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Pollo Campero is a restaurant chain, which serves authentic Latin American chicken recipes. It also offers Latin American desserts and Peruvian grilled dishes. Its international headquarters is located Dallas, Texas.

The company was founded by Juan Bautista Gutierrez in 1971. The first restaurant was opened in Guatemala. Even today, it remains to be a family owned business.

The fast food chain now has over 350 restaurants, with a notable presence in the United States, South America, Europe and Asia. Pollo Campero is known as the world’s largest Latin chicken chain.

Basic employee benefits include meal discounts and an updated salary package. Higher positions enjoy benefits like paid vacation and sick days, health coverage, retirement benefits and insurance packages.

Teamwork is one of the company’s biggest strengths. The restaurant’s dynamic personnel makes working with it enjoyable and memorable. Employees are trained to stay calm even during hectic days.

How Old Do You Have to be to Work at  Pollo Campero?

An applicant must be at least 18 years old to work for Pollo Campero. The minimum working age for its restaurants depends on the country and location.

Pollo Campero Careers

Cashiers – charge of all cash-related transactions. They are responsible for operating the Point of Sale systems and ensuring they give the proper change. They also make sure that the cash is balanced by the day’s end.

Food Servers – ensure that tables are always clean and that guests’ concerns are attended to. They are responsible for carefully but swiftly delivering food. They may also take additional orders and provide quality customer service.

Cooks – responsible for preparing food the Pollo Campero way. They keep an inventory of all ingredients and ensure that these remain fresh. They are charged with organizing and cleaning the kitchen.

Assistant Managers – offer support in supervising the restaurant. They are tasked with training and keeping the staff motivated. They ensure that guests enjoy their meal and offer immediate help in case of concerns.

Other popular job opportunities in the restaurant are kitchen staff, delivery staff, marketing managers and restaurant managers. Corporate positions and finance-related careers are also in demand.

Pollo Campero Application

Applying for a position at Pollo Campero is done by submitting a detailed resume. The resume may be attached in its online form or may be submitted in person through walk in applications.

Online application is available for jobs at the restaurant. Walk in job applications are also accepted in certain franchises. It is best to contact the management first prior to submitting an application.

Pollo Campero’s online application form is brief and only requires the applicant’s basic information. Applicants must fill out all fields, and make sure to read the restaurant’s terms and conditions before proceeding with the application.

The resume must contain the applicant’s qualifications. It must list down his skills, training background and educational attainment. It must also contain his recent job experiences.

It is advisable for applicants to be well-dressed during the interview. They must convince the interviewer that they are perfect for the job. They also need to answer questions politely but confidently. Do not be late for the interview.

Things to Know About Pollo Campello

The Pollo Campello Family prides itself in motivating employees to become passionate workers and fast problem solvers. Employees ensure that customers are satisfied with their overall dining experience.

The restaurant chain has been expanding its presence in the United States with notable locations in New York and Los Angeles. It is one of the fastest growing fast food chains in the world.

Pollo Campello is best known for adding a modern twist to Latin American dishes. They take pride in freshly preparing every meal and ensuring that each customer enjoys a touch of Latin America in every bite.

The restaurant is passionate about serving the community with healthy food. It ensures that the ingredients are fresh, and that the chicken is prepared by hand and cooked to perfection.

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