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United Airlines, officially known as United Airlines Inc. is a major American Airline with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. It is the world’s largest airline when measured in terms of destinations reached. Being a founding member of the Star Alliance, the world’s first and largest airline alliance its main competitors include American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines. You can see how to apply for United Airlines online by clicking the United Airlines application link at the end of the page.

United Airlines is a socially responsible organization with a strong sense of commitment towards the local community and environment in which they operate. As part of its many endeavors towards sustainability they have taken and continue to take steps to conserve energy and reduce waste and pollution and are continuously implementing and following environmentally friendly strategies. Apart from the environment the company is involved in many activities that aid and assist the local communities in which they do business. They play a significant role in helping war veterans, the youth of the community and also the less privileged.

The way the company cares for the environment it takes great interest in caring for its employees too. They offer many programs and benefits for the development and career advancement of employees. In addition to competitive pay packages they offer employee training, education scholarships, travel discounts, retirement plans,performance bonuses, paid time off and opportunities for volunteer work.

If you are interested to apply for jobs at United Airlines you can access the complete list of available job opportunities at United Airlines jobs online through the company website, where you can send an online application or download printable application form to submit later.

United Airlines Careers

Applications for United Airlines jobs means that you are gearing yourself towards fulfilling United Airlines careers, which not only offer the monetary benefits of a job but the growth and development of a career. The company offers full and part time work at various levels in many different positions and locations.

There are many different categories for which you can send in your direct application based on your individual interests, past experience and qualifications. Some of the main areas that you can seek employment with the company are in airport operations, flight attendants, flight operations, food services, information technology, corporate, pilots, international, reservations, technical operations and network operations center.

Some of the opportunities that are currently available include that of Analyst, Customer Service Representative, Account Manager, Hub Maintenance Coordinator, Staff IT Auditor, Food Production Cook, Ramp Service Employee, Flight Attendant and Reservations Agent.

How old do you have to be to work at United Airlines?

The minimum age to download application form and submit a printable application for United Airlines jobs is 18 years. However there may be positions that require you to fulfill certain responsibilities for which you may need previous experience or training. So be sure to confirm all applications requirements before applying.

United Airlines Job Descriptions

Customer Service Representative – If you are looking to start off your career with United Airlines this may be the job for you. In this position you would be dealing with customers with regards to boarding flights. A physically demanding position you would be required to be on your feet a lot along with lifting heavy baggage. As someone who is amiable, can work well with people and is able to work different shifts this may be the position to get your career off the runway. You can expect to earn a salary of about $17 per hour in this role.

Flight Attendant – This role requires you to provide in flight customer service to passengers responding to all their needs including being able to handle any emergency situations. Past direct customer service experience is required to be able to perform this job efficiently. If you are an individual who can work independently with minimal supervision with the ability to take responsibility in face of different situations then this may be the right job for you. You can expect to earn about $40805 per year in this position.

Food Production Cook – If you take pride in your culinary skills and have past experience and training to back it up then this may be the job for you. In this role you are expected to be able to lift heavy weights and stand for hours at length therefore it is a physically demanding position. If you are able and willing to work varying work schedules then this may just be the job to take your career to the next level. You can expect to earn a starting salary of about $10.45 per hour in this role.

Reservations Agent – This is a contact center position that requires you to interact with customers to reserve flights and to answer all queries related to their bookings and other general inquiries. Past experience in customer service is required for this position. If you are able to work flexible schedules and possess excellent telephone etiquettes then this may be the job for you. In this position you can expect to earn an average salary of about $47765 per year.

United Airlines Interview Questions

What do you know about United Airlines? It is important for hiring managers to know how informed prospective candidates are about their company. Being knowledgeable about the company to which you are applying to says that you are interested in the organization and not just the job. So be sure to prep yourself about the company and the industry in which it operates.

Do you enjoy travelling? Being part of an organization that is all about travelling it is important for employers to know whether prospective candidates share their passion to visit new places and destinations. When you are working for a particular company it is of utmost significance that you share some if not all the values of the company, for United Airlines, travelling and exploring is one.

Are you available to work flexible shifts? As an airline with flights around the clock most positions require employees to be available to work odd hours and weekends. Therefore your flexibility in being available to cover many different work shifts is of utmost importance to the employer.

Why should we offer you this job? Companies are most interested in employees who can add value to their organizations. Therefore be prepared to quote references from your past jobs and qualifications to validate how you can add value to the company in general and to the position in particular.

What do you expect to gain from this job? Securing employment is for both monetary gain and professional and personal development. Be sure to express your career goals and aspirations taking care to align them with the overall goals of the company. True success of a company comes from employing people who share their corporate goals and aspirations.

Advice For Application Process

Once you find the position you wish to apply online for at United Airlines be sure to review all requirements before you submit your United Airlines application. Make sure you update your resume to reflect all past relevant experience and qualifications to best match the requirements of the position applied for.

For the interview in response to your free application be prepared by reviewing the sample set of interview questions and also by researching and reading up all relevant information about the company and the industry. Arrive for the interview on time and dress in an appropriate manner. In the airline industry being smartly dressed is very important.

Have a set of questions ready in your mind for if the interviewer prompts you about whether you have any questions to ask. It reflects positively on your presence of mind if you have a few questions thought of beforehand rather than pausing to think in front of the interviewer. Ask questions that reflect your enthusiasm towards a strong sense of career development and advancement.

Remember to extend your gratitude for the opportunity to being considered for the position. Politeness goes a long way with prospective employers. Take each interviewing experience as an opportunity to learn something new and valuable.

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