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Phillips 66 is a company that processes, stores, transports, and markets petrochemicals, natural gas liquids, aviation fuels, lubricants, and motor fuels.Its servicesinclude oil refining and gas service stations.The company has headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA.

Originally Phillips Petroleum Company, it was founded in 1917 by brothers Lee Eldas and Franks Phillips. It was initially set up in Oklahoma. Its first gas station opened in Texas in 1927.

Today, Phillips 66 has 14,000 employees. It operates in 65 countries.It maintains 14oil refineries, 18,000mi of pipeline, and 7,500 marketing outlets. In the US. Its products are marketed through Conoco and 76. In Europe, its products are distributed through COOP and JET.

The gas company provides a comprehensive benefits package for its employees. Insurance including health, disability, accidental death and dismemberment are offered by the company. Savings plan and paid time off are also included.

Employees love working for the company because it provides career development opportunities. Its vast operations provide a huge room for career growth. The company also promotes a rich, diverse culture that fosters collaboration and a dynamic work environment.

How old do you have to be to work at Phillips 66?

The company is an equal opportunity employer. It accepts all race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and age. However, the minimum age of employees accepted is 18.

Phillips 66 Careers

Customer Service Associate / Cashier: Customer Service Associates or Cashiers are expected to provide excellent service to buyers. As the face of Phillips 66, Cashiers represent the company.

Construction Field Representative:Construction Field Representatives shall work in the midstream operations of the company. They will assist in the transportation, storage of refined oil and other products. A high school diploma is required, though GED equivalent will be accepted.

Production Associate (Operations): Production Associates should be high school graduates or should have equivalent GEDs. Basic computer skills are also required for this job. Being a production associate involves managing equipment that packages finished lubricant products.

Pipeliner (Maintenance): Pipelinerswill be assigned in Phillips 66 Terminals. There, they are expected to work within the midstream processes. Work involved includes repair, testing, preventive maintenance, and calibration of pipelines. High school graduates are accepted.

The gas company also needs a Scheduler for operations. Office positions available include Executive Admin Assistant, Training & Development Team Lead, Network Security Analyst, and Pricing and Data Associate.

Phillips 66 Application

Local applicants can apply in the Phillips 66 headquarters in Texas. Corporate offices in different parts of the US, and overseas, also accept applicants. However, online applications are encouraged.

Aside from physically submitting a resume, an applicant can also send one through the company’s career website (please see link below). LinkedIn profiles are also accepted as a form of application.

When applying, make sure to submit all the necessary requirements the company needs. Be well-informed about the position that is being applied for as well.

When submitting a resume at Phillips 66, make sure that all necessary information are included. However, only add important ones that are relevant to the job being applied for.

For the interview, don’t be late. Dress properly, and bring an extra copy of resume.

Things To Know About Phillips 66

Phillips 66 is known as a provider of top tier gas stations. It offers top tier detergent gasoline. This kind of gasoline is the top choice of high-end automobiles. Automakers requiring top tier gasoline include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.

While customers know the gas station as top tier, employees recognize the same. The company is proud of its commitment to safety. It provides top level safety measures to protect its employees and the community surrounding it.

As part of its commitment to safety, the company supports various community investment and sustainability efforts. It also promotes transparency, accountability, and good governance.

Phillips 66 received lower revenue for 3rd quarter of 2016. That’s compared to last year’s 3rd quarter. However, management is aiming to lessen its capital spending for 2017. This is because the company expects a boost in earnings after several of its project will be completed next year.

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