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Smart and Final was created in Los Angeles, California, in 1871. A new-comer in the grocery industry, the company was founded by partners Herman Hellman, Jacob Hass and Bernard Cohn. Today, the company’s headquarters can still be found in Los Angeles. You can find the Smart and Final Application link below.

The founders of the company opened their first grocery business on Los Angeles Street. The store, called Hellman, Hass Grocery Co., sold items like gunpowder, flour and patent medicines. In 1941, the store earned its current name when the company was placed under new ownership for the second time as it was sold to J.S. Smart who was joined by partner H.D. Final. Thus, the current store was born.

The wholesale grocery chain now serves customers in more than 250 locations across the western part of the United States. The chain seeks to provide service for both household shoppers and foodservice customers. The company also owns a store that caters specifically to the foodservice industry called Cash & Carry Smart Foodservice.

Whenever a new Smart and Final opens, the company donates $2500 each to two different local non-profit organizations. The company also sponsors a variety of charities that it allows customers to donate to via its website. The stores sell candy bar packs that would also help customers who wish to do a fundraiser with candy sales.

Smart and Final Careers

Careers at Smart and Final include both part- and full-time positions. These positions include cashier, grocery clerk, assistant manager, store manager and bagger. Hourly positions, like cashier, bagger and customer service representative, can expect flexible hours. Full-time employees are offered a handful of desirable benefits, including 401(k) options and credit union membership.

Managerial positions could be either corporate or in-store. In-store management positions include store manager, assistant manager and department manager. Many of these positions require more experience than the entry-level positions. Be sure that you qualify before applying. If you are interested in Smart and Final careers, be sure to fill out an online application via email.

How old do you have to be to work at Smart and Final?

To have jobs at this store, you must be at least 18 years old. The people doing the hiring for the company will not consider applications sent in by anyone under the age of 18. Starting a career at the company is easy, as you can apply for Smart and Final jobs online in an email.

From Monday through Saturday, the stores open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. On Sunday, stores open at 9 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. Those working at the store may have to work hours outside of these to get the store ready for customers and to stock shelves, clean and balance cash registers. If you seek employment at the store, be sure to keep this in mind.

This company offers many job opportunities. Currently, the company has more than 8,000 employees working various Smart and Final jobs. The company prides itself on running a warehouse-style store, so many employees must be able to lift a substantial amount of weight to fulfill their duties. All employees should have good interpersonal skills.

Smart and Final Job Descriptions

Department Clerks – Department clerks not only have to stock merchandise, complete various tasks specific to the department and clean, they also have to be willing to help customers. When the store is busy, department clerks might have to help cashiers in the front of the store. Clerks can expect to make between $9 and $10 an hour.

Cashiers – Cashiers are responsible for interacting with customers, helping customers check out their groceries and a variety of other tasks. Cashiers must be able to do simple math and balance the register, as well as lift a substantial amount of weight. Cashiers at the store can expect to make between $9 and $10 per hour.

Load Crew – Employees who are part of the job crew can expect receiving and stocking duties to be part of their responsibilities. These employees may also have to interact with store customers. Hourly wages for load crew employees is between $10 and $14 depending on experience level. If this sounds like the job for you, be sure to apply for jobs at Smart and Final.

Store Managers – Store managers are responsible for increasing sales at their stores and setting employee’s work schedules. Another responsibility for a store manager is to hire new store employees. Managers should have prior retail management experience. Store managers should expect to make a salary up to $75,000 per year.

Smart and Final Interview Questions

If you are called in for an interview, be sure to prepare for some interview questions, such as these:

Can you tell me a little about yourself? This is a very common interview question. This question typically starts off the interview and lets the interviewer get a good sense of who you are. Make sure that you answer this question with relevant information and don’t get too long winded. They want to know the best things.

Why do you want this position? This seems like a question with an obvious answer, but people take jobs for a variety of different reasons. For some, getting a paycheck is a number one priority, while others like jobs that allow them to interact with others. Be sure to know why you want this job before going to the interview.

Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position? You should know why you want a specific job and why you think you would be good at it. If you are good with people or can lift a lot of weight, those qualities might be reasons that you would be good at Smart and Final jobs.

How did you hear about this position? Some companies want to know what outlets are working best for pulling in new employees. If you saw a notice in-store or an online job advertisement, be sure to let them know, so they can figure out what will work best for future job postings.

Do you have any previous grocery experience? For most entry-level jobs, this won’t matter. For managerial jobs, however, this might be a requirement. Be sure to let the interviewer know about all of the relevant past experience you have. If you have a lot, be sure to keep it concise.

Advice For Application Process

If you wish to apply online, be sure to have a resume ready to send with an application form. The website will tell you how to apply for Smart and Final online via email, but be sure that you create a direct application that details your relevant work experience. Unfortunately, there is no printable application for Smart and Final, so either apply online via email or in-store.

Along with not having a printable application form, the company also doesn’t have a download application form option online. If you would rather apply in-store, be sure to request a Smart and Final application at a local store. This free application should demonstrate that you understand the job description and are well-suited for the job.

The easiest way to apply is to find the Smart and Final job application link below. If you apply online, you should expect to do so in an email. After you apply, you should expect to hear back from the company within 30 days. If you don’t hear back, be sure to contact the store you applied for to reinforce that you are interested in working for the company.

Be sure to show up to any interviews dressed professionally. For women, make sure to wear knee-length or longer skirts or slacks and a nice blouse. For men, be sure that you are wearing nice slacks and a professional-looking shirt. Show up to the interview well-groomed and prepared for the interview questions.

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