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Lenny’s Sub Shop Application Online


Lenny’s Sub Shop is a restaurant, which primarily offers Philadelphia-style cheesesteaks and sub-sandwiches. Other food choices offered include salads, chips, cookies and kids meals. Lenny’s also offers catering and franchising opportunities.

The company was founded in 1998 by Len and Shelia Moore. The first Lenny’s Sub Shop was opened in Bartlett, Tennessee. It is now based in Memphis, and one of the biggest food franchises in the south-eastern United States.

Lenny’s Sub Shop opened for franchising in 2001. The company now has about 150 stores in the United States, with its busiest location at the Memphis International Airport.

Employees enjoy competitive compensation packages. The company also offers flexible working hours and meal discounts. Retirement and insurance benefits are also available for certain positions.

People love working at Lenny’s because of its professional and fun work environment. The company regularly evaluates employee performances, resulting to fast career growth and salary raises.

How Old Do you have to be to Work at Lenny’s Sub Shop?

The company allows the legal working age for entry level positions. Age requirements for other positions depend on the discretion of every franchisee.

Lenny’s Sub Shop Careers

Greeters – They are at the front lines of the restaurant. They are responsible for explaining menu items, taking orders and relaying orders to the kitchen. They ensure that guests enjoy their dining experience.

Cooks – in charge of preparing the food. They ensure that all orders are prepared as to guest’s specific requests. They are responsible for the cleanliness and organization of the kitchen.

Sandwich Dressers – guide customers in food preparation. They are tasked to take orders and ensure portion control of toppings. They maintain the cleanliness of the sandwich line.

Marketing Representatives – responsible for brand promotion. They conduct marketing campaigns through food sampling and coupon distribution. They also develop marketing plans and maintain good public relations.

Other entry level positions in Lenny’s Sub Shops are slicers, cashiers, and delivery drivers. Shift leaders, assistant managers and general managers are responsible for supervising staff members and all shop operations.

Lenny’s Sub Shop Application

Candidates apply by submitting a resume or a completed application form. Each Lenny’s Sub Shop franchisee requires different application requirements. It is best to know and prepare the specific requirements before applying.

Interested applicants may apply through an online application form or by submitting their resume in store. Those who wish to apply to multiple locations or corporate positions may also apply through mail.

The application form will contain all personal information to help the company determine the applicant’s qualifications. It must state the position applied for and his weekly availability schedule.

The resume will help the company assess the applicant’s skills and credibility. The resume should contain his educational background and training history. It may also contain a list of previous job experiences.

Researching about company policies and objectives will help during application. Candidates must remain calm and answer the questions responsively. They must exude enthusiasm and a cheerful attitude.

Things to Know About Lenny’s Sub Shop

The company has a friendly atmosphere for workers. It looks for the special “Lenny’s Personality” in each applicant. It believes that food must be served with a smile, and friendly employees make eating more enjoyable.

The company also believes that “Everybody Deserves Great Food”. It makes sure that they only use freshly baked breads for their sandwiches. It hand-sliced quality deli meat for their cheesesteaks.

The company is best known for their “World’s Best Philly Cheesesteaks” and deli sandwiches. Lenny’s is also known for its variety of fresh toppings and salad choices.

The social responsibility of Lenny’s Sub Shop focuses on valuing nutrition. It shares nutritional information for each ingredient in every meal, thereby helping guests keep track of their intake.

Application Links

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