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Stripes stores is a chain of convenience stores in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. It was founded in 1938 and currently has more than 580 stores serving customers. It offers food and gasoline to customers and is a fast growing convenience store. The expanding nature of the company warrants a continuous demand for new people to join the workforce. If you are interested in applying for Stripes jobs you can see the full array of listings on the company website which can be accessed through the Stripes application link at the end of the document.

The company has a strong sense of social responsibility and is part of many endeavors that help raise funds for various purposes to aid the local communities. They make donations on a regular basis to community hospitals, schools, youth clubs, colleges and various other charity organizations and events.

The company cares for its employees as much as it cares about the communities in which it operates. Employees are eligible for most benefits which include but are not limited to vacation pay, medical and health coverage, disability insurance, retirement savings plans, education assistance, sick leave, life insurance and service awards.

If you are interested in Stripes jobs you can check the company website to see how to apply for Stripes online. You can put in an online application or you can download application form and send in the printable application for Stripes.

Stripes Careers

At the company you do not just have an opportunity to have jobs rather Stripes careers. Once you decide to apply for jobs at Stripes and send in your direct application you are on the path to take your career to the next level. The company offers many job opportunities in various positions and locations to suit each individual’s skills and experiences.

There are both full and part time positions you can send your applications for. Some of the openings that are currently available include that of General Manager, Restaurant Manager, Team Member, Restaurant Associate, Fuel Technician, Calibration Technician, Architectural Draftsman, Store Inventory Auditor, Retail Trainer, Construction Supervisor and Project Manager.

How old do you have to be to work at Stripes?

You have to be at least 18 years old to apply online for Stripes jobs and be considered for employment at the company. There may however be specific skill and experience requirements for individual positions, so be sure to check these before sending in your printable application form.

Once you find a position you want to apply for at Stripes jobs online be sure to check all requirements before you submit your updated resume through the online application or the free application via mail.

Stripes Job Descriptions

Restaurant Manager – In this role you would be in charge of the efficient working of the store at all times. Your responsibilities would include training members to ensure they offer the best customer service, are aware of all current product offerings and ensure store is up to company standards in terms of cleanliness and stock availability. If you have past experience in a retail position with sales experience and want to take your career to the next level then this may be the job for you. You can expect to earn a salary of about $49664 per year in this position.

Team Member – In this role you would be interacting directly with the company customers ensuring that all their retail needs are being fulfilled in a timely and efficient manner. If you enjoy working with people, are an independent self starter who can work flexible shifts then this may be the right job for you. As this role requires minimal experience it is a good opportunity for you to get your foot in the door of an organization that offers immense growth opportunities. You can expect to earn a salary of about $15000 per year.

Retail Trainer – This role requires significant travel to various locations and the ability to work many varying shifts. As a trainer you would be in charge of equipping key personnel of the company at various levels with up to date information and skills to better perform their work. As this is a specialized work pertinent training and experience is a requisite to excel in this job. You can expect to earn a salary of about $47000 per year in this position.

Construction Supervisor – In this role you would be responsible for establishing, monitoring and overseeing all company construction projects from start to finish along with all project budgeting related to the task. Specialized qualifications and past experience of about 8 years is required to excel in this position. If you want to give your career the boost it needs be sure to put in an application for this job. You can expect to earn a salary of about $69580 in this position.

Stripes Interview Questions

Failing to prepare is preparing yourself for failure so why not apply this strategy when it comes to your next interview. Following are a list of sample questions that can help prepare you well for the day of the interview.

What are your most relevant skills that would help you excel in this job? The interviewer is interested in what skills and experience you are going to bring to the organization and to the job in particular. Be sure to relate all past experiences and qualifications that would align most well with the position applied for.

How did you learn about this opening? Employers are very much interested in how prospective candidates are getting information about new new job openings and which means are the most effective. So be ready to answer a question on these lines.

What do you know about Stripes? A knowledgeable employee is the most productive and interested kind of employee. And a prospective candidate who knows about the company comes off as someone who is informed and interested. So be sure to read up on the industry and the company before heading out to the interview.

Why do you want to work for us? The motivation behind a prospective candidate’s application is very important to the hiring manager. Objectives other than just monetary gains are sure to gain the hiring manager’s attention. So be sure to prep yourself on what the company does that most closely aligns with your personal beliefs and thoughts.

What are your career goals for the next 5 years? All companies like to promote employees from within as it helps them save on costs involved in advertising, interviewing and training new recruits. Therefore prospective candidates who wish to grow with the company are likely to strike a positive chord with the interviewer.

Advice For Application Process

Once you make up your mind to apply at Stripes be sure to review your Stripes application and resume before you submit it, either online or through the printable application form. Take care to incorporate all relevant data and information into your application to better present your skills and abilities.

Start the interview right by arriving at the venue on time along with all required paperwork and documentation. Dress is an appropriate and presentable manner without appearing too made up or artificial. The more comfortable you are in your attire the more confident you would be during the interview. And confident candidates are always able to make better impressions on interviewers.

Answer all questions in as much detail as warranted to explain how much value you can add to the position and the organization. Ask any questions you may have to clarify doubts about the job opening and your career with the organization.

At the end be sure to acknowledge the interviewer for their time and for considering you. After the interview go over it mentally to see what could have been done better and what was done exceptionally well to be used for future.

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