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La Senza Corporation is a Canadian clothing company which specializes in intimate apparel. It is owned and operated by L Brands, and is based in Dorval, Quebec.

The company was founded in 1990 to offer lingerie and nightwear. Currently, the brand also offers loungewear and accessories. It also offers theoccasional gift sets.

The company now has over 300 stores and franchises around the globe. It has presence in more than 20 countries, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and India.

Health and wellness benefits include medical and dental coverage, and insurance plans. Employee assistance and dependent care programs are also available. The company also offers a retirement plan.

Employees enjoy lifestyle benefits like child care discounts, merchandise discounts, and home and auto insurance plans. Eligible employees benefit from parental leave days and paid vacation days.

How old do you have to be to work at La Senza?

Candidates must be at least 18 years old to work at La Senza. Candidates must also possess the training and educational background necessary for the position. 

La Senza Careers

Sales Associates:Responsible for processing customer transactions and addressing concerns. They develop customer loyalty. They re-stock displays, ensure proper product pricing, and maintain an organized stock room.

Sales Specialists:Tasked to meet and exceed individual selling goals. They are expected to drive sales and provide excellent customer service. They are also responsible for strengthening customer relationships.

Sales Support Representatives:Tasked with selling, cashiering, and processing roles. They handle point of sale transactions and other customer concerns. They are also responsible for replenishing merchandise on display.

Selling Supervisors: Execute strategies to promote store sales. They process customer transactions and strives to drive sales growth. They also train new associates in sales and similar operations.

Design positions are also available at the company. Management positions like Co-Manager and Store Manager are also common. The company also has positions for career areas in accounting, distribution operations, and human resources.

La Senza Application

Applicants are encouraged to create an online profile for faster processing. They are urged to apply to all positions which match their strengths and abilities.

Online applications are preferred by the company. The online application process helps the company review applicant profiles and qualifications. The online system also retains the applicant’s resume in case of future opportunities.

The application must be accurately and honestly answered. It must be straight to the point and emphasize the applicant’s strong points. As much as possible, all fields must be filled out.

The resume shall contain a detailed list of a person’s academic history and employment records. It must be organized yet creative. It may also list down the applicant’s qualifications and the necessary licenses, certificates and permits.

The interview shall revolve around the candidate’s personal background and previous job experiences. The candidate must display passion and interest in the position. Certain positions also require skills assessment tests.

Things To Know About La Senza

The brand promotes creativity and passion in the workplace. It continues to inspire employees to contribute to the company’s objectives. Teamwork is a strong foundation for the company.

La Senzais a fast-growing fashion brand. It has recently launched labels which aims to attract teenagers and university students. It also has labels for active wear.

The brand is best known for its eye-catching and suggestive lingerie. It is also noted for offering one of the most convenient online ordering and shipping systems.

La Senza, through the L Brands Foundation, supports charitable causes to improve education and community development. It also prides itself in being an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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