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The retail industry is innovative, fast-paced and rewarding. If you interested in working in a role that promises progression and fulfillment, then it’s time to fill out a Vons application!

Vons, part of the Safeway group, is one of the most well-recognized grocery chains in the United States. Known for value and service, Vons is also a retailer of pharmaceuticals. IT is now easier than ever to shop at Vons, with a new online order and delivery service available to customers.

The company has added to its core values since conception. With emphasis on value always ringing true, a commitment to a quality home delivery was made with the unveiling of this service. Most recently, the company has stated a dedication to the promotion of healthy lifestyles – emphasized by the slogan ‘Ingredients for Life’.

Vons was founded by Charles Von der Ahe in 1906. It began life as a small market store in LA, California. After expanding to 87 locations by the 1930’s, Vons eventually became part of the Safeway group.

This employer is rated highly by current and past employees, remarking on a focused training program and a wealth of progression opportunities. Many store managers were once cashiers, and the general in-store working atmosphere is often remarked to be one of the best in the sector.

Over 325 stores are operated across the US, with the head office stationed in California. The parent company, Safeway Inc., is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the acronym ‘SWY’.

Vons Careers

Benefiting from the resources of Safeway Inc., a large corporate division provides many frequent openings. From Human Resources to Legal, the Vons Jobs on offer are varied and exciting. Examples include Operations Manager and Marketing Consultant.

Grocery stores are all about efficient customer service, product availability and great value. In-store roles are at the action-end of the business. A successful career in retail starts here, with valuable experience there to be gained in managing pressure and interacting with the public.

How old do you have to be to work at Vons?

Most positions require that you are 16 years old. However, applications will be accepted from 15 years olds for some positions, whilst others – Pharmacy roles, for instance – will stipulate a minimum age of 18 years.

Employees are quick to tell of the vast on-the-job learning benefits with the company. Fantastic value health insurance is often cited, as well as bonus incentives in some positions. There is also a pension plan available, along with a generous paid-vacation policy.

Employee shift hours can be flexible. Opening hours vary from store to store, though many are open 24 hours a day. In-store pharmacies will have reduced hours – usually 9:00 till 21:00 Monday to Saturday.

Vons Job Descriptions

Pharmacy Technician – Promote a positive store experience with a professional and courteous service. Duties include use of the in-store IT systems to generate prescription labels, as well as completing till transactions. Pay can start at around $15 per hour.

Courtesy Clerk – You are there to provide superior customer service, with a smile. You will always go the extra mile, from helping customers with a quick price checks to searching for a shopping cart when required. The hourly wage will generally start at around the $7 to $9

Cashier – Responsibilities include scanning and packing groceries – always maintaining a friendly and helpful atmosphere. You are ready to assist customers with whatever they need, whilst manning a checkout. Rates are usually between $9 and $12 per hour.

Store Manager – You are responsible for the overall operation of the grocery store. A diverse range of duties will include all training and development of staff, as well as accountability for profit and loss. This higher-tier position can often command a salary of between $65,000 and $90,000 per annum.

Find more information on the various Vons careers available by using the link to the job opportunities page below, where you can also apply for jobs at Vons online.

Vons Interview Questions

Take a look at these sample interview questions – try to come up with some good answers:

How did you hear about this position? Show that you did your own research on the company website. Employment websites don’t always name the hiring company. Show that you haven’t gone in blind by submitting your Vons application online.

What gets you up in the morning? You are being asked what motivates you. Most companies are looking for candidates who are driven by the lure of progression and success. Describe how your chosen role will fulfill you in this way.

What are your hobbies? People can get an idea of the sort of person you are by your hobbies. If you don’t have any – get some! Team sports are good reference, for instance – showing that you can work with others to achieve a common goal.

Why did you choose us? What has attracted you to this company? Your interviewer doesn’t want to hear about pay, or how it might make your life easier in some way. They want to hear that you have heard about the training and progression potential.

What haven’t I asked you? Is there anything in particular that you would like to talk about? Now’s your chance. Picking specific questions out is also a good way of showing your interviewer that you had prepared.

Advice for Application Process

Instead of filling out a printable application for Vons, candidates are asked to submit a direct application for Vons jobs by completing the free application form online. There is no ‘download application form’ facility with which to obtain a printable application form.

When you apply online, take absolute care when entering information into your online application. Make sure that your resume is relevant to the job description and that the role you are looking for is available in your local area.

Depending on the position applied for, you may find yourself faced with your future manage. Talk like you’ve dressed – smart. Be honest and concise. You need to show yourself as professional and courteous, just as you would need to be if you are awarded with the role.

The interview itself may be short, with a period of training started if hired. Questions will be asked of your experience, background and aspirations, but a firm response will be known within a week. Often store all store positions begin at entry-level, before moving to a specific department after a period of settling in.

Follow the link below for the next step in how to apply for Vons online, using the Vons jobs online webpage.

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