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In 1947, an in-home demonstration company was founded by Mitchell Cinadar and Saul Charles. Popular Club Plan, as the company was called, would demonstrate low-priced women’s fashions.  Now under the name of J. Crew, the company focuses on chic fashion for men, women, and children.  They are constantly on the lookout for people who can give excellent customer service.  There is a link to search for J. Crew jobs near the bottom of this page so you can fill out a J. Crew application.

Popular Club Plan moved to catalog sales under the name of J. Crew in January of 1983 and opened its first retail store in March of 1989.  Each year the company distributes more than 80 million catalogs.  They now have 127 retail and factory outlets in the U.S and 76 locations in Japan.  The company’s Headquarters are currently located in New York City, NY.

One of J. Crew core values is giving back to the community.  They are involved in several different organizations such as Teach for America, DonorsChoose.org, and Garments for Good.  Other charitable organizations include the Salvation Army and Ronald McDonald House.

The company looks for people who are ambitious, driven, honest, and those who don’t overplay their qualifications.  How to apply for J. Crew online is easy.  You can find the link listed under Job Links, search for the position that you are most interested in, and fill out the J. Crew jobs application online.

J. Crew Careers

There are many J. Crew jobs available in several departments such as in store, at the call center, the distribution center and at the corporate level.  In store positions include sales associate, Key holder, Associate Manager, and Store Director.  The company offers industry average wages along with associate discounts on items within the store.  Other J. Crew careers are located in the call center with positions such as Loss Prevention Representative, Email/Chat Associate, and Client Specialist.

They also have distribution center jobs available for Sr. Application Engineer, Human Resources Generalist, Data Center Representative, and Distribution Center Operations Manager.  If you want to work in the corporate office, there are other J. Crew jobs online available.  Those positions include Associate Technical Designer, Supply Chain Analyst, Merchandise Planner, and Project Manager.

How old do you have to be to work at J. Crew?

Though the minimum age requirement is 16 years old, the company does not typically hire those under the age of 18 years old.

  1. Crew offers a great benefits package for full-time eligible associates. Some benefits that are included are medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401k, life insurance, tuition assistance, and paid time off for vacation and sick days.

There is no printable application for J. Crew available for download so if you want to go the old fashion way of filling out a J. Crew application by hand, operating hours vary by location and you will want to call your local store.  Otherwise, you can apply for jobs at J. Crew online.

J. Crew Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – Responsibilities include providing excellent customer service by learning product knowledge, acting in the best interest of the customer and projecting a helpful and warm demeanor.  Other duties include maintaining store standards in cleanliness, presentation, and organization as well as minimizing potential inventory loss by following the company policies and procedures.

Key holder– The Key holder is responsible for the supervision of the floor associates by providing timely and constructive feedback, training the team on the company standards, and participating in store meetings, management meetings and business partner visits.  Other duties include providing exceptional customer service by going above and beyond the customer’s expected service.

Associate Manager – The main responsibility of the Associate Manager is to assist the Store Director in the daily operations of the store including inventory, payroll, training, and maintaining store appearance.  Other responsibilities include delivering performance counseling, recruiting and retaining team members, fostering teamwork, and adapting leadership style in accordance with the audience.

Store Director – The Store Director is responsible for the operation of the store in all of its aspects including making or beating sales and profitability goals, ensuring that customer service goals are met, and being accountable for controllable costs such as labor, cash, and inventory.  The Store Director is also responsible for communicating effectively with team members and clientele, seeking creative solutions for challenges, fostering teamwork and developing strategies to drive business.

J. Crew Interview Questions

The following questions are real interview questions for J. Crew and are meant to help prepare you.

Have you ever dealt with a less than ideal customer and how did you handle it?  Answer this question with the three step process; state the problem, what action you took, and how the problem was resolved.

Tell me about a retail or dining experience that you felt was exceptional and why?  Be specific in your answer.  Take an experience as a consumer; describe what made the service outstanding, and how it made you feel.

What was something your last superior told you that you could improve on?  Don’t just state what you could improve on, but also how you reacted to the conversation and what steps you took to improve yourself.

Do you often shop at here?  This can be an uncomfortable question.  If you never have shopped at J. Crew, then be prepared to answer why you want to work there.

How would you foresee yourself spending your downtime?  There is a saying in the retail and restaurant industry.  If you have time to lean, then you have time to clean.  In the retail business, you also have time to organize, face the merchandize, and do whatever is needed in the store.

Advice for Application Process

Don’t use a manufactured resume when preparing your resume before submitting your application.  This particular company wants to see honesty and creativity on your resume so make it fit your personal style without being too outlandish.  Make sure that your resume and your application are in synch and the application has been completely filled out.

Before the interview, research the company and create some questions to ask the hiring manager such as career growth and how the interviewer came to be in the position that he or she is in.  You want to be prepared by having the addresses and phone numbers of your previous employers along with your references.

If you can, dress for the interview in clothes that you bought from J. Crew; otherwise, dress in business casual attire.  During your interview, make sure to tie your interview answers to your past experience by giving specific examples.  Don’t overstate your qualifications and be honest.  To show the interviewer that you are honest, open, and professional, keep eye contact, hold a good posture and smile.

At the end of the interview, be gracious and show gratitude.  Don’t forget to ask what the turn-around time is before you should hear from the hiring manager.  If you haven’t heard anything within the stated timeframe, don’t be afraid to call and follow up.

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