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Free People Apparel is the brainchild of Dick Hayne. It started as a West Philadelphia store in the 1970s. Hayne started the venture with Judy Wicks, his first wife.

Business went well and they captured a huge market for their apparel. They catered to the young Pennsylvanian locals. The approach was to provide clothing that provided a little bit more freedom in what you wore.

When a second store was opened due to the store’s popularity, the couple changed the name to Urban Outfitters. It didn’t take long for the company to create its own wholesale line.

Eventually the company grew as demand for their products increased. They changed the name back to Free People in an effort to get back to the company’s roots.

TodayFree People Apparel’s clothing line evolved into something more contemporary and mature. They reach out to the entire spectrum of women from adventurous tomboys to romantic sweet women.

How Old Do You Have to be to Work At Free People Apparel

The minimum age required in order to work with this company is 18 years old. Note that certain positions require certain tenure and experience working in the same capacity.

Free People Apparel Careers

Stock Associate: A stock associate reports directly to the receiving manager, visual manager, and store manager. Their goal is to create an inspirational, innovative, and unique customer experience. They track shipment and ensure that deliveries are processed on time.

Visual Manager: A visual manager sets a positive leadership example. This manager schedules merchandising training sessions. They handle store operations and acts as a problem solver. They also assist in creating/maintaining store communications and other duties.

Visual Sales Manager: A visual sales manager reports to the store manager and the visual manager. Their tasks are split between sales and visual participation. Responsibilities include improving store aesthetics, meet customer expectations, assist store merchandising, and uphold company policies.

Assistant Store Manager: Assistant store managers report directly to the store manager. They mentor store’s employees and lead by example. They make sure that customer care resources are put to use. They also assist in the store’s processes and presentations.

Stylist: Stylists report to the store management team. They build genuine relationships with customers. They assist in maintaining store operational standards including prevention of loss. They also train new stylists.

Free People Apparel Application

The application process in Free People Apparelis pretty straightforward. Go to their job opportunities page and take note of the tips and information provided there.

You can then custom tailor your resume according to the requirements and company needs mentioned there. Note the interview tips that are also provided on the same page.

Click on the link to see the list of open jobs. You will be brought to a separate page where you can search for jobs by keywords.

Click on any job post that interests you in the list to see details about it. Click the select action drop down to choose how you wish to apply for a particular job.

After submitting your application you can log back into the site to check the status of your application. You will receive a phone call or email scheduling your job interview. Call the store to increase your chances of getting hired.

Things to Know About Free People Apparel

Free People Apparelvalues personality over an applicant’s job experience. Don’t let your lack of relative experience hold you back. If your personality matches the company’s culture, then you have a pretty good chance.

This retail chain puts in a lot of effort to help part time workers to become full time employees. You will be provided a lot of training programs that improves your skills.

The store’s operating hours usually last from 10 in the morning to 9 in the evening. The jobs can be full time and you usually won’t have to work long hours in overtime.

Qualified applicants who get hired will receive a comprehensive employment package. Employment benefits include future savings and medical. Paid sick leaves, dental insurance, service rewards, and performance bonuses also apply.

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