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Frederick’s of Hollywood is a retailer company that specializes in women’s lingerie and underwear. Its collection is composed of fashionable underwear and dresses for night outs.

Frederick Mellinger, the inventor of the push-up bra, started the company in 1947 in Hollywood, California. In 2015, it was bought by Authentic Brands Group.

Its products were worn by famous models and celebrities way back in 1950s. A lingerie museum was founded by the company, with its highlight being the Celebrity Lingerie Hall of Fame.

The company’s employees are given benefit packages along with their basic salaries. These benefits include dental and medical assistance, paid time off, and retirement plans.

Aside from career development and opportunities for promotions, the most popular job benefit in the company is the employee discounts it gives to its workers.

How old do you have to be to work at Frederick’s Of Hollywood?

Frederick’s Of Hollywood requires its applicants to be at least 18 years old for them to work in the establishment. This applies to both part-time and full-time job positions.

Frederick’s Of Hollywood Careers

Assistant Sales Manager:This person must have 1-2 years of women’s retail management experience. The assistant sales manager assists in meeting the sales target of the company.

Sales Associate:This person interacts directly to the customers to offer the latest products of the company. The sales associate must be energetic and approachable.

E-commerce Marketing Associate:This person is in charge of promoting the company’s products through social media or through the website. The e-commerce marketing associate must be creative to be able to market the products properly.

Store Sales Manager: This person should have 2-5 years of women’s retail management experience. The store sales manager motivates the employees to meet the sales target of the company.

The company has other entry-level and professional opportunities. Other job positions available in the company include assistant planner, visual coordinator, network engineer, and senior merchandise planner.

Frederick’s Of Hollywood Application

The applicant can submit a resume through the company’s website but a resume profile must be created first. All the marked fields in the form must be answered.

The company uses two ways of online application. It will depend on the applicant on what method he/she prefers to use or what method proves to be more convenient for him/her.

The applicant can either type his/her resume or copy paste it on the space provided in the form. Some information might be missing or misplaced when pasting the resume so it is necessary to check it before submitting.

The applicant must quantify his/her work accomplishments.This is advisable rather than just providing a list of job positions, descriptions, and responsibilities in the resume.

Confidence is a must when answering the interview questions. Delivery of answers is a great factor that the hiring manager looks into when he/she considers an applicant.

Things To Know About Frederick’s Of Hollywood

The company’s culture revolves around respect for human life. Its subsidiaries implement the same values to raise awareness on the issues regarding human trafficking and slavery.

Megan Fox was announced as the brand ambassador and partner. Aside from being a stakeholder, Fox will have the right to suggest on the company’s brand designs.

Women’s lingerie and underwear is the main product of the company. It is known for being an online store after the change of management in 2015. But plans on entering department stores and retail outlets are being considered.

The company is committed in fighting against human trafficking and slavery. Because of this, it has created standards and processes to verify its suppliers. Failure to meet these expectations might result in the cancellation of purchase.

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