application through the parent company’s website or through LinkedIn. Either way, the applicant can have a convenient job application.

The casino business mainly revolves on customer interaction and satisfaction. Applicants who wish to enter into this industry must have the knowledge and skills in dealing with customers.

In the resume, avoid using common job descriptions. The applicant must think of what he/she was able to contribute to his/her previous employer and not just the job description.

In the interview, the applicant can mention an achievement that will highlight the skills needed for the job being applied to. He should show how passionate he is in joining the company’s team.

Things to Know About Circus Circus

The company’s corporate social responsibility shows its commitment to helping the community. Aside from aiming to succeed financially, Circus Circus puts effort in dealing with societal challenges.

Circus Circus is part of its parent company’s program on environmental sustainability. This program ensures that the environmental responsibility prioritized in the organization.

The company also has a program called Employee Volunteer Program where it partners with non-profit organizations to offer help to the community.

The company also takes pride in the diversity of its workforce. It offers opportunities to any individual regardless of their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, status, nationality, or disability.

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