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Super 1 Foods is part of the Brookshire Grocery Company formed in 1928 by Wood T. Brookshire in Tyler, Texas. Initially established as one store with just four employees the company grew rapidly and currently operates over 150 stores under the names of Brookshire’s, Super 1 Foods and Fresh by Brookshire’s. Super 1 Foods has more than 30 stores in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. The increasing rate at which the company is expanding warrants that there is a continuous demand for new people to join their workforce. You can view the full list of job opportunities at various locations on the company website by clicking the Super 1 Foods application link at the end of the page.

Since its inception the company has been a proponent of community service and giving back to the local communities in which they operate. They have food drives, fundraisers and volunteer efforts to contribute towards the upkeep and well being of the communities they are a part of. The company diligently follows the motto people first profits will follow.

The company cares as much for its employees as it does for the society at large. With strong customer service at the helm of their business practices the company appreciates the efforts put in by their employees and so goes to great lengths to ensure they are duly compensated and recognized. The company offers employees medical and health benefits, scholarship programs, use of the company’s outdoor recreation programs and stock ownership plans.

If you are interested in putting in your Super 1 Foods application then you can check the company website to see how to apply for Super 1 Foods online from where you can put in an online application. You can also get the printable application for Super 1 Foods and send in a direct application.

Super 1 Foods Careers

At Super 1 Foods you have an opportunity to have a career rather than Super 1 Foods jobs. The company offers many employment opportunities both full and part time for individuals with different skills and experience. You can apply for jobs at Super 1 Foods by viewing Super 1 Foods jobs online.

The areas in which you can apply for jobs are in retail roles, support positions in corporate offices, manufacturing plants, distribution, transportation and facility service areas. Some of the positions the company is currently recruiting for are as Class A CDL Driver, Order Selector, Logistics Maintenance Technician and Cashier.

How old do you have to be to work at Super 1 Foods?

You have to be at least 18 years old to apply for employment at the company. Some positions require specialized skills and experience therefore check these before you submit your applications.

Once you decide to pursue Super 1 Foods careers you can download application form and send in the printable application form which is a free application. At Super 1 Foods you have an opportunity to find a career that is fulfilling and helps you grow both personally and professionally.

Super 1 Foods Job Descriptions

Class A CDL Driver – Your job would entail the transportation of items to company stores and materials to warehouses. If you have prior experience operating a tractor or trailer and are looking for a career move then send in your application for this position. You can expect to make a salary of about $51000 per year in this job.

Order Selector – This position requires a lot of physical labor and therefore you have to pass a physical agility test. If you have past experience in a similar position, can work in extreme weather conditions lifting and carrying heavy weights, then this may be the job to take your career to the next level. You can expect to earn a salary of about $11 per hour in this role.

Logistics Maintenance Technician – This role requires a significant amount of technical expertise and therefore you would have to clear a relevant aptitude test. In this job your responsibilities would include the maintenance of the warehouse and other areas to ensure the  efficient functioning of all facilities. If you are available to work varying shifts and have relevant experience then this may just be the job for you. You can expect to earn a salary of about  $18 per hour in this job.

Cashier – As a cashier it would be your job to ensure all items presented by customers are cashed out in an efficient manner keeping turnaround times within company standards. You will have to maintain a friendly disposition at all times and display the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. In this role you can expect to earn a salary of about $16000 per year.

Super 1 Foods Interview Questions

Preparing yourself with a set of interview questions before the big day is a way of ensuring that you are able to tackle the same questions on the day of the interview in an efficient and effective manner. Below are a list of questions that will help prepare you for the big day.

Why do you want to work at Super 1 Foods? Every individual has a different motivation for working, the foremost being to earn money, however individuals who are motivated towards working for reasons other than monetary gains are most likely to succeed in their work and are better contributors to the company’s overall success. So make sure you respond to such a question in an appropriate manner.

Narrate an instance where you surpassed a customer’s service expectations? As a store that caters to customers on a daily basis and so holds them in great esteem and gives them a lot of importance it is of utmost significance that their employees do the same. To tackle such a question in the most appropriate manner relate to an incident from your past work experience that shows how much you understand and value the concept of superseding customer expectations.

Are you available to work varying shifts? As a food store that is open extended hours and on weekends and some holidays it is important that you as an employee are able to accommodate the different shifts that you may have to work depending on business needs. Be sure to cite your availability clearly to the hiring manager.

What do you know about our company? An employee who knows about the history and humble beginnings of their employers is able to appreciate the efforts of the management in a better manner. Therefore be sure to read up on the company and the industry to be informed and be better equipped to answer questions of this nature.

When can you start working? Certain positions require immediate availability of candidates and therefore employers need to know which prospective employees are available to take up the position at the earliest. Be sure to tell the recruiter when you would be available to start work.

Advice For Application Process

Once you find a position you wish to apply online for, be sure to review your resume to see that it properly reflects all past experience and qualifications and is up to date with the requirements of the job opening.

On the day of the interview be sure to take with you all necessary paperwork and documentation as required. Dress in an appropriate manner, get a good night’s rest in order to be alert and focused during the interview. Be sure to arrive on time for the interview, if it isn’t bad to keep someone waiting for a meeting it is worse to do so to your prospective employer. Value your time and that of others.

Get the interview started on the right note by a warm greeting and a firm handshake. Maintain positive body language and eye contact during the process. Answer all questions in an appropriate and complete manner, ask any if you may require.

At the end of the interview process extend your gratitude to the interviewer for their time. Be sure to make each experience a positive learning experience regardless of the outcome. True success can only be valued if you have experienced failure so don’t lose faith in yourself .

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