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The range of Sam’s Club jobs available is expansive. Operating in over 650 locations across the United States, membership continues to grow rapidly. If you want to start a career with one of the largest warehouse retailers on the globe, a Sam’s Club application is the way forward.

Founded in 1983 by Sam Walton, the company adopts a business model that allows for products to be available to members at higher quality and greater value than anything available elsewhere. This is possible by using careful supplier selection methods, stocking only the most efficient brands. Customers are not just average consumers, but also small and medium-sized businesses.

Mr Walton believed in giving other entrepreneurs the assistance needed to succeed. With wholesale quality merchandise available at unbeatable value, Sam’s Club is the first choice for many small business owners. The company has since expanded to better accommodate the needs of everyday families as their membership base grows.

Still full of the same entrepreneurial spirit, the company prides itself on being a desirable place for employees to work, learn and develop their careers. Innovation is actively encouraged, and staff thrive in a pleasant working environment with exceptional levels of training and opportunities available internally.

Sam’s club benefits from being a part of the Wal-Mart Stores Inc family of companies, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange as WMT. Globally, stores run into the thousands and members into the millions.

Sams’s Club Careers

The retail stores are of some of the largest square footage around. There are frequent requirements for enthusiastic store staff. Customer interaction is high – customers who are often business owners in need of fast and efficient service.

There is a vast corporate division, often sharing resources with other areas of the Wal-Mart group. The job roles available are usually diverse and specific, although all needing creative and innovative candidates to fill them.

How old do you have to be to work at Sam’s Club?

All applicants must be at least 18 years or older at the time they would commence employment. However, some applications from those aged 16 or 17 are permitted for the role of Cart Attendant.

Employees are able to enjoy a wide range of benefits. Pay is very competitive for the sector, but the company is also generous with perks such as insurance, future planning schemes and 401(k) retirement plans. Sam’s Club believes in the development of their staff, who can take advantage of widely acclaimed paid training.

Store opening hours are usually 10:00am to 20:30pm Monday to Saturday, closing at 18:00pm on a Sunday. Shifts can operate around these hours – stores will often carry out stock replenishment activities overnight. Make sure you are sure of your expected hours before you apply for jobs at Sam’s Club.

Sams’s Club Job Descriptions

Stock Associate – This role is crucial to the replenishment of stock and maintaining availability of products. You’ll need to be energetic and unafraid of hands-on working. Usually a part-time position, rates start just above minimum wage but can increase to as much as $11 per hour, depending on experience.

Pharmacy Technician – Do you want to play a key role in the Pharmacy department, helping the company continue to provide superior care and value to consumers? If so, submit a free application for the role of Pharmacy Technician. Salary can start at around $27,000 per annum.

Customer Service Desk – This is probably the most directly customer-facing Sam’s Club jobs. You are polite, friendly and go out of your way to be as helpful as possible. Wages start at around $9 to $11 per hour.

General Manager – You are an experienced retail manager with a track-record in business leadership. You are used to being accountable for profit, loss and have fresh ideas to maintain or increase sales figures whilst upholding the company’s core principles. Base salary can start at around £95k, with target-based bonuses often increasing this to around $120k per annum.

Use the link below to browse available Sam’s Club careers, or for a guide on how to apply for Sam’s Club online.

Sams’s Club Interview Questions

Here are some questions you may be asked in your interview:

What has attracted you to the company? You’ll want to state your interest in internal career progression. Say that you have heard about the quality of the training and personal development programs. Your interviewer wants to know that you have the right motivations.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? It goes without saying that being a Sam’s Club employee should be part of your answer. Depending on the role, explain how you would have liked to have progressed within the company in those 5 years.

How would you expect your first 30 days to go? Show that you are keen to get started, but don’t rush into things. Talk about a period of learning how to fit in – but make it clear that you are easily adaptable. Throw in a deadline for responsibility here and there.

What would you say are the most important qualities in a leader? This question is particularly common in management interviews. Leaders need to be able to coach as well as delegate. Fairness is important, as is the ability to listen and respond well if decisions are challenged.

Do you have any questions? This is a great opportunity to seize the conversation. Try to talk about how other people have progressed through the company. Ask specifics about training schemes or management programs, and come across as if you can’t wait to get started on making a difference.

Advice for Application Process

Follow the link below to the Sam’s Club jobs online page to search available job opportunities in your local area. Remember that Hiring managers aren’t just looking for experience on your resume. They want to find honest, hardworking individuals who aspire to develop a career, working for one of the world’s largest warehouse retail companies.

Sam’s club does not have a ‘download application form’ option. Instead of using a printable application form, you must apply online with a direct application. Your online application will ask a few questions about your past responsibilities or experience in the industry. This process should only take you half an hour, but it is important to be clear and concise for ease of processing.

You won’t have a printable application for Sam’s Club to take with you, but your hiring manager will have a copy of the Sam’s Club application you submitted. Be honest and ensure you are clued-up on the job description. Whatever role you are interested in, dress smartly and try to come across as professional.

Depending on the role, the hiring process can be brief. Applications for entry-level positions may prompt a response via telephone, at which time you may be asked a few more questions or even offered an interview.

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