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Friendly’s is a family friendly restaurant chain that strives to help people feel comfortable enough to create boundless memories. Friends also like to enjoy the atmosphere in the clean environment with friendlier service. The restaurant has signature dishes customers have called their favorites for years. The menu has a large variety of delicious meal options, including 22 ice cream flavors to top them off.

The restaurant is established on the East Coast of the U.S. with 380 Friendly’s spread across 15 states. The Blake Brothers founded the first ice cream shoppe, “Friendly” in 1935 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The aim was to create a place with handmade ice cream and friendly service. With over 10,000 employees across their locations, Friendly’s offers exceptionally warm welcomes and service.

Out of many chains in the restaurant industry to choose from, Friendly’s is a great place to work with many benefits! Working in one of Friendly’s jobs, you will be joining an open and inclusive team committed to creating a happy and healthy employment environment. The company also strives to represent service with a diverse team of employees.

To find out more about Friendly’s careers and how to apply for Friendly’s online, go to the direct application link below. On their website you can search for Friendly’s jobs online at locations near you and then fill out their online application. There are many great job opportunities with the chain and for sure there is a career path for you.

Friendly’s Careers

Enjoy delicious food and ice cream in the company of friends and family in a fun environment? Do you also love helping others feel the same joy? If so, a location near you can give you that experience. Find the Friendly’s job application online and apply online with their free application. Great job opportunities include ones in staff or management roles in either part-time or full-time positions.

There are several career possibilities within their restaurant’s, distribution centers, and corporate offices. Friendly’s often promotes their employees believing they are developing aptitude from within. Some of the positions at a manufacturing or distribution center include Material Handler or Production Worker or a corporate job could be one of Human Resource Generalist, Marketer, or Information Technologist.

How old do you have to be to work at Friendly’s?

The minimum hiring age is 16. Some positions require more experience and/or education though, especially ones in management or operating certain equipment. In addition, management positions or the like require minimally a high school diploma or GED and supplementary experience.

Friendly’s jobs bring many perks. Employees receive paid training and lavish discounts on food and ice cream. Those eligible also gain paid time off and staff members working full-time can earn health and life insurance benefit options. Some may also access retirement benefits. Starting employees begin making minimum wage or minimum server wage with the opportunity for gratuity and there are chances for raises.

There may be reduced hours, but Friendly’s locations are open most Holidays other than the days of Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Call the parlor near you for their specific hours. Typical daily hours are Sunday through Thursday 7:00am to 11:00pm and 7:00am to 12:00am on Fridays and Saturdays. There is also a friendly online site locator on their website to confirm hours.

Friendly’s Job Descriptions

Cook – This job description includes responsibilities of ensuring the food is handled with cleanliness and safety, as well as prepared and cooked to excellence. You will also need to make sure the food is tasty and desirous. If there is a challenging situation that may cause a delay, you must also work as a team player and notify your supervisor. Cooks make around $39,800 yearly.

Welcomer-Greeter – It is your job to greet each customer with a warm, sincere, and friendly welcome, especially to children. Welcoming everyone with a smile and kind gesture is your duty. Be aware of what each guest needs before they seek you and keep the presentation of the restaurant clean and appealing. One job of yours will be to distribute silverware to the tables. Greeter’s begin at an hourly minimum wage. 

Server-Ice Cream Scooper- Duties include the fixing up of desserts, especially ice cream dishes in an artful form to be presented to guests with finesse, keep tabs on the ice cream supply stock, and restocking as needed. You will also be responsible for keeping the cases clean and orderly as well as handling online and phone orders competently. Scoopologist’s start earning at minimum wage around $9.00 per hour.

Guest Experience Manager- You are a Front of the House Manager in this position who has at least three years restaurant management experience. Your job in this role is to control revenue, select, recruit, and train crew members, oversee servicing and marketing, run housekeeping systems, and other duties required to maintain and manage daily restaurant operations. Base hourly pay for this position averages $15.00.

Food Quality Manager- In this position you are responsible for duties such as overseeing the increase of profit and enhancement of customer’s experiences through daily processes, scheduling labor, cost control of food including inventory, sanitation, and recipes, training and management of crew, safety training, professional development, and maintenance. You must have management experience in a similar setting and a successful track record. Salary can be up to $60,000.

Friendly’s Interview Questions

Some of the questions you may be asked during an interview are indicated below.

What would make you a great new member of our team? This question may be asked to conclude the qualities you have to offer the company. It will also show the interviewer what kind of person you are and how well you will likely work with others in a team environment.

Do you have previous experience working at a restaurant? An interviewer wants to know how much, if any, experience you have coming in to the business. If you don’t have any restaurant background, it would be best to share qualities that you feel would contribute to working in such an environment and any relevant qualifications you might have. 

What qualities do you feel set you apart from other candidates? This is a question that the interviewer could ask you to determine how you view yourself and the talents and strengths you hold as a person. This is a time to sell yourself and your unique assets as an individual.

What kind of role would you like to have in the restaurant? The hiring supervisor will ask you this to explore whether the position you are seeking is a match with both the background you presented and the openings within the restaurant locations near you. You will likely want to put a couple positions of interest out there. 

Describe your approach to making decisions and solving problems. Why do you do it this way? and When you recommend something to management, what approach do you usually use? are questions you will likely be asked when you’re hoping to gain employment in a Friendly’s management position or at a corporate office. The interviewer is seeking to know how great a manager you are.

Advice For Application Process

There is limited access to a printable application form or the ability to download an application form for Friendly’s, but you can through their online system. You can apply for jobs at Friendly’s by finding an opening your interested in on their website. You can apply with their online application form through a simple process. Leave a minimum of two to be able to fully complete the applications questions requirements.

Be sure to call the restaurant a few days later asking for the hiring manager to check in to see if someone has had a chance to review your application. Reiterate your interest in the position(s) you applied for. If they don’t currently have openings they may indicate that, but the simple action of following up could lead to an interview being scheduled a bit later down the road.

Friendly’s welcomes anyone who is qualified to apply for one of their open positions. The company strives to be a diverse and equal opportunity proprietor. Nowadays it’s best to consider finding a job that can bring a career of stability due to the economy. A job with Friendly’s offers the opportunities to do just that with the ability to look forward to rewards of job safety in employment and promotions.

For a successful interview, prepare a professional resume detailing your relevant background and qualifications. Be ready to answer questions that sell you as a great candidate with a calm, yet super friendly demeanor to work in a fun and relaxed environment. The process is laid back and mostly focused on getting to know your ability to deal with the everyday activities in the restaurant, including common challenges.


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