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Hallmark is a very popular American greeting card and gift shop which has its headquarters in Kansas, Missouri. It is a privately owned company founded by Joyce Hall in 1910. Since its inception it has been able to carve a niche market for itself in the cards industry. With about 11000 employees worldwide there are many opportunities available. The full list can be seen through the Hallmark application online link or printable application form at the end of the page.

Hallmark has set a whole new benchmark for the greeting card industry through the quality of their cards and ornaments in terms of messages conveyed and relationships strengthened. They believe in originality and the ability to establish lasting bonds and these are the traits they look for in their employees too.

Being part of the larger community is also very important to the company, for this reason they are involved in many activities that give back to the local community in which they operate. They are part of fund raising events, make cash contributions, donate goods and carry out volunteering activities amongst many others.

Not only are they mindful of their part in the overall functioning of the society in which they operate, but they also take good care of their employees. In addition to competitive pay rates, and the opportunity to have aspiring Hallmark careers they offer vacation pay, health and dental coverage, education assistance and discounted rates for car insurance and mortgages just to name a few.

Hallmark Careers

Working at Hallmark means being part of an organization that is truly interested in the development of its employees. As a growing organization Hallmark jobs offer many opportunities in various departments and locations for both full and part time jobs. A printable Hallmark application can be downloaded from their website. You can also see how to apply for Hallmark online and view all job opportunities on the company website.

The main departments in which you can apply for jobs at Hallmark are sales, finance, I.T. or marketing based on your unique skills and interests. Some of the current openings are as Product Analyst, Recruiter, Marketing Art Director, Category Planning Manager, Accounts Payable Team leader, Retail Associate Merchandise Manager, Digital Analytics Manager and Maintenance Specialist Electrician. The company also offers internship programs for students.

How old do you have to be to work at Hallmark?

You have to be at least 18 years old to apply for Hallmark jobs and be eligible for employment. However each job has its own particular experience and skill requirements that you have to be aware of before you download application form or make a direct application.

An opportunity at Hallmark holds many benefits not only in terms of career growth and personal development but also the added benefits that employees are offered, some of which are medical and dental, education assistance, paid leave, life insurance, pension plans and flexible work hours amongst many others. You can access the printable application for Hallmark on the company website or apply online.

Hallmark Job Descriptions

Category Planning Manager – This is an experienced position requiring experience in leading multiple projects. If you are someone who has worked in a fast paced environment and dealt with both internal and external teams then you may be the right person for this position. Strong analytical skills and the ability to work under strict deadlines are essential for this position. You can expect to earn over $65000 per year in this position.

Product Analyst – In this role your responsibilities would be to gather and understand data from customers and users about the various products to assess what strategies and activities would help improve the company’s overall profitability. It is essential for you to have a minimum of at least 1 year experience in product management with strong analytical and quantitative skills. The annual salary for this position is expected to be about $67000.

Recruiter – As a recruiter it would be your job to hire employees for the company at various levels starting from fresh graduates to mid management. You would be interacting with various department managers and heads to determine hiring guidelines and setting remuneration packages. If you are adept at interacting with many various kinds of people and personality types then this may be your opportunity to be part of Hallmark. In this position you can expect to make about $45000 per year.

Customer Support Services Specialist – In this position you would be responsible for answering all customer queries and concerns regarding orders and other product related information. This job requires you to be flexible with regards to work timings as there are many shifts available from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you are someone who enjoys solving problems and providing solutions this may be the right job for you. In this job you can expect to earn about $37000 per year.

Hallmark Interview Questions

Here are some sample questions that you may expect to be asked on the day of your interview at Hallmark.

What do you know about Hallmark? Make sure you do your homework about the company in as much depth as you can. The employer is really interested in what you know about the company and the industry in which they operate. This shows the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the post you have applied for and aren’t just killing time until you move on to something of more interest.

What can you do for Hallmark? In this question the employer is trying to assess how your past job experiences align with the position you are applying for. At this time it is important for you to highlight past experiences and knowledge and tie it in with the opening you have applied for. Being prepared for such a question before hand would surely get you off to a good start.

What would your previous co workers say about you? Since many jobs at Hallmark require a lot of teamwork it is of utmost significance for the employer to know how effective your past working experiences have been with co workers. At this time quoting instances of how you have interacted with past coworkers and what their opinion of you would be is important. Trying to incorporate both negative and positive traits would help in dealing with such a question.

What is it about you that makes you best suited for this job?  Every position has a certain set of unique skills and characteristics. How your set of skills and knowledge make you suitable for the position is what the employer wants to know. Relating your professional qualifications and skills can help answer such a question in a suitable fashion.

Narrate an instance where you had to go above and beyond to satisfy a customer? Customer is king, is a very important saying is the service world. Satisfying the customer and making them happy is very important to companies all over the world and Hallmark is no exception. The employer is very much interested in how you have in the past demonstrated excellent customer service skills to satisfy customers. Narrating a situation where you were able to demonstrate such skills is the way to go in handling this question.

Advice For Application Process

As is the case for almost everything in life being prepared can definitely improve the success rate for most endeavours, so why not for your job interview. Make sure you are thorough with regard to the Hallmark jobs online applications and review the position fully including specific requirements in terms of skills and education and take time to work on any that may be a bit rusty.

As a greeting cards and gift company, Hallmark takes great pride in its ability to create products that stand out from the crowd by being unique and special. As a prospective employee you too need to present yourself in a manner that separates you from the crowd in terms of character and appearance, therefore it is important to focus on being yourself but in a professional manner.

Make sure you fill the free application thoroughly and without error as this would speak volumes about you on the day of the interview. Before the big day go over the copy of the application or resume and make sure you have something intelligent to talk about for everything mentioned on it and are able to tie it to past qualifications and skills.

Get a good sleep the night before and allow yourself plenty of time to find and reach the venue of the interview on time. During the interview stay focused and after it be positive and move on with your life no matter what the outcome is.

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