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The Guess fashion brand was founded by two French brothers by the name of Paul and Maurice Marciano in 1981. They moved to North America to pursue their dream of owning their own fashion business and started their first high-end boutique in Beverly Hills. Their well-loved jeans were first taken on by Bloomingdales and became very popular.

The brand’s advertising became popular from being in black and white, and from then on won awards. The brand has made such a name for themselves that they can now launch models’ careers from hiring them. It is said that the brand was one of the first to create the trend of designer jeans starting with women, and later developing for men too.

During the nineties their popularity dropped significantly because of saturation of the market from many other copycat companies. Fortunately, in the early 2000’s, they was able to gain more interest from young adults and improve their sales drastically allowing the store to be as alive as it is today.

This compay is an upscale fashion boutique chain that focuses on fashion and trendsetting. The careers that this brand offers would be good for anyone who is interested in fashion or high-end clothing. If you are interested in working in this industry or the job opportunities offered by this company then continue reading for how to apply for jobs at Guess.

Guess Careers

If you’re interested in working for this fantastic brand then there are many positions that may suit you. There are options for both in-store positions and salary-based jobs in higher positions of the company. The positions range from retail and customer service oriented, to market and advertising, among others.

These positions are bound to give you valuable experience in the fashion industry. Depending on which job you are interested in applying for, you can gain many different skill sets. Managerial positions will provide opportunities to work on leadership and organization, in-store jobs will fine-tune your customer service skills, and there are many other options you can enjoy from being employed with this company. 

How old do you have to be to work at Guess?

You must be at least 16 years old to get an entry-level position, however some job posts may specify a higher age for certain positions to ensure fully formed maturity.

The hours of operation are much like any other retail’s hours in order to stay competitive. Although it may vary for each individual store, the normal hours range from 10am-9pm from Monday through Saturday, and 12-6 on Sunday. Working in any head office positions will normally result in five 8-hour days, but depending on your position you may be able to alter you schedule to your liking.

To take hold of these great positions you can find Guess jobs online at the link which you can find at the bottom of this article. Fill out the free application form and find out what Guess locations are hiring.

Pizza Hut Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – Being a sales associate is a very common job to get with this company and many other retail companies. These people tend to be very outgoing, passionate, and good with customer service. They will be charged with the duties of not only up-selling and helping with any customer’s needs, but also will be keeping the store tidy, and setting up attractive displays among other tasks.

Intern – Internships are often a great employment opportunity for students or young adults to gain experience in a fast-paced work environment. These lucky employees’ job descriptions involve working for many of the important head office staff. Although their duties often involve administrative tasks, many interns are given an inside look at how the company runs. This can provide a person with valuable information and will also build networking for later employment.

Wholesale Area Manager – This managerial job is located at the headquarters and is very important to the sales department. This manager is in charge of budgeting and client monitoring which are two very important aspects. They also watch over the sales team ensuring that they are working to their potential. They work adjacent to the customer service managerial staff, and work closely with data.

Visual Merchandising Manager – These managers are relied on to create ascetically pleasing displays in order to show the merchandise well in the stores. They ensure that the tools they give each store are used, and put up correctly. Since their look and advertising is very important to their brand this position is extremely valuable to their company. Managerial roles come with benefits.

Warehouse Associate – The responsibilities of the people who work in the warehouse are organizing and maintaining merchandise for many stores or online shopping. These staff will ensure that shipments go smoothly by monitoring and helping with truck loading, using proper equipment and techniques, and with teamwork. Heavy lifting is involved.

Guess Interview Questions

If you are looking for Guess jobs from your local store and apply online with their direct application then you may be chosen for an interview. Here are some questions you may consider:

Why do you want to work for Guess? Be sure to have a well thought out answer for this question. Employees want to know that you are actually interested in the job you are applying for and what the company is going to do for you and your future. This shows that you are applying for more than just a paycheck. 

Tell me about yourself? Often the opening question for interviews, this questions is less casual then you might think. An open ended question as such can be used to your advantage where others may fail. It is alright to talk about your personal life a bit, but only mention relevant points such as any volunteering, associations, or anything else that is character building that you have taken part in. 

Why are you leaving your current job (left your previous job)? Be honest with this question but still professional. If you’re looking for a better opportunity, or have recently moved then these would be valid points for this question. If you are just more suited for the job you are applying for then mention that also.

Example situation questions. These questions are often phrased as a hypothetical situation where you will be asked to reply how you would handle the situation. An example of one of these questions for a sales associate would be a situation where a customer is irate or upset.

Do you have any question? This is often asked at the end of the interview, and many interviewees often have none. This is a great time to not only find out specifics about the job that may have been left out, but also to show that you are paying attention and are truly looking for a job that fits with you. Preparing even one or two questions for this will help you stand out.

Advice For Application Process

When you download application form, or fill out the online application, be sure to include your resume. Although your local Guess may receive many applications there are ways to stand-out from other applicants and to get Guess jobs or Guess careers. If you are wondering how to apply for Guess online just fill out the printable application form and return it to a Guess store, or fill out the Guess job application online to apply for Guess careers.

If your Guess application is chosen for an interview then you will be contacted to meet with current Guess employers. When you head for you interview be sure to bring a copy of your resume, your printable application for Guess, and any other relevant documentation. Dress appropriately for the job you are applying to. Warehouse candidates may be able to dress casually, but make sure you are clean and tidy still.

During the interview be sure to use correct body language. When you first meet your interviewers, be sure to shake their hands and smile. During the interview always keep eye contact and don’t fidget. Keep your posture straight and don’t cross your arms.

When exiting the interview be sure to thank your interviewers for their time and consideration. Always be polite, and don’t be afraid to thank them a few times. Make sure they have all your contact info, and ask them approximately when they will be in touch with you.

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