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Michael Kors is a company known for products including accessories, footwear, watches, jewelry, men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, eyewear and a full line of fragrance products.  There are a wide range of Michael Kors jobs available through the link located near the bottom.  Search for jobs and fill out the Michael Kors application.

Though Michael Kors started his womenswear line in 1981 and his menswear line in 2002, he didn’t make his name into a company which opened in 2006.  From the day of the grand opening until 2011, the company experienced rapid growth and went public in December of 2012.  As of March 2014, the company has 288 stores in the US and 117 stores internationally with the Headquarters located in New York, NY.

Michael Kors is a longtime supporter of God’s Love We Deliver; he has worked with the New York-based organization to help distribute meals to people with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses.  Since 2013, the company has also supported the United Nations World Food Program and has delivered 10 million meals to hungry children across the world.

The company looks for employees who have creativity and integrity.  If this sounds like you than go online and search for Michael Kors jobs.  How to apply for Michael Kors online?  Simply follow the link located under the Job Links, find the position that you are interested in and fill out a Michael Kors application.

Michael Kors Careers

There are many available Michael Kors jobs online.  Some of the current positions in the store are sales associate, stock associate, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, and much more.  Entry level wage is industry standard; which is between $8.00 and $9.00 per hour.

Other Michael Kors careers are available at the corporate office.  Position at this level include, but are not limited to Allocator, Internship, Visual Coordinator, Human Resources IT Business Analyst, and many others.  Competitive salary starts at $25,000 for entry level corporate positions with a median salary of $75,000.

How old do you have to be to work at Michael Kors?

You must be at least 18 years of age or older to apply for Michael Kors jobs.

The company offers a comprehensive benefits package for eligible employees.  Some of those benefits include medical, dental, vision, 401k, paid sick leave, paid holidays, paid vacation and employee discount.

There is not a printable application for Michael Kors available so you will want to go into your local store and submit a direct application.  Most stores are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm and Sundays from 10:00 am to 7:00pm, but hours do vary slightly from location to location.

Michael Kors Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – The main responsibility of this position is to ensure the highest level of customer service, achieve sales goals, and complying with company policies and procedures.  Other responsibilities include maintaining knowledge in the fashion industry and market trends, build and maintain clientele, resolve all customer issues quickly and effectively, and participate in inventories.

Stock Associate – The Stock Associate is responsible for assisting in the maintenance of inventory in the stockroom, participate in inventories, properly execute all register function and participate in any relevant training and development programs.

Assistant Store Manager – The responsibilities in this role are the management of the operations of the store including sales, customer service, administration, and merchandising.  Other duties include assuming leadership in the absence of the Store Manager, being accountable for controllable costs of the store such as labor and cash, and assist in the recruitment, training and development of the staff.

Store Manager – The Store Manager is responsible for the overall management of the store including driving team members to achieve sale goals, analyzing sales data to determine the needs of the business, and supporting the development of staff.  Other responsibilities include ensuring the sales team provides the highest quality of customer service, managing clientele database, meet inventory accuracy and shrink requirements, and continually evaluate the performance of each team member and coaching.

Michael Kors Interview Questions

The following interview questions are a mixture of questions taken from actual Michael Kors candidates and those that are typical for a retail position.

Can you name two of your favorite designers?  This question is to test your knowledge of what is trending in the fashion world.  To show your knowledge of the different designers, not only name two of your favorites, but also why they are your favorites.

Where do you like to shop?  This gives the hiring manager a sense of what your style is and will determine if your style matches that of the company.

Where do you see yourself in five years?  The interviewer does NOT want to know about your ideal dreams for your future.  What they are really asking is where you see yourself within the company in five years.

What other careers have you applied for?  This question allows the hiring manager to analyze if you are applying for the position because you want a job or because you have a passion for the fashion industry.

What did you like least about your last job?  Be very careful when answering this question and keep things in a positive light.

Advice for Application Process

Research the company and current fashion trends before the interview.  Think about what type of interview questions that they may ask and come up with a few questions to ask the hiring manager.  Make sure that your resume is current and that the application matches the resume.

On the day of the interview, dress professionally but with style.  If you must wear cologne or perfume, do so very sparingly.  Men should be clean shaven and women should wear natural makeup with minimal jewelry.  All candidates should have their hair styled and out of their face.  Go to the interview prepared with your personal identification, resume, addresses and phone numbers of previous employers, and a notepad with pen.

Make sure you smile, have good posture, and keep eye contact with the interviewer.  Keep your answers honest and use your previous work history for most examples.  Give specific examples that show off your personality, charisma, and integrity.

At the conclusion of the interview, thank the hiring manager for his or her time and consideration.  Ensure that the interviewer knows your sincere interest by asking for a timeframe of when you should expect to hear a response from them.  If you have not been contacted within the timeframe stated, take the initiative and call them.

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