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This company of greatness was founded back in 1905 by Florence Butt.  Her son, Herbert Butt, eventually took over the business.  They began by having a small store with a few groceries available.  By the 1950’s, they already had a store big enough to incorporate a bakery and a meat and fish market.  By then, the obvious need for a grocery store was seen, and so HEB was made an entire Food Market.

HEB has also taken in their own brand and have created their own bakery goods, eggs, milk, and other grocery products at a great low cost.  HEB started in Kerville, TX and now is found all over the state and Mexico.  Their stores are located in Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, Del Rio, and many other Texas cities totaling over 155 communities.  Their milk plant is actually one of the largest ones in Texas.

As of right now, HEB operates over 340 stores employing over 76,000 people.  HEB careers are valued within each community allowing for all types of experience to flourish.  Beginner jobs are perfect for high school students and start as cashiers or as a bagging assistant.   Their growth and obvious leadership within the community really make this a great company to work for.

HEB jobs have helped the growth of each community and have developed many leaders in the industry.  The HEB name is very well known and respected all over Texas and Mexico.  They also give back to the community by assisting in disaster relief programs and financial assistance to teachers and scholarships.  Their view of success is that the happiness of their customers is the success of their stores.

HEB Careers

There are plenty of job opportunities at HEB that can become the beginning of a great career.  The HEB application process is very fun and simple to go through and the first step to success.  Working for this company is fun and has a big sense of comradery.  Everyone that works here works together as a team and become part of a huge family of co-workers.

The locations of each store will have different positions open to hiring.  Some departments or positions that are open most of the time are those in the bakery department, beauty, or meat department.  You can also find positions such as cashier, night stalker, photo department, or sales associate.  Many of these positions start out hourly with the possibility of promotion.

There are other departments available that require more experience.  You can become a pharmacist, store manager, inventory manager, or general manager.  These jobs are in-store.  Other opportunities are also in their corporate department.  They are looking for architects, designers, engineers, accountants, lawyers, among other titles.

Employees enjoy benefits. Paid time off, medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401K, discounts, are some.

How old do you have to be to work at HEB?

Minimum age is 18 yrs. old. All the stores have the HEB application on site so you may apply in person.  Follow the links for a printable application form.  The online application is a free application.  See how to apply for HEB online below.

HEB Job Descriptions

HEB jobs are very fun in nature and they encourage you to grow and learn. Each direct application is considered carefully to fit each position available.

Cashier- Scans all products efficiently and in a timely manner.  Always makes sure the customer found what they were shopping for.  They use and redeem food stamps and food coupons.  Accepts checks, cash, and other forms of payments.  Weigh produce and inspect for leak or broken items.  Hourly wage between $10.25 and $12.75 per hour.

Baker- The bakery department has many responsibilities such as answering the phones to take customer cake orders, they bake or fry fresh products and set them up for display.  The cleaning of the work stations is very important to meet food sanitation standards.  They restock all merchandise according to freshness.  They are an hourly employee and make around $10.25 to $12.30 per hour.

Beauty Advisor- In charge of restocking and ensuring all beauty products are in order.  They prepare displays according to the ongoing sale.  Ensure good customer service is given by assisting customers through suggestive selling what products to purchase.  They offer samples and engage with guests.  Starting pay is $10.25 to $12.30 per hour.

Photo Department- Provides great customer service by answering phones and providing assistance to customers regarding their photo needs. They develop and print orders as well as suggest products to upsell. Call customers when their order is ready and answer any questions that they may have.  Hourly from $10.25-$12.75.

Night Stocker- Their salary ranges from $11.25 to $14.40 and are responsible for maintaining the stores stocked and neat.  They are required to load and unload merchandise and stock it in the required departments ensuring all quality standards are followed per company policies.  They will also assist in training other team members.

Bagger- They are the last people customers see so a great attitude is required.  They assist in bagging the customer’s products by arranging them by product type.  They provide assistance to unload the products into the customer’s cars as well as maintaining and keeping the carts clean and free of trash.  Other cleaning and stocking duties are required like mopping and restocking the grocery bags.

Interview Questions

Being a part of the HEB careers can be very satisfying and now it is easy to apply for jobs at HEB because they have an online application that is a printable application for HEB to bring with you on your day of the interview.

Tell me how you have contributed to your community? Because HEB is very big on giving back and being a place with a sense of community, you can say anything from working at the homeless shelter, recycling, working with animals, or being a part of a non-profit organization.

What do you think it takes to make a good cashier? Being efficient and fast while being friendly is probably one of the most important skills to have to be a cashier. Mention what it means to you personally while adding those key points to your answer.

What do you like about customer service? The company’s main focus is customer satisfaction and being able to talk about why it is good is important.  Tell them of an experience you had as a customer where you received excellent customer service and how it made you feel.

Why do you want to work at HEB? This company is very successful among the community and its employees.  For this reason, showing an eagerness and respect for the company and telling them what it means to you can be very beneficial.

What makes you a good leader? The ideal answer will be an honest one where you sound confident and tell them what your best assets are.  Let them know what motivates you and how you lead your life into success.

Advice for Application Process

There are many ways that you can submit an application.  You can either apply online or print it.  The HEB job application online shows you all of the HEB jobs online that you can apply to.  You can also download application form through their direct link under their job postings.  Your local HEB store can also assist you in determining what positions are available.

After submitting the application, allow them some time to call you and schedule an interview.  Interviews are very casual and take place in the employee’s area in the manager’s office.  When you arrive, look for the employee lounge area and let someone know that you are there for an interview.  Give a firm handshake and always listen carefully to what they tell you.

Always arrive about 5-10 minutes early just to make sure that if you can’t find the store or office area you give yourself enough time to find it.  Business casual is the proper attire for this company.  However, you may also wear slacks and tie if desired.  During the interview don’t look nervous or fidgety.  Relax and answer every question truthfully.

HEB is a wonderful company to work for.  Their stores are constantly hiring and promoting within.  If you are interested in growing with a company ask them questions regarding your future goals.  Ask them what the steps are for getting promoted.  This shows them you are interested and an asset to their company.  Thank your interviewers for their time and ask when you should follow up.


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