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McMaster-Carr Supply Company is a family and privately owned company that supplies commercial and industrial facilities globally. The supplier is known for its Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) delivery scheme for supplies and materials.

The company was founded in 1901 and initially based its headquarters in Elmhurst, Illinois. At present, the company’s President is James A. Delaney III.

The supplier is known for delivering materials not only in United States, but other countries as well. In 2015, it was recognized as one of the top B2B vendors in America under multiple categories via VendOp survey.

Apart from a motivating environment and diversity of staff with McMaster-Carr, you will also get a broad range of benefits. The company offers a competitive salary, profit sharing, company-paid medical, 100% tuition reimbursement, and life insurance.

People work in the company for it develops enthusiasm of employees into growth. Whether it is formal training or actual operations, members of the organization are encouraged to learn continually.

How old do you have to be to work at McMaster-Carr?

The minimum age requirement to work at the company is 18 years old. The company is looking for new people that could bring modernization in the company.

McMaster-Carr Careers

Customer Support Specialist: The responsibilities of this job include communicating with customers about products and services. In addition, the specialist has to respond to complaints, provide technical support, and guide customers.

Warehouse Specialist: The main duties of a Warehouse Specialist include organizing storage areas, overseeing shipping and receiving areas, and monitoring inventories.  The specialist must also be capable of managing multiple projects and meeting physical requirements.

Publisher: Main duties of a Publisher are to repair operation materials, maintain equipment, and perform writing tasks. Technical copywriting, photo editing, and using software applications are also required.

Information Systems Specialist: The specialist will be tasked to identify client requirements, collect relevant data, and organize information. Solving problems, generating reports, and contributing to project accomplishment are also needed.

Other common positions available at McMaster-Carr are Purchasing Associate, Merchandiser, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, and Financial Analyst.

McMaster-Carr Application

You could apply at McMaster-Carr by sending your application via e-mail. The company also provided an online form for interested applicants that prefer submitting resumes via web. If you favor physical copy submission, you may send your resume to its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

There is an online application system that will allow you to build a resume online. The company designed a simple and straightforward resume-building form that you could use to apply for vacancies.

Fill out the application form as honestly as possible. Before you submit the information, make sure your input is accurate. Remember, the company will depend on your data in either considering you for employment or not.

If you decided to send a separate resume, format it in a way that informs managers right away. Make it very easy to read or clear. Besides previous jobs, emphasize your accomplishments in the field as well.

Prepare for the interview by reviewing the information you submitted to the company. Concentrate on how you could contribute to the company, which is a common query in interviews.

Things to Know About McMaster-Carr

McMaster-Carr is a company focusing on diversity in order to create more effective industrial and commercial services. Apart from its different business segments, it also opens its team for enthusiastic associates of various specialties.

The company launched its McMaster App in May 2013 for iPad users. Alternatively, in March 2014, it unveiled an equivalent app for Android tablets.

The industrial and commercial materials supplier has over 555,000 products in its catalog. Its items range from electrical, mechanical, utility, and plumbing products.

Though handling tons of businesses, it also participates in providing donations to charities. It is a current Double the Donation associate by providing gift programs for every donation.

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