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ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, formerly known as Jack’s Friendly Neighborhood Bar, is a family-owned American alcohol retailer. It is the state’s largest independent retailer of fine wine and spirits.

In 1936, the company was founded by Jack Holloway in Orlando, Florida. Today, it operates in more than 145 stores with over 1,000 employees and annual revenue of around $500 million.

It has received several recognitions and accolades. Recently, its Vice President Jess Bailes was awarded the prestigious Ted Williams Award, while the company was also recognized for their record-breaking fundraising effort for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits offers its employees a competitive pay and benefits package including medical and life insurance, 401k retirement plan, paid vacation, and flexible shift schedule.

Employees love working here because the company offers an advanced career opportunities and paid trainings for professional personal development. It also provides an excellent working environment that maximizes abilities and potentials.

How old do you have to be to work at ABC Fine Wine and Spirits?

Applicants in this company should be at least 18 years old or above to be considered in any available position including jobs retail, stocking and inventory, and corporate jobs.

ABC Fine Wine and Spirits Careers

Assistant Wine and Spirits Consultants – They are in charge of meeting the sales goals set by the store manager. They are expected to be knowledgeable of industry trends and be able to answer customer inquiries.

Sales Associates – Their main task is to attend to customer inquiries and process payments in both cash and card. They also provide support in merchandising an inventory.

Maintenance Technicians – Their main responsibility is to ensure the overall safety and security of stores. They are tasked to conduct preventive measures, maintenance and troubleshoot operations.

Assistant Store Managers – They facilitate the coordination with vendors, organize main events as requested by guests, oversee staff performance, and ensure security and orderliness of warehouse.

Other common jobs in this company are: Porter, On-call driver, Warehouse Associate, Warehouse Manager, Merchandise Specialist, Store Manager, and Wine Consultant, and Wines and Spirits Buyer.

ABC Fine Wine and Spirits Application

It hosts a Careers section in its website where applicants can easily access available jobs as well as the job responsibilities and requirements. They can also directly apply and submit relevant documents online.

Jobseekers can also opt to apply personally in store locations. However, the management prefers that they use the online application site instead of applying personally. This is more convenient and faster as the hiring process is centralized.

Application forms should be completely filled out especially the sections on contact information, educational background, and previous work experiences. To avoid confusion, it is recommended to use one email address for the entire hiring process.

The best resumes usually use the following pro-tips: putting the most important credentials above the fold, using reverse chronological arrangement to highlight recent experiences, using bullets instead of paragraphs and limiting to two pages at most.

For a successful interview and make a good impression with the employer, applicants should rehearse the way they discuss their qualifications and be able to ask important questions about the job.

Things To Know About ABC Fine Wine And Spirits

The company upholds a tradition of excellence that is focused on providing best products, the best service and the best prices. It maintains a friendly and high-performing work environment.

It continues to expand its operations in various store locations across Florida including Lake County, Destin, Panama City Beach, New Smyrna Beach and Ft. Lauderdale.

It is known for having the widest selection of wines, spirits, beets and cigars. It also offers gourmet foods, custom gist baskets, and glassware. Some store locations have as much as 500 beers, 5,000 wines 2,000 spirits and 400 cigars.

The company is engaged with various social responsibility programs. It currently focuses on closely working with the Pediatric Cancer Foundation in conducting fundraising projects and events. 

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