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Murphy USA

The core beliefs of this company are integrity, respect, community, and spirit.  They have over 9,400 employees nationwide.  Find the link located below to start your search of Murphy USA jobs.  Once you have found a position that you like, fill out the Murphy USA application.

The company opened in 1996 as a subsidiary of Murphy Oil and in 2013, Murphy USA became a standalone company breaking away from Murphy Oil.  Most stores are located in front of Walmart which helps the company to grow.  Currently, there are more than 1,200 gas stations/convenience stores in 23 U.S. states that serve approximately 1.6 million customers a day.  The Headquarters are located in El Dorado, Arkansas.

They have made an environmental pledge to never handle the products in a reckless manner or tolerate those who might.  The company has ongoing research to find and use sustainable energy.  Not only do they care about the environment, but they also care about the communities where they are located.

The company sponsors youth league sports teams, fosters education, and donates to organizations that share their mission.  They pride themselves are meeting community needs when natural disasters strike and inspire their associates to volunteer for charitable organizations.

Murphy USA drives to have a positive and productive work environment.  They offer competitive pay and benefits, as well as the opportunity to advance within the company.  How to apply for Murphy USA online is easy; simply begin your search of Murphy jobs by clicking on one of the links provided.  There are both store opportunities and corporate careers available.  Choose your career path and submit your Murphy USA application.

Murphy USA Careers

The company is hiring for many employment positions within the store.  Those positions include Cashier, Assistant Manager, General Manager, and District Manager.  Entry level jobs are paid a bit above minimum wage and benefits are available to all.

There are also several Murphy USA careers available within the Headquarters.  These corporate jobs include Business Systems Administrator, Recruiter, Customer Experience Analyst, and Manager of Strategy and Planning.  These positions require at least a four year degree and two years of experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.  They offer a very competitive yearly salary.

How old do you have to be to work at Murphy USA?

The minimum age that you must be to work for this company is 18 years old.

The company offers benefits for all levels of employment.  For cashiers and Assistant Managers the benefits include medical and life insurance, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and profit sharing to prepare for retirement.  The benefits become more comprehensive the more your career grows.  For General Management levels and above, the package includes medical, dental, vision and Flexible Spending Accounts.  They also offer two weeks paid vacation, retirement benefits, and Murphy USA Savings Plan with a company match of up to 6%.

There is not a printable application for Murphy USA available to download.  However, you can go to your local store if you wish to turn in a direct application.  Some stores are open 24 hours a day, but hours do vary by location.  Or you can search Murphy USA jobs online.

Murphy USA Job Description

Cashier – The responsibilities of the Cashier include providing excellent customer service by being prompt, efficient and courteous, responding to customer requests, and resolving customer issues.  Other duties include assisting customers with purchases and fuel transactions and restocking merchandise.

Assistant Manager – The Assistant Manager will assist the Cashier in all duties and support the General Manager in all store operations.  Other responsibilities include helping to exceed the store’s performance by leading the team to excellence.

General Manager – The General Manager responsibilities include recruiting, training, and developing team members, conducting performance reviews and wage increases, managing the overall store operations including maintaining controllable costs and risks, resolving customer challenges in a timely and professional manner, and overseeing ordering and inventory of merchandise.

District Manager – This role is responsible for overseeing multiple units.  Through training, the District Manager will learn the critical skills necessary.  The first phase of the training is a five week phase where you will learn the store operations.  The second phase lasts 12 – 18 months of learning how to manage an individual location, as well as management and interpersonal skills.  Upon completion, you will travel to the corporate Headquarters for specialized training.  The last phase is completed in four week where you will go through intensive training, shadowing an experienced District Manager.

Murphy USA Interview Questions

The following questions are those that are typically asked in the retail industry and are meant to assist you.

If another employee had a list of things that needed to be done, what would you do?  This question is asked to determine what your idea of team work is.  The recruiter wants to know if you will let the other employee complete the list by him or herself, or if you are going to help.

Can you describe yourself in five words?  This is a perfect time to tell the hiring manager what your strengths are.  Some examples include tenacious, honest, truthful, outgoing, detail oriented, charismatic, a leader, a follower, passionate, determined, etc.

What is your outlook on attendance and why?  The way to answer this question is by being honest.  Most people will answer that you should always arrive to work on time, which is a good answer if you know the why.  If you can’t answer why you should be on time to work, then the interviewer will know that you don’t truly believe it.

What are your core values or beliefs?  This is to determine if your values follow that of the company.  If they do not, then most likely, you will not be considered a good fit.

Advice for Application Process

When you have completed your application, you will be given some assessment tests that will cover your personality traits, your honesty, and your math skills.  Keep this in mind before you start your application so you can leave yourself enough time to complete all tests.  Update your resume to match your application, highlighting your skills for the position that you are applying for.

Once you have an interview set, there are a few things that you should do beforehand.  Research the company and make a list of questions to ask that steer away from what the company can do for you.  Instead, have the questions centered on career growth and the company’s values.  Print a copy of your resume to take with you and choose a professional attire to wear.

Convey a sense of confidence and friendliness during the interview by shaking hands, smiling, and making eye contact.  Ensure all distractions have been avoided by turning off electronic devices.  Try to use past work experience in your examples when answering questions.  Make sure that you are clear and concise when speaking.  Don’t forget to ask the questions that you have gathered before the end of the interview.  At the conclusion, show your gratitude towards the recruiter and follow up within a week’s time.

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