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Sonic Corp. was founded by Troy N. Smith Sr. after he returned from World War II to his hometown of Seminole, Oklahoma. From a jobs as a milkman and delivering bread, he became the owner of a little diner near his home. Before long, he opened a fast food restaurant which later turned into owning a root beer stand, leading eventually to what is now today’s Sonic.

As part of the restaurant chain industry, it’s a drive-in fast-food establishment that is ranked in the top 10 of the quick-service and fast-casual restaurants in the nation. There are over 3500 restaurant locations across the U.S., serving over 3 million customers per day, existing in most states. The company headquarters are based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with its building featuring an adjacent building with a dine-in Sonic restaurant.

Sonic Drive-In is a fun place to work, known for its use of carhop servers on roller skates. The company hosts a competition every year to designate the carhop who skates the best in its system. Each restaurant also hosts a competition internally among the drive-in employees. The company’s slogan is “America’s Drive-In” and each restaurant hosts a menu of classic fast-food items, along with ones unique to the company.

If you enjoy roller skating and can easily go about activities while on them, this is the place for you to find employment. There are several job opportunities that could meet your needs. You can search for interesting Sonic Drive-In careers on their website. For how to apply for Sonic Drive-In online, simply search by location on their career site, register, and complete a Sonic Drive-In application.

Sonic Drive-In Careers

If you’d like to work in the corporate office situated on the beautiful Bricktown Canal in Oklahoma City, you will find excitement. The company values respect and good quality relationships. Corporate positions are simultaneously casual and hard-working. Some of the job opportunities include various intern positions or roles in management, marketing, or accounting.

Sonic staff believe that personal creativity and drive are what bring success. It’s a great company to join if you’re interested in sharing your talent with the industry. With a position in the front lines you can fulfill a role being full of customer service charisma. Sonic Drive-In jobs include: Carhop, Crew Member, Cook, Assistant or General Manager, or Multi-Unit Leader.

How old do you have to be to work at Sonic Drive-In?

Regardless of age, you must have flexibility in your schedule and availability to work nights, weekends, and holidays. After you fill that requirement, hiring managers will look for those who apply for jobs at Sonic Drive-In to be at least 16 years of age.

The company strives to keep their employee’s happy. Some perks they like to provide staff to maintain smiles on their faces include flexible schedules, competitive base pay, and a culture of encouragement towards career advancement and professional progression. Dependent on where an employee works and their eligibility they will receive other benefits such as free uniforms, discounted meals, medical and retirement benefits, life insurance, or vacation time.

Sonic hours are unique in that they’re designed for different types of locations to meet the amount of customers they serve at different times of the day. For rural locations typical hours are 8:00am to 11:00pm/12:00am. Suburban sites are usually open from 7:00/8:00am to 11:00pm/12:00am and Urban or College Town localities from 5:00/6:00am to between 12:00am and 3:00am.

Sonic Drive-In Job Descriptions

Operating Partner – The job description for this role is full of great responsibilities. Operating Partners need to assure proper operations of the drive-in. Your duties also include ones such as interviewing, hiring, scheduling, and evaluating staff, training and development of all staff and ensuring the adequate and proper implementation of all policies and procedures, following the company manual. A salary is an average of $40,100 in this job.

Carhop – A Carhop makes an average of $6.80 per hour plus tips. You can be a carhop or a skating Carhop. In this unique role you are able to offer guests a very different and exciting experience. It is your job to ensure this and serve and deliver food in a professional, efficient, and safe way. You are offered an opportunity no other company offers if you take this job.

Cook- As a cook, making an average of $8.00 hourly, you oversee and operate all the food preparations and related tasks as needed. You specifically handle and run food production and the oversight of the grill and fryer. You are responsible for ensuring you fulfill and satisfy customer’s appetites with the best quality food possible.

Assistant Manager- Assistant Managers can make around $32,680 yearly. In this role, you help the General Manager to manage the operations of the drive-in and assist in supporting staff with training and other needs. It is within your role to ensure quality and great customer service is achieved as well as the serving of excellent food in a safe way, maintaining cleanliness and efficiency.

Sonic Drive-In Interview Questions

After you apply online with a Sonic Drive-In application online, review the following questions to prepare for an interview.

What brand do you think is executed poorly and which one well? Here the manager is trying to get a sense of what you see as quality selling of a brand. He wants to know if you have a vision of how to effectively execute a brand and if you’re a good sales person. 

What does having urgency mean to you? Can you drop your own agenda in a moment to help a customer? This question drives at this. Will you have a sense of need to help your customers immediately, however they ask? Are you this savvy with customer service skills?

What are you already great at, at school that you can offer here? This question is designed to gain information about what you can bring to the company in terms of qualities and skills. Do you have a passion for being of service to others? Are you committed and dedicated to what you give your attention to? 

How well do you handle stress? What do you do when you’re stressed? Here they want to see if you’ll be able to handle possible pressures of the job. They also want to know how well you handle stress to see if there may be issues they’ll have to deal with. Be prepared to answer a question like this with a well thought out response.

A couple questions that may be asked for a position such as an Operating Partner could be: “What made you decide Sonic is the place for a career?” and “How many people have you supervised?” These questions are asked to determine how well of a match you are with the company and whether you have prior similar experience.

Advice For Application Process

For a direct application link to a printable application form, scroll to the bottom. You can download application form, print it, and apply for one of the Sonic Drive-In jobs that matches your experience. For a printable application for Sonic Drive-In jobs online you can search for it easily on google. On their website there is also a free applications link to access their online application and registration process.

You can also submit an application form in person at a local restaurant. After managers review applications, staff contact qualified applicants they believe could be a good match. If you’re selected you will go in for a short interview, one-on-one with a General Manager. Some employees will also be assessed to test their basic math skills to ensure correct necessary transactions of drive-in staff and narrow the applicant base.

To best prepare to meet with a manager, be sure to review potential questions, dress professionally, bring an updated resume, and be prepared to share your past employment history in detail. Having a great interview will be a big factor in determining whether you are a great candidate or not. Be positive, enthusiastic, and genuine and demonstrate that you are physically able to do what the job requires.

Those qualified and selected to become a staff member in one of the Sonic Drive-In jobs will usually receive an offer at the end of your meeting or within a few days of a final interview. Staff already working at Sonic Drive-In have a lot of fun and many decide to make it a place of employment due to the exciting environment. It can be a place for you too.

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