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Grown from the ground up back in 1922 through its parent company, Golub Corp, Price Chopper has become the leading super market in all of the North East area.  A company that has moved with the times to become not only the best in products but also as an energy conservation master.  Price Chopper employees own 45% of the company’s stock, making the Price Chopper application for employment seem more appealing to people.

They first started with a dairy, lunch room, and warehouse back in 1922 founded by a Russian named Lewis Golub.  He realized that a market was necessary in every community even during the hard times of the deep depression.  Throughout the years the concept grew into a self-serve supermarket concept that has developed into a massive and productive grocery chain.  They are a family owned business that keeps thriving and keeping up with the times.

They serve over 130 stores in the North-East area employing more than 22,000 people.  They operate the most stores in New York and became knowns as Central Market since one of their first self-serve stores was around the corner of Central Park.  They stores now offer not only grocery products, but also organic, scratch pastries, appliances, flowers, a kosher shop, fresh sushi and much more.  Each employee is a valuable part of the team and are given the opportunity to purchase stock options.

Definitely, Price Chopper careers are one of the most rewarding in many ways in not just monetary gain, but also as a family.  The stores are all managed an owned by the Golub family which makes it one of the biggest family owned businesses in the New York and North East area.  Many people are wondering how to apply for Price Chopper online.  There are many ways to apply for jobs at Price Chopper which include to apply online or in person.

Price Chopper Careers

There are so many job opportunities at Price Chopper and many advantages to reach one’s goal careers.  Each career opportunity has a path to success.  With more than 130 stores, there is always a chance to go up to the next level.  There are jobs available in the store, corporate, warehouse, pharmacy, and even internships are available.  Each employee is trained and motivated to grow with the company and help the community.

Because the entire company has been built from the ground up by family, they treat each individual team member as part of their family.  Store cashiers and stockers have grown to be managers and even higher in the corporate ladder.  In the store, you will find many available departments in which you can grow.  There are the cashiers, floral, bakery, deli/food services, general sales, grocery, meat, loss prevention, and much more.

The corporate levels are usually from people currently working at their stores that they promote or people qualified through higher education.  Careers in the corporate field include accountants, advertising and marketing, engineering and construction, human resources, legal, risk management and more.  There are also areas like the pharmacy, warehouse and distribution centers, that also offer you great benefits and opportunities of great success.

The best part of working for Price Chopper is the benefits package offered to all employees.  They all enjoy health insurance such as medical, dental, and vision, a retirement package, tuition reimbursement, stock options, and even a pension account. How old do you have to be to work at Price Chopper? For a person to start working at Price Chopper, you have to be at least 15 years old.  The stores are all opened 24 hours a day and may close early on certain holidays, which vary from store and location.

Price Chopper Job Descriptions

Since Price Chopper is a large supermarket with over 130 stores, each store will have different Price Chopper jobs available depending on locations. When you send in your direct application, you need to first read the job description of the position you apply to.

Bakery- In charge of preparing, mixing, baking, and arranging products by sell by date.  They work with the bakery manager to ensure customers are satisfied and served in a fast and friendly manner.  They operate all baking and cooking equipment while maintaining the level of cleanliness required by the company and state health standards.  Paid hourly at $8.53 an hour.

Cashier/Customer Service- Responsibilities include approaching guest with a smile and friendly demeanor.  Processing each transaction through the electronic scanner accurately while being careful when handling the customer’s products.  They offer bagging and carry out assistance to each guest and process any coupon or rebates the customer may have.  Hourly wage of $8.53 to $13.78.

Store Manager- Store managers are responsible for the overall success of the store.  They implement all company policies to ensure the budgets are met and not exceeded and that all their sales goals are met.  Managers supervise all other department managers and provide assistance when needed.  Basic salary for a manager is between $12 & $23 per hour.

Meat Clerk- Assigned the duties of carving and preparing meats.  They wrap the meats and date them to assure best possible sell by date.  Excellent customer service and sanitation standards are to be followed daily as per company policy.  Meat clerks make about $11.73 per hour.

Deli/Food Services- As a deli clerk, they are in charge of preparing all the in-store ready meals, getting chicken ready for the roaster as well as preparing side dishes.  Always keep a sanitized work station and follow company guidelines on food preparation and customer service.  Their hourly wage is between $9.75 and $13.78.

Price Chopper Interview Questions

Each Price Chopper free application will be received through an online application through the Price Chopper job application online link or in person via a printable application form that has been filled out and the applicant will be called for an interview.

How would you handle an upset customer? A satisfactory shopping experience is what they strive for at this company.  Using a good positive attitude as well as good problem solving skills is the proper answer for this question along with some other details to enhance the answer.

Tell me two weaknesses about yourself. You want to answer this question with a positive quality turned negative like being a perfectionist or working really fast sometimes.  Answering with negative positive qualities will help you look good and humble.

What makes you a good candidate for this position? Reviewing all your major skills in detail that are vital for the position you are seeking is the best answer.  If you are applying for cashier, tell them that you are able to count money fast and administer it well.

Do you have open availability? Their stores are open 24 hours a day so your availability will help them determine what position you are best for and what shifts to give you.  It is understandable if for any particular reason such as school or other major commitments don’t allow you to have an open availability.

Do you have experience working at a supermarket?  A large number of first timer job seekers start with no experience what so ever so not having any experience is not necessarily a bad thing.  However, should you have prior grocery/supermarket experience, do let them know so they may offer you either more pay or a better position.

Advice for Application Process

After you have browsed through the many Price Chopper jobs online and decided on which department of the many Price Chopper careers you want to work in, download application form or get a printable application for Price Chopper and fill it out either online or in paper.  Submission and reviews of applications normally take a couple of days.

Be prepared to attend an interview at the local store you applied to and to answer any of the questions that were discussed previously.  Price Choppers jobs are all available in many locations throughout the North East so making sure you are applying to the one you choose is very important.  The retail and grocery industry is very simple but still requires excellent customer service skills.  When attending your interview, always act professional and friendly.

The printable application form is only required if you went in person to apply for the position.  If you plan on doing that, always carry a few copies of your resume.  The interview process is simple.  They will ask you some general questions pertaining to your employment history as well as some personality and aptitude questions.  You will also be given the opportunity to ask them anything. This is a good time to ask about benefits and advancement opportunities.

It is important to have some knowledge regarding some important facts of the company such as who their owners are and what their core values are.  Showing this type of initiative really shows good intentions and reliability.  Be early and always prepared with a good energy flow and kind personality.  They should offer you a position within the next two days after your interview.  It is okay to follow up with the interviewing managers after a couple of days.

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