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Citi Trends is a fashion retailer that buys merchandise from various suppliers and offers it to the cost conscious but fashionable customers at discounted rates. The company has its headquarters in Savannah, Georgia. As a public limited company it has 518 stores in 31 states with over 4500 employees. You can see all available job opportunities through the Citi Trends application link at the end of the document.

The company takes great care in practicing socially responsible business practices and to aid this cause ensures there are no practices that may be deemed as slavery or human trafficking. They are also part of many projects to improve the wellbeing of the local communities they operate in and of their employees.

The company offers some benefits to its employees based on their nature of work and tenure of employment. These benefits include vacation pay, sick leave, retirement benefits and health insurance amongst a few others.

If you are interested in applying for a position you can see how to apply for Citi Trends online by accessing the free application form. You have the option to either download application form for a direct application or send a printable application form. Citi Trends careers offer immense opportunities for growth and development.

Citi Trends Careers

If you want to apply for jobs at Citi Trends you can start by checking Citi Trends jobs online. There are four different departments in which you can send in your applications for employment or you can apply online for. These are Corporate jobs, Distribution Center jobs, Store Management Jobs and Sales Associate jobs. Positions in these areas can be either full time or part time.

Some of the positions currently open are Material Handler, Supervisor, Maintenance Technician, Administrative Assistant, Store Manager, Assistant Manager and Store Sales Associate. Some of these openings are for various locations, you can download a printable application form from the company website.

How old do you have to be to work at Citi Trends?

The minimum age requirement to work at the company is 16 years. However there are some positions that have certain age and skill requirements, so make sure you are well aware of any specific job requirements before you apply for jobs at Citi Trends.

Citi Trends jobs offer many opportunities for people at different levels of their job life cycle. Being part of the Citi Trends family means you are part of an organization that cares for your professional growth and personal development. At Citi Trends you have a career that is a truly enriching experience.

Citi Trends Job Descriptions

Store Manager – If you are someone with past retail experience as a store manager then this may be the position to take your career progress to the next level. In this role you would be in charge for the efficient working of the store right from overseeing staff performance to ensuring customers are being meted out excellent customer service. In this role you can expect to earn a salary of about $40000 per year.

Store Sales Associate – In this role your responsibilities would include maintaining the overall appearance of the store in a presentable aesthetically appealing fashion along with catering to any customer queries with regards to merchandise including checking out customer purchases. This may be the right job for you if you love working with people in a fast paced environment. You can expect to earn about $9 – 12 per hour depending on whether you work overtime or not.

Administrative Assistant – In this position you would be responsible for all office tasks in relation to hiring new seasonal associates, preparing reports for management and handling all ongoing administrative duties. If you are someone who has past experience in this position are well organized with excellent multitasking abilities then you may be the right fit for this job. You can expect to earn a salary of about $40000 per year.

Maintenance Technician – This is a technical position requiring skills in maintenance of buildings and groundwork wiring. This a position that is physically demanding and you should have the ability to lift heavy weights and stand for extended periods of time including the flexibility to work various schedules. In this job you can expect to make about $34000 per year.

Citi Trends Interview Questions

Having a set of interview questions that you can expect to be asked on the big day in response to your online application, are sure to help in getting you ready in dealing with them in an efficient and adequate manner.

What do you know about the industry we operate in? It is important for the employer to know what the prospective candidate knows about the company and the industry in which it operates. In order to effectively answer such a question be sure to do your research with regards to the company you are applying to.

How do you expect to add value to our company? The hiring manager would like to assess what is it that makes you special and how the company would benefit by having you on board. At this time highlight past skills and qualifications emphasizing past experiences which align with the position applied for.

Are you a team player? Most jobs at Citi Trends require working as part of a team. At this time it is best to relate a past experience where you were able to perform well as part of a team highlighting key team building and management skills.

Are you related to anyone who works for us? Sometimes companies have policies where they keep relatives working for the same company in different positions or in roles that minimize interaction with other relatives. So to make sure all placements are done in an optimal fashion for the company and the employee it is important for recruiters to know if you have any relatives already working for them.

Tell us about a disagreement you had with a co worker, how did you resolve it? Conflict resolution is a very important aspect of an individual’s personality. The employer wants to understand how you deal with unfavourable situations. So be prepared to narrate an instance from the past to answer such a question.

Advice For Application Process

Once you find jobs at and have made up your mind to put in your resume for Citi Trends applications be sure you check all requirements for a position before applying to it. Once you apply check your printable application for Citi Trends to be make sure it is free of any errors. Be sure to attach a cover letter to your application, here you can highlight aspects of your personality and past career that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Start preparing for the big day even before you receive an interview date. Start gathering data about the company and the industry, practice sample interview questions and answers. Go over your resume to be sure you know exactly what you have on it so that you are able to answer specific questions on the interview day about past jobs that you may have held a while back.

When you do receive the call or email for the interview be sure to reach the venue on time and take care to dress appropriately. Answer all questions to the point and confidently. Appear interested in the whole process by displaying appropriate body language and facial expressions.

At the end of the interview be sure to acknowledge the interviewer and the opportunity to be considered for the position. No matter what the outcome be sure to take away something positive from the whole process.

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