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A&W Restaurants is an international fast food chain popular for its root beer products. It is a subsidiary of A Great American Brand. Its headquarters is located in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

The company was founded by Roy W. Allen and Frank Wright in 1919 in Sacramento California. Today, it operates in 16 countries and territories with more than 1200 restaurant locations.

A&W Restaurants is renowned for its premium taste burgers and its outstanding business achievements. Its Canada franchise was recently awarded by the Maillon d’Or as the “Franchisor of the year”.

The company provides a comprehensive remuneration and benefits package to their employees including medical and life insurance, retirement plan, restaurant discounts, flexible schedule and paid off time.

People love working here because the management implements an employee care program where its staff can efficiently schedule their shift hours. The company also creates a good working environment that is both great tasting and healthy.

How old do you have to be to work at A&W?

A&W imposes a minimum age requirement of 18 years old to be considered eligible in any position including server, cook, stock, and inventory and franchising jobs.

A&W Careers

Line Cooks – They are responsible for the assembling of meals and orders according to restaurant standard procedures and recipes. They are expected to be highly efficient and adaptable to a fast-phased working environment.

Service Crews – Their main task is taking orders from customers, processing payments, and serving food on trays. They are expected to provide a high-quality service for customer satisfaction.

Restaurant Assistant Managers – Their key duties involve making sure that all the crew are satisfactorily performing their tasks. They also attend to customer concerns and questions.

Restaurant Managers – They are in charge of overseeing all the processes and transaction within the restaurant including inflow and outflow of supplies, shift scheduling of staff, training and supervising of employees, periodic reporting to management and customer relations.

Other common jobs in this company that applicants can also consider are: Cashier, Stock Clerk, Food Prep Cook, Merchandising Supervisor, Food Safety Analyst, and Customer Care Representative.

A&W Application

The company hosts an online portal for job applications integrated on its website. Jobseekers can easily view the available positions, jobs responsibilities and requirements. They can also directly apply on the site.

Applicants can also opt to submit their application personally in the restaurant location that they wish to work in. There is a downloadable application form that they should fill out and submit together with their resumes and other relevant documents.

In filling up the application form, the first thing to remember is to read the instructions before proceeding. Correct grammar and spelling should be observed. All important information about previous work experiences and educational background should be well-written.

To write a successful resume, paragraphs should be used instead of bullets as this is easier to read. Using the reverse chronological order will also highlight the more recent work experiences.

In preparation for the interview, applicants should conduct a research about the company, its history and services offered. They should also rehearse answering precisely and with confidence.

Things To Know About A&W

The company maintains a high-energy work environment that is centered on providing the best customer experience while adhering to its core values of serving healthy foods and sustainable business practices.

It has recently launched new products including the six-ounce version of its soft-serve blended dessert, hand-breaded chicken tenders which came with a Texas Toast Sandwich version.

A&W is known for its mascot named “Rooty” since 1974. “Rooty”, dubbed as the “Great American Root Bear” is the face of its root beer products and restaurant chain.

The company is involved in numerous corporate social responsibility programs and advocacies such as the pioneering the serving of all-healthy meals in fast-food chains and implementing pro-environment in all its franchise and restaurant locations worldwide.

Application Links

Company: https://www.awrestaurants.com/

Careers: https://www.awrestaurants.com/join-our-team

Application: https://www.awrestaurants.com/sites/default/files/attachments/AAF-Application-for-Employment_2016.pdf

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