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Grocery Outlet is one of the country’s largest grocery retailers, which offers customers 40%-70% discounts. It is privately owned and managed by the Read family.

The store’s journey started when Jim Read bought the government’s excess food products in 1946. It was called Canned Foods Grocery Outlet before the management settled with its current name.

It is a family business that has now grown to operate more than 260 stores around six locations. The company’s high quality products and low prices attract a lot of bargain hunters.

Aside from the basic salary, its employees also enjoy benefit packages that include healthcare assistance, insurance, retirement plans, and profit-sharing programs.

The company offers flexible scheduling to its employees, thereby encouraging them to balance their work and personal life. Its workers can take time to spend with their families without disrupting their work schedules.

How old do you have to be to work at Grocery Outlet?

Job applicants need to be at least 16 years old, so they can work in Grocery Outlet.

Grocery Outlet Careers

Freight Receiver: This person handles the products that the company ordered. He makes sure that the products delivered are accurate and of high quality.

Cashier: This person directly deals with customers to process sales transactions. The cashier also responds to customer inquiries regarding the store’s products.

Assistant Store Manager: This person assists the general manager in supervising the daily operations of the store. The assistant store manager may also deal with customers.

Store Manager: This person is responsible for the entire operations of the store. The store manager makes sure that employees are properly trained and motivated to work and customers are satisfied with their products and services.

Other available positions in the company includes meat cutter, produce associate, bakery manager, customer service associate, market sales manager, and truck driver.

Grocery Outlet Application

The applicant can select a store location to apply in.  An application form should be filled and a resume should also be submitted. Upon clicking the submit button, all these information will be sent to the specified location.

To properly track its applicants for each branch, the company makes use of online application. It is both cost- and time-efficient considering the number of branches they have.

The applicant must have a background in dealing with various kinds of customers. Every day, the company serves hundreds of people so it is necessary for their employees to know how to deal with them.

The resume should be concise so the hiring manager can immediately grasp what the applicant is capable of. A long resume can be disregarded especially if it is not properly organized.

The hiring manager is looking for applicants with the passion to serve the customers and the desire to join the company. He should show these things during the interview.

Things to Know About Grocery Outlet

The company has a goal of making a positive impact to the community. This is already embedded in its culture. To make this goal a possibility, Grocery Outlet started their program to fight hunger.

Independence from Hunger is an annual feeding program where the store owners and employees help in feeding the people in their respective communities.

The store donates around half a million dollars annually to local food assistance agencies as part of their advocacy. This started in 2011 with $233000 worth of donations. Its customers are also encouraged to join its program through donating cash or food. Last 2012, the company was able to increase their donation to $292000 because of this.

The program inspires the community to share whatever blessings they have to the less fortunate. The support it gets from customers, employees, and owners is something that the company is truly proud of.

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