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As far as food retail is concerned, a Trader Joe’s application is a route to what is probably the most relaxed and rewarding career available. You’ll need to be enthusiastic, energetic and ambitious (and also look sharp in a Hawaiian shirt), but you’ll be joining a company where internal career development is a genuine prospect.

It was 1967 when Joe Coulombe founded the first Trader Joe’s store in California. To this day, the core principles of customer service and consumer value remain the primary drivers of the company’s ethos. Low prices are achieved by using various supply-chain techniques, and unlike other chains who operate in a similar way, the company does not require that customers are members, nor is it a wholesaler.

The company is well known for its superior employee benefits and significantly above-market remuneration packages. All candidates are hired at entry-level, with all senior and management positions filled by way of internal promotion. This, coupled with a laid-back and enjoyable working atmosphere, is why this employer is so sought after by ambitious career-builders.

Over 450 stores are currently operated in the United States, with around half of these its home-state of California. Since the 1970’s, the company has benefitted from being a subsidiary of discount retail giant, Aldi Nord – based in Germany.

Trader Joe’s Careers

The company is novel in the way that it uses nautical themed titles to indicate the different levels of responsibility that store employees have. Store openings are frequent and internal progression is actively encouraged. Virtually all employees are hired at entry-level.

There is a very small team working in the company’s corporate office. Although openings are rarer, the opportunities that do open up occasionally are interesting and rewarding. These might include areas such as IT support, Supply-Chain, Human Resources and operations management.

How old do you have to be to work at XYZ?

You will need to be at least 16 years of age to work at Trader Joe’s. Some more senior positions, however, will require that candidates are at least 18 years old. The company is an equal opportunities employer.

Besides the very competitive pay packages when compared to other companies in this sector, benefits include health care, life insurance and 401(k) retirement plan contributions. This is in addition to a generous 10% discount on any items purchased in store.

Working hours can vary as shifts are usually operated. Mates are generally required to work between 40 and 47 hours per week. Captains will typically work a 50 hour week.

Trader Joe’s Job Descriptions

Crew – Duties are mixed and expansive. Although these might include manning cash-registers, replenishing stock, unloading deliveries and facing-up displays, your primary focus is on the assistance of your customers and the need to maintain a friendly, helpful atmosphere. Hourly wage starts around $9 to $11.

Merchant – After a successful period as crew, you may be rewarded with a promotion to Merchant. Merchants largely have the same responsibilities, but they have proved capable of carrying them out to a superior standard so are also responsible for teaching and guiding crew members. Wage can be as much as $20 per hour.

Mate – This is the first step into a management role. Again, only the best performing Merchants will be promoted to this level – those who have shown strong leadership qualities and organizational skills. Salaries can vary greatly depending on store size and performance, ranging from $45k to $70k per annum.

Captain – Once again, this role is always promoted internally, assumed by the best-performing Mates. Captains have full responsibility for their stores and staff, with the assistance of Mates – including the consistent meeting of sales targets and accountability for profit and loss statistics. Captains can command a salary between $80k and $105k per annum.

Trader Joe’s Interview Questions

Prior preparation will give you the best chance of employment. Try answering some of these:

What draws you to the food retail industry? Pick a few skills that you hope to develop. These might be the chance to improve your interaction with customers and learn about retail supply-chains. This sector is well-known for frequent internal job opportunities and career progression.

What do you already know about us? Visiting the Trader Joe’s jobs online site is recommended as a brief synopsis of the company’s history can be found there. You should read up on this before you make your free application, because you never know how soon you might have to head to a store.

Do you know what is meant by ‘Stock Rotation?’ It may be that you are asked specific questions about in-store operations and procedures. You’ll learn most things pretty quickly on the job though, so don’t worry. Stock rotation, for instance, is a technique used to ensure that fresh food on the nearest sell-by-date is sold first.

What are you hoping to get back from this role? You already know the answer to this if you have made an application. You should note that the interviewer is likely looking for someone who desires a chance to learn and develop internally. They want people who aim for Captain and beyond – a role that is only assumed by the right, internal applicants.

Why do you think customer service is so important? Customer service is given huge emphasis by this company. It is an effective tool in value creation. Talk about how the consumer’s shopping experience is important, and how minor interactions of gestures of helpfulness from staff can be a deciding factor in whether or not return visits are made.

Advice for Application Process

You can apply for jobs at Trader Joe’s by submitting online application via the Trader Joe’s careers website (Link below). Applications are also accepted in your local store. To do this, simply use the ‘download application form’ facility on the website to generate a printable application for Trader Joe’s, and submit it in person along with your resume.

Whether you apply online or use the printable application form, ensure that you have read the job description fully and have carefully listed all of your relevant experience. Remember, this is a direct application that may go straight to your hiring manager, so make sure it is clear and professional.

Interviews for store positions tend to be informal and fairly brief. This will probably take place in one of the locations in which you have stated an interest in working, and the interviewer will likely be your prospective Captain. If you do not receive a response straight away, do not panic – it can sometimes take between 6 and 9 weeks for a Trader Joe’s application to be reviewed.

Although you’ll find no need to arrive suited and booted, smart-casual attire is encouraged. Be polite, friendly and above all confident. Do research on other Trader Joe’s jobs too – you might be asked questions on more than just your own responsibilities. Use the hyperlink below to be shown how to apply for Trader Joe’s online.

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