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New York & Company

Fashion for the working woman has taken a great turn for the best and is now a great industry. New York & Company provides different wear to work outfits that are both modern and professional.  The New York & Company application is necessary to get a job with this amazing fashion leader. If you want to be a part of this growing company, apply online now.

It all started in 1918 as Lerner Shops in New York.  By 1992, their name changed to Lerner New York later changing it to New York & Company.  In 2004 they were traded and went public.  Their company caters to the professional and working woman allowing her to go to work feeling powerful and beautiful.  They carefully select outfits and collections that work well in any type of office environment.

Featuring blouses, skirts, all fit pants, and suites, the women that shop at New York & Company know that they are getting high quality clothing with their comfort and needs in mind. All women that shop there always leave feeling attractive and powerful.  Each collection is made different and in order to tailor to the different styles of working women that are out there.

With over 500 retail stores all over the United States and Puerto Rico, New York & Company has been able to provide jobs for people who love fashion.  New York & Company also understands how important it is to care for their associates so New York & Company jobs all come with great career growth opportunities.  They promote from within and train each associate with all they need in order to be successful.

New York & Company Careers

Dedication and passion for the fashion community is a required asset to be able to be a part of New York & Company careers.  Headquartered in New York, the possibilities are endless for job hopefuls that have initiative and share the same values this company has.  Job opportunities are available in all of their 500 stores all over the U.S. in part time, full time, and seasonal positions.

Retail jobs are diverse per department and level of service.  At entry level, candidates can start as a customer service representative and merchandiser.  As talents flourish, internal promotions to managerial positions are always happening.  There are plenty of cross departmental promotions that allow associates to take the paths they desire to grow their careers in the fashion industry.

Corporate positions are just as important as they are the ones that make things happen in the back end.  Account managers, project managers, e-commerce managers, social media and internet marketing coordinators, and other valuable positions, are the ones that put the whole picture together.  Associates wishing to move up into any of these positions are considered over new candidates.  However, new talent is always welcomed.

Medical insurance, company paid life and disability insurance, retirement plans, time off, discounted merchandise, and more, are some of the benefits available for each associate.

How old do you have to be to work at New York & Company?

You must be at least 16 years old to be considered for a position at New York & Company.  Their stores are normally open from 10 am to 9 pm. These times will vary from location to location.

New York & Company Job Descriptions

Sales Associate- As a sales associate, you work closely with clients to develop a wardrobe appropriate for their work environment.  Maintains positive and engaging relationships to ensure returning customers.  Sets up fitting rooms and assists at check out.  Their starting salary is around $9-$12 per hour.

Assistant Manager- AMs work closely with the sales associates and store managers to ensure the complete experience of the customer is positive and sales goals are met while keeping the customer’s needs in mind.  They assist with merchandising and check outs if needed.  They make an average salary of $10-$12 an hour.

Store Manager- They work to motivate and train the staff in order to provide the best customer experience possible.  They carefully accept merchandise and delegate placement and sales signs.  Works to maintain sales goals.  Their annual salary starts at $35k.

Account Manager- They acquire new accounts through businesses and maintain current account relationships.  Select collections and styles and assign as per company policies.  They make an average of $37k per year.

Cashier- Works with clients at checkout ensuring they have found what they were looking for and offering new sales and promotions.  Receives proper forms of payment and processes returns and exchanges.  They make an hourly wage of $9-$12.

New York & Company Interview Questions

All New York & Company jobs will require a complete free application form and an interview where the below interview questions may be asked.

Do you shop or have you ever shopped at New York & Company before? Having purchased their clothing before will help them see that you are interested in their company and share the same love for their collections.

Who are your favorite fashion designers? Having some type of knowledge about fashion designers will show them that you are a good candidate for their store since it all revolves around fashion.

Explain a time you went above and beyond for a customer. Going above and beyond for a customer is something that is highly praised in any type of business.  Explain briefly a time where you personally felt like you went above and beyond and the outcome of the situation.

Do you see yourself growing with the company? Their company values their employees so much that they always offer internal promotions to their best employees.  Wanting to grow with them demonstrates the dedication you will have to your work.

What would be a positive retail experience for you? This is a perfect time to explain to them what it means to you personally to have a great retail experience.  Tell them what you look for when you go shopping.

Advice for Application Process

There are some locations that do not accept online applications.  You must find the link to the printable application for New York & Company after you submit your jobs search and download application form.  The printable application form is the same as the application given to you if you go to the local store in person.  Once you do a job search, depending on your zip code, it will tell you how to apply for New York & Company online or if you need to go to the store directly.

There are specific locations that are accepting the New York & Company application online.  It may be easier to apply for jobs at New York & Company by going to the local store. New York & Company jobs online may be available to look at if you are in specific locations like in New York City.  When you go into the store to apply, be sure to bring a resume with you and the completed application.

Most stores do the hiring during busy seasons like during fall or spring.  It is helpful to look around for signs within the stores or on their social media platforms to see if they are hiring.  Also, review the job descriptions written above and decide which one you want to apply to.  Dress to impress even when you go get the free application form and especially for your interview.

The interview process will consist of the hiring manager asking you relevant questions regarding your previous work history and future plans for your career.  Approach the interview with plenty of knowledge of the products they sell and where you want to see yourself in the future with them.  A confident personality will go a long way in impressing them.

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