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Citgo is a US-based refiner, and retailer of petroleum-based and other industrial products.  The company takes pride not only in its prices but also in its values: Safety, Health and Environment, Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Social Responsibility, Availability and Competitiveness.

Oilman Henry Doherty founded Cities Service Company in 1910.  In 1965, the company launched the current Citgo brand, adding “Go” to signify “power, energy and progressiveness.”  In September 1986, Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. acquired half ownership of the petroleum giant.

The company calls its logo “trimark.”  It reached legendary status due to its placement as it can be seen on the background of Fenway Park during televised games of the Boston Red Sox.

It has an estimated 4000 employees. In its desire to give its employees security and peace of mind, the petroleum giant offers its workers competitive salaries.  Benefits such as paid vacation, medical, dental, vision and life insurance, 401 (k) plans, and pension plans.

Stability is what employees love about Citgo.  Lay-off rate during tough times is low.  Most full-time employees stay for over 20 years, creating solid bonding among colleagues.

How old do you have to be to work at Citgo?

Unlike some of its competitors who hire individuals as young as 16 (14 in some states), the company only recruits people at least 18 years of age.  This age requirement is the same in all US states.

Citgo Careers

Sales Associate: Sells retail products and goods, such as oil products and automobile parts. Applicants must possess good charisma when working with customers.

Gas Station Attendants: Responsible for cashiering, collecting payments and handing out change to customers. Aspiring attendants should also expect to clean, collect, and dispose of the daily trash.

Maintenance Worker: Performs routine and extensive preventive maintenance and repair procedures on the mechanical equipment and utility systems of the assigned station. Technical knowledge is a must.

Assistant Manager: Oversees most of the routine operations at service stations. Duties and responsibilities include the training of newcomers, assisting in fixing schedules for the employees, assisting the manager in his/her tasks, etc.

The company is a haven for entry-level applicants and aspiring managers. Some openings include customer service, cashier, shift manager and store manager.

Citgo Application

For entry-level, blue-collar positions, applicants need to hand their resume at their preferred site while those who’re aspiring for managerial positions must go to the offices.  The application process can be tracked through the website.  In average, the interview comes after 2 weeks of application.

The company has a dedicated careers section on its website.  Job openings can be seen on the site, as well as the schedule of recruitment hubs in different college campuses nationwide.

Never lie on the job application. Write as accurately as possible and list down reliable references such as former employer or academic mentor. Avoid vague and misleading answers, and focus on questions asked.

In writing resumes, it is vital to identify accomplishments and not just job descriptions especially in technical fields. Properly highlight and quantify your accomplishments. Avoid generalization.

Current employees rate interview difficulty as average.  During interviews, managers ask about employee flexibility. The interviewing manager also rates how the applicant handles conversations. Be cheerful while maintaining a level of professionalism.

Facts About Citgo

A typical day in a company property is a fun, laid-back, yet productive one.  Daily interaction is easy, and employees are usually close with each other partly because of the lower-than-usual number of co-workers.

Last November 14, the Environmental Protection Agency and Citgo reached an accord in the former’s air pollution claims of the latter.  The violation allegedly happened at the company’s Lemont refinery from 2004 to present.  The agreement was reached at 4 million USD.

Despite the allegations and its status as an oil giant, the company is known for its environmental efforts.  In 2008, it launched its Energy Efficient Lighting Program where it handed out more than a million efficiency light bulbs to more one hundred thousand low-income homes.

The social effort does not stop there.  Apart from employee-driven volunteerism, Citgo has a number of programs such as Habitat for Humanity and United Way.  Not only do they fuel cars, but also people’s lives.

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