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Nautica is a clothing and apparel business that operates in the United States. The company manufactures and sells apparel and accessories for men, women, and children.

David Chu founded the company in 1983. A year later, State-o-Maine bought the company and changed the name into its name known today, Nautica. Currently, VF Corporation owns the company.

Throughout its years of existence, it continues to be popular, especially among outdoor sports enthusiasts due to its high-quality products. It operates in more than 70 countries.

The company offers standard benefit packages to its employees. These benefits include comprehensive insurance coverage, retirement plans, and holiday pays. It also provides employee discounts on its products.

People like working in Nautica because of the many opportunities that it offers to employees. Aside from the company benefits, employees enjoy a good working environment that makes them at ease with their jobs.

How old do you have to be to work at Nautica?

The minimum age requirement is 18 years old. Most positions are full time. Hiring requirements may differ by location. Thus, spare some time to ask about specific requirements with the branch in which you plan to apply.

Nautica Careers

Sales Associates: They handle sales transactions and offer promotional products to customers. Sales associates must have basic mathematical skills since they handle cash and credit card transactions.

Assistant Buyers: They ensure that distribution centers meet the sales quota. Assistant buyers make plans and perform forecasting for the distribution department they handle. They monitor the inventories of the distribution center and ensure deliveries are timely.

Creative Production Coordinators: This position requires extensive knowledge of marketing and media communications. Coordinators handle information dissemination between the marketing team and other departments. They monitor and maintain the digital assets such as blogs and websites.

Sales Team Leaders: This position requires strong leadership skills and marketing knowledge. They are responsible in driving the sales team to achieve quotas. Team leaders mentor associates and request the manager for training for sales associates, if necessary.

Other positions may include, store manager, assistant store manager, senior retail analyst, and graphic designer. In the corporate level, financial and accounting assistant and manager, HR assistant and manager and other supervisory or managerial positions may be available.

Nautica Application 

You may apply by creating an online profile with the company. Note that the Nautica site redirects you to a separate job search portal under the parent company’s official website. Through that, you can start sending an application.

Online and offline applications are available. For offline applications, call the specific office you are planning to apply in for specific instructions on how to proceed. Some offices may also require you to send resumes through their email portal.

If you are applying through the online portal, ensure that your application form is complete yet concise. In the summary section, include job and skills related to fashion and clothing industry. Alternatively, enumerate previous jobs with sales experience.

A resume provides details of the application you sent through email. Thus, be comprehensive in making your resume. Make sure that the job experiences and educational attainment match your online application.

In attending a scheduled interview, you may dress fashionably but professionally. Through your wardrobe, make a statement and stand out. However, do not wear skimpy skirts (for women interviewees) to avoid discomfort during the interview.

Facts about Nautica

The company believes in equal opportunity and embraces diversity in hiring its employees. It upholds and continues to bring excellent products and services to millions of consumers.

In line with its corporate efforts in creating a sustainable environment, the company recently joined a project that aims to raise awareness among corporations. Through this initiative, it supports the worldwide campaign of creating water sustainability practices.

The company is known for its adherence to social responsibility and maintaining sustainable business relationships. It is strict in complying with government regulations concerning the manufacture of its products.

It sticks to its advocacy in preserving the accessibility of water resources to the community. Through proper waste management and reduction of GHG emissions, it helps in the preservation of nature.

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