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A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts Inc. operates as a specialty retailer that sells art, crafts, and scrapbooking supplies. It also provides fashion crafts, seasonal items and home décor. In-store arts and crafts classes are offered in some of its stores.

In 1985, A.C. Moore started as a single arts and crafts store in New Jersey owned by Jack Parker, a veteran merchandising executive for F.W. Woolworth. He took the company to great heights until leading supplier SBAR’s purchased the company

The company believes in variety. Its assortment of merchandise includes more than 60000 stock keeping units, with an estimated 40000 offered at each store. As of September 2012, A.C. Moore has grown to 141 stores nationwide.  Its headquarters and distribution center is located at Berlin, New Jersey.

Multiple benefits await those who want to pursue their career on A.C. Moore. Health insurance with supplemental life insurance and 401k plan ensure security. The company also has vacation and sick days, and even bereavement leave. Employee discount goes as high as 20%.

Employees rave on how easy the jobs are. Management gives employees their desired number of hours. It goes without saying that it offers a great work-life balance—an above average full-time job and an easy part-time for high school students.

How old do you have to be to work at A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts Inc.?

Since A.C. Moore generally accepts part-time high school students, the minimum age requirement is 16 years old on most US states. Some states have lowered the bar to 14 years, lowering the employees average age.

A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts Careers 

Floral Specialist: A job that revolves on flowers. Duties include growing flowers, ordering from wholesalers, arranging bouquets, choosing and recommending flowers to customers etc. Though many florists get on-the-job training, a degree in floral design is a big factor.

Associate: To be an associate means to provide excellent customer service by going beyond customer expectations. They are usually assigned in multiple areas of the store. The job requires a lot of customer interaction so strong communication and problem solving techniques are needed.

Logistics Supervisor: A logistics supervisor “supervises” the transportation of goods to and from the store. Some of the requirements are: strong leadership skills, excellent people skills, and experiences on customer service and management.

Cashier: An entry-level position that is responsible for handling customer payments. The most basic process for a cashier: scans items, takes payment, hands change and receipt or process card transaction, and greets the customer goodbye.

Because a company like A.C. Moore has a lot of seasonal and short-term positions, it constantly needs more people. Some of the most common job openings are for clerks, activities specialists, front end specialists, merchandising supervisors and customer support staff.

A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts Application

The application is straightforward. You can either go to a store and complete an application form, or go online and follow the application process. The constantly improving company frequently hires entry-level people with imaginative and artistic prowess.

The company has its own careers subpage in their official website. Applicants just need to follow the process on the website to go progress on their applications. The link can be found below.

The application form here is simpler than those of other companies because it asks fewer questions.  However, the key of being accurate, honest and clear remains the same. Upon completion, review the paper before submission. A spelling mistake could mean goodbye.

Resumes require the same level of accuracy, honesty and clarity. If you have previous experiences on art or flower companies, be sure to include it on the resume. Always remember that someone else is gunning for your desired position, and you must knock them off the race.

The process usually takes a week before the interview. Be sure to read about the company, and on arts and crafts. The interviewer would most likely ask questions related to its craft. Be cheerful and relaxed. Expect pressure so come in prepared to the most common interview questions.

Facts About A.C Moore Arts and Crafts 

In the company, everybody knows everybody. That makes daily routine easier, and the bonding better. Expect team members to be creative and artsy. Most employees are also of the younger generation so expect the culture to be “younger.”

In its desire to spread creativity on the entire US soil, A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts opened its first store in downtown Philadelphia last October 13.  A huge, ground-level 2000 square feet in the highly visible South Broad Street was chosen by the arts and crafts giant.

In 2013, the company launched 2 big events: Free Summer Crafts Program 2013, and the Band-a-Palooza- the World’s Largest Stretch Band Bracelet-Making Event. Both of these events aim to bring out the artistic nature from people.

The company also supports the battle against breast cancer. It has an annual program where they collaborated with American Cancer Society to battle said disease. Last year, A.C.Moore launched its #Not2Tough2Tutu, a program dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

Application Links  

Company: https://www.acmoore.com/ 

Careers: https://careers.acmoore.com/ 

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