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With headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee after relocation from Coldwater, Mississippi, Fred’s extends across the Southeastern Region and into the Midwestern region of the United States. It’s a small town department store chain, with over 700 stores and 300 pharmacies, competing with other steep discount stores in the retail industry. Fred’s is unique due to their hosting of pharmacies and the sale of tobacco products and lawn and garden supplies.

The first store opened in 1947. Sons of Lebanese immigrants, Paul Baddour, along with his two brothers, started a family retail business with a small hometown store in Mississippi. It eventually expanded and became a chain. Paul began to name the individual stores after one of his brother’s, Fred. Its competitors include other discount chains such as various Dollar stores, as well as Walmart in recent years.

Due to being known for retaining and steady and strong customer-base, many find working in Fred’s careers as stable and enjoyable employment. Fred’s store format hosts the greatest elements of offering discounts, pharmaceuticals, and more than 12,000 commonly bought items for everyday needs, including brand and off-brand name products at a reduced cost. Some of the items include housewares, clothing, linens, health and beauty supplies, and paper and food products.

The company’s philanthropy ventures of donating to several charities also attract many to apply for jobs at Fred’s jobs online. Joining their Talent Network and submitting an online application form is the best way to apply online. Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to download application forms. For direct application, follow the free application online process after searching for the position you are interested in.

Fred’s Careers

With two different distribution centers, pharmacies, and general stores, there are several job opportunities for those interested in ones that will lead to a Fred’s career path. Fred’s is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salaries, especially to those in management and executive level roles. Positions as a store manager, pharmacist, marketer, or with a legal job description can be found at the higher level of employment.

People interested in gaining retail experience and specifically in becoming a team member and growing within the industry, should apply for Fred’s jobs. After submitting a Fred’s application at a local store, you’ll be considered for a customer service job such as a delivery driver, cashier, clerk, stocker, security guard, pharmacy tech, or another part-time position attractive to you.

How old do you have to be to work at Fred’s?

Due to tobacco sales only those who are 18 and up are able to apply for one of many available Fred’s jobs. If you have retail background, you may be considered for a management position or if not, there is always room to grow as the company tends to promote those within.

Employees find the benefits vary by position and employment length. You may have to wait to receive the perks, but they’re worth it. Those working at Fred’s are eligible for health insurance plans, stock sharing options, retirement plans, and PTO. Employees also have flexible scheduling and receive deep discounts several times throughout the year.

Fred’s Hours of Operation: Hours can vary, but most locations tend to be open: Monday-Saturday 10:00am to 9:00pm and Sundays 10:00am to 6:00pm. Pharmacy hours can also vary by site. Stores open most holidays other than Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas days, but on other Holidays it’s best to call first since their hours are likely reduced.

Fred’s Job Descriptions

Store Management- Dependent on the type of manager, location, and experience of the candidate, the salary differs for management staff and the range is typically starts at $35,000 to $40,000 annually. There is also bonus potential depending on qualifications and customer volume. As a manager you will have many responsibilities. Some of these include caring for customers, developing and training staff, increasing sales, providing employee direction, and managing daily operations.

Pharmacist – He or she complies with all the laws, policies, and regulations to complete all the steps necessary to fill prescriptions. This includes counting, pouring, measuring, labeling, and auditing all medications. People in this role are responsible and professional, serving customers as a role model to others on the pharmacy team. He or she also provides professional advice and consultations as needed. Commonly a Pharmacist makes $59.00/hour on average.

Delivery Driver – They hold the responsibility of following a structured delivery schedule to pick up and deliver merchandise to and from stores as directed. Some of the duties required are unloading merchandise, making sure products are received, and ensuring they are not damaged. The driver is also responsible for maintaining and inspecting the truck daily. The pay for this position is discussed at the interview.

Cashier – These store team members typically start out making minimum wage and average about $8.00 per hour. Cashiers sometimes work as stockers to maintain product levels on the shelves, but mostly their job is to work on the front line greeting guests and helping them as they need. They ensure the tidiness of the store, help customers find merchandise, and the proper processing of sales.

Fred’s Interview Questions

Once you submit a Fred’s application, you may be called for an interview so prepare by reviewing the following questions.

What days are you available to work? Here the manager is thinking about the open shifts they currently have open and if you would be available to fill an immediate or near future need. Review your schedule before going in so you know what extra time you already have available. 

Do you have at least a year of prior retail experience? You’ll be asked this question because the company requires at least a year of experience. If you don’t, but were still called in for an interview then you should do an excellent job of sharing and promoting your customer service and sales skills. There is a reason they are pursuing you.

Are you prepared to do the work required and show up on time? The hiring manager is gauging how responsible and reliable you are. He or she also wants to know that you have reviewed the job description and know what the duties are. Make sure you do this beforehand.

What are your greatest weaknesses and what are you doing to improve in this area? This would be asked to determine how aware you are of something to work on, as well as your willingness to grow and change. Being able to admit a weakness is seen as a strength, so think and prepare for this type of question.

For management positions you might be asked questions such as: “Why do you want to come to Fred’s?” or “What is your retail background?” or “How long have you supervised in retail?” These are asked to discover how much experience you have, if you’ll have something to offer the company with your qualifications, and if you’re the right fit.

Advice For Application Process

There are always opportunities within the store chain for retail positions, ones at a distribution center, or ones in management. With their vision being “Put a Smile on Every Customer’s Face”, they’re always searching for people who have that same mission and enthusiasm to join them. In your interview be ready to exhibit your excitement and customer service abilities.

For how to apply for Fred’s online go to the careers page on their website. You can find a link at the bottom of this page. There you’ll find many available job opportunities by location. A printable application for Fred’s however is difficult to find. If you would like to apply in person you will have to go to your local store first to obtain an already printed application form.

When applying online for one of Fred’s jobs, you will need to have your current resume updated and prepared to upload with your online application. Be sure to make it relevant to the position you are applying for. Once you have successfully submitted your full application and possibly joined their talent network, it should be a few days to a week before you hear back about an interview.

With an interview and the right experience, prepare to possibly be hired on the spot. It’s not uncommon with Fred’s so if you’re looking to be hired quickly, you may want to start here. Most interviews occur one-on-one with the store manager or a district manager if you’re applying for a management position. Interviews are pretty simple and straight-forward. Remember to bring your current resume, dress professionally, and speak eloquently. 

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